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Linux defenders! Why is it better than windows? This is a question because I never seen or used a Linux
depends of how you used the computer but this phrase is converting each day in less true. For gamers there is still a lot of games not ported that don't work.  But that is improving. 

A reason should be security. Is a lot more secure than Windows. No viruses. There are examples of malware as Ubuntu is getting more popular, but are scarcely effective as is really easier to create an uninfected new user.

Another reason is that easy to use. Yes. Is easier to use than Windows in a fair competition. But, what happens? Windows is everywhere so everybody have been teached how to use Windows.

It has a built it tool for installing programs. You don't have to navigate to bundle pages like softonic, nest of malwares. No more cracks. No need to clean registry.

All of that is a great point in favour.

Control: You have control of your computer. It doesn't restart without you saying so. 

Powerful: You can have programs with GUIs if you want but you can have a lot of more power with commands. But the good thing is: you won't need it, is just is a faster way to do it.

Free: It is free (and libre).

Privacy: It doesn't have NSA built in tool for spying. It doesn't force you to update just for making new money.

Performance: Its performance is better than Windows by a long shot in terms of memory and CPU usage.

Reability:  (I take this from 12 reason Linux is...): "Windows is just not as reliable as Linux.
How many times have you, as a Windows user, had a program hang on you and even when you try and close it via task manager (assuming you can get it to open), it remains open and it takes a number of attempts to close the offending program.
Within Linux, each application is self-contained and you can easily kill any application with the XKill command."

I add, you can make that xkill command into a button you just launch.

Personalization: You can choose a lot of appeareances for your desktop. From miniminal that don't require mouse, to a really powerful interfaces. Virtual desktop that are now copied in W10 originated more than a decade ago in Linux enviroments.

Run from a Live USB: Everybody should have access to a Live usb with Ubuntu not for trying just for recovering data when a computer fail. This saved me a lot of times.

Community: If you take the steps to finally install, you will find in Internet a community that can respond of your doubts and solve problems you may face. First as noob (Linux is easy to learn but requires a readjust in the way to administrate the system, for example, all installations are automated throught the system: I have talk to people that "didn't like" Linux because they downloaded exes made for windows and try to execute them directly instead of installing the native versions for Wine) and seconds when a problem may come: there are a lot of software involved in Linux enviroment and is made by a lot of different people. Not frequently but it may appear incompatibilities, bugs, like in Windows.

Better hardware support for old machines/in general "by default": You may find this contradictory with the points just under this but has its meaning. 

When you connect a supported hardware by Linux you would find that is works in the fly. You don't have to wait to install anything, is already there. Of course this don't apply always. There are internet chips that have poor support by their companies and also graphical chips.

What I mean is that for example you don't have to wait for a USB to install anything. Or even a printer. Just plug in it and is done. See point under.

Better appearence: You can personalize the desktop to change it into a work of art. I have seen that also in Windows but require third party software that you have to download from their pages

Freedom point of view. This is more a philosophical and ideological point of view but I think is important. Most of the programs in GNU/Linux enviroments are software libre. Why is important to have software libre instead of propietary software is somewhat very insteresting but I will not enter it.

Those are the favour things.

The against points are:

Less hardware support: But you said the contrary thing just above? Yes. I will explain. Companies that make anything, from webcams to mouses to HDD to anything plugable with a USB test all their products in Windows. All of them. So, a crappy mouse will work in Windows almost always. But making support for Linux is harder so some of those devices won't work in Linux. But that is far from the situation in 2000's . But the above is still true: imagine a printer that work for Windows XP but don't work for Vista or 7. If it was ever supported in Linux it will continue to work.
Of course this is a matter of try and try. But most of keyboards, mouses, and webcams will work. Printers are a less supported, but is not too grave.

Less software: This is increasily less and less true. There are software that are realeased just for android nowadays and also tech previews that are only for Linux/Mac OSx. Anyway, WINE is each time better and there are a lot of programs that can be replaced. I don't miss any program in Linux. For example the software that I use in my main artist account (Jakeukalane if you want to see) works flawssly with WINE (that is a layer compatibility). Also, if that wouldn't work there is another program for me that do most of the things that MB3D do.

I send two urls for you:……
Linux is better than windows.