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Can you tell me how to put this in a description? I’ve tried the thumb, link, copying and pasting the post itself. I just can’t get it! 😞 
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In PC you can copy from this:… use add media and search "by:linux-rules instagram mini" or by copying this code: <da:emoticon id="614009928" profile="deviation">. Don't copy and paste the code directly as won't work, copy it to the URL bar and then to comment/place you want it.

In mobile phone I suppose is a bit more complicated, but with the last code or the thumb code should work.

This post is more detailed about getting to work in mobile:…

Tell be if you have any problem. I should do a visual tutorial for this...
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oh haha then I was totally doing it wrong. thank you so much for explaining this to me!!! 
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but with the "won't work" I was refering just to the code I pasted to you.

What you were doing? maybe it will help more people if I know what you did
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Idk I was just coping the :thumb: and pasting it in the description. But it never linked. 
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ah, yes, thumbs sometimes fails
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I using in my link. Thank you  Bunny Emoji-36 (Flower) [V2]  
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using in home 
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