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*Quickly get over the fact that i was absent for months and pretend i was here all the time*

I have been a fan of Tyler Oakley for some time and trough him i discovered Troye Sivan. Both are fun and lovely. Not long afterwards i was introduced to Troyler, you know, the couple name Tyler made up for them (actually, for those who ship them). Kinda like Brangelina, only this one is not happening. Since i used to write and read fanfic when i joined dA (teenager imagination gone wild), i said why not try this? I was actually curious since Tyler says all the time that tumblr is full of Troyler fanfic. And since, like a mature woman that i am at 2am, i too ship them and think that was/is something more going on that they're keeping to themselves, i wanted to see what's all the fuss about. Turns out i still don't know yet because i couldn't read any fanfic to this moment. Wanna know why? Because of how they're written!

I cannot read a big chunk of text with no proper spacing, paragraphing and so on. I know i cannot be the only one. When i used to "write" i always obsessed over how it shows in the page, how easy it is to read and i tried to keep it clean so you don't get tired focusing on not losing the line you are reading. So yeah, this bugged me so much that i somehow really felt it's relevant to be in my journal. People, do you want others to read your stuff? Show a little concern for how your writing looks; no matter how good it is, if it's a massive chunk of text i won't touch it.

Now on to some other things. Why wasn't i here in the last months? Those of you who used to read my updates here know over the last one and a half year my free time gradually diminished - i quit groups and projects i was attached to and then, sometime in January this year i believe, i plain stopped logging in. It felt natural because i wasn't thinking of dA with pleasure, i was thinking about it as i used to think about my math classes: uneasy and i felt i was doing it out of obligation towards you, not as a hobby anymore. I came back earlier this year, then left again, although this time i kinda watched from the shadows. A few months back I had a proposal for an awesome article collab which didn't materialize after all, which made me ask myself if there was really any reason for which i should continue being here considering i wasn't active anymore so... i said goodbye to dA, feeling a bit sad because i was really excited about that project.

I didn't want the one online thing i really liked to turn into a burden. I know i said this when i came back here last time too, but it's still true. I still don't have time, don't get me wrong, i'm not back here like i used to be. Real life is getting... real, you know? So many things happening next year and I need to be prepared for those life changing moments. I will be popping in once in a while though to see what's going on and maybe rant in a journal. Also to let you know that i did not forget about you!

How's your life? What happened while i zoned out? What did i miss? Tell me everything!
Missed ya'!

*ignore typos/incoherence*

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