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I started using kali linux, I would like to install VClouds Weather 2,
I don't know if it is possible on linux?

Apparently there's no way to install it with linux , however there's lot of nice weather apps among which you can choose depending on the linux releases and their packages.

EARN 10$ in 10 minutes ... i'm searching linux > conky expiereienced user to  extract conky or x11 theme from old cyborg essentials pentesting debian distro so i can use it ijust think its awesome work but not open source, i tried to copy the standard conky folders aso but it wouldnt load maybe it's locatebale throught the autostart task, need help would pay 10$  --- PM me or
Linux=Power To The User
I've used nothing but linux since 2002 and haven't missed a thing!
I'm searching for (help, guidance, assistance) on how to create a cursor theme.
The kiss method is preferable given my limited knowledge on creating digital art.
Thanks in advance to any and all who may help.
Thank you for accepting my icons and cursors!
Thank you for featuring my screenie in October 2017