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Flashy Patreon (new) animated iconFlashy Patreon animated icon (by Icon-s)
Patreon (animated) IconPatreon IconPatreon Icon midPatreon Icon miniPatreon Icon ultramini  Patreon Mobile Icon Patreon Mobile Icon mid Patreon Mobile Icon mini Patreon Mobile Icon ultramini 
Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon big by linux-rules  
Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon mid Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon mini Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon ultramini
Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon 1/2Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon 2/2 Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon mid 1/2Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon mid 2/2 Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon mini 1/2Patreon (2017, wordmark, orange) Icon mini 2/2 Patreon (2017,wordmark, orange) Icon ultramini 1/2Patreon (2017,wordmark, orange) Icon ultramini 2/2

Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon big by linux-rules 
Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon mid Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon mini Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon ultramini

Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon 1/2Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon 2/2 Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon mid 1/2Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon mid 2/2 Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon mini 1/2Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon mini 2/2 Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon ultramini 1/2Patreon (2017, wordmark, blue) Icon ultramini 2/2

Patreon (2017, web, white) Icon Patreon (2017, web, white) Icon mid Patreon (2017, web, white) Icon mini Patreon (2017, web, white) Icon ultramini Patreon (2017, web, white, full) Icon (animated) Patreon (2017, web, white, nf) Icon (animated)
Patreon (2017, web, transparent) IconPatreon (2017, web, transparent) Icon midPatreon (2017, web, transparent) Icon miniPatreon (2017, web, transparent) Icon ultramini Patreon (2017, web, transparent) Icon (animated)
Patreon (2017, white, non-official) IconPatreon (2017, white, non-official) Icon midPatreon (2017, white, non-official) Icon miniPatreon (2017, white, non-official) Icon ultramini Patreon (2017, white,non-official) Icon (animated)
Patreon (2017, black, non-official) IconPatreon (2017, black, non-official) Icon midPatreon (2017, black, non-official) Icon miniPatreon (2017, black, non-official) Icon ultramini Patreon (2017, black,non-official) Icon (animated)
Patreon (2017, iOS) Icon ultrabig by linux-rules 
 Patreon (2017, iOS) IconPatreon (2017, iOS) Icon midPatreon (2017, iOS) Icon miniPatreon (2017, iOS) Icon ultramini Patreon (2017, iOS) Icon (animated)
Patreon (2017, round) IconPatreon (2017, round) Icon midPatreon (2017, round) Icon miniPatreon (2017, round) Icon ultramini Patreon (2017, round) Icon (animated)
Patreon (2017, square) Icon Patreon (2017, square) Icon mid Patreon (2017, square) Icon mini Patreon (2017, square) Icon ultramini Patreon (2017, square) Icon (animated)