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As the title suggests, this news article’s goal is to spread the dA love into everyone’s heart! You will find here a little bit of everything, from awesome interviews with talented artists, art features, group promotion to random deviants' features. I hope you will find this informative and entertaining!

Interviewed artist: Reptangle :iconreptangle:

:bulletyellow: Tell us what defines you as a person.

This is the hardest question. Not sure where to start... or what to include!
I guess my work defines me the most.
I am technically a "professional " artist, I have been  sculpting  dragons and cats and  monsters for Windstone Editions windstoneeditions.com/ for over 25 years. I'm getting old, but, I am really still an amateur at heart. To me, the word amateur doesn't have anything to do with money, means that:
A. you don't always know exactly what the heck you are doing and
B. it is done for fun.
It is hard to not have fun when you sculpt for a living.

I also write and draw a (truly amateur) graphic novel: "The Veligent". It is posted here on dA, as well as the Windstone website. It is a very time consuming and difficult hobby! I am really stretching to make art that is a little bit beyond my skill level. It is fun too.

:bulletyellow: How did you find out about deviantART and why did you join the community?

My friends vantid and Nambroth introduced me to dA. I also attended a Deviant art convention in Los Angeles several years ago, and ran into some local artists that I knew. Wow! Real artists!
I have been a lurking Deviant for about 6 years but I have not uploaded art until recently. I was afraid of trolls. That was a silly fear, since  I have never found anyone on here yet that was anything less than wonderfully supportive and friendly.

:bulletyellow: When and how did you discover your passion for art?

I never didn't do art. I drew a picture with poop on the wall next to my crib when I was in diapers. I still have a dog sculpture I made with a piece of chewed on paper when I was 18 months old.  The amazing part is that I can still do stuff like that, and sell it -well, I mean I don't use poop anymore...

:bulletyellow: What inspires you the most and when do you think your creativity is at its maximum?

Macro photos of natural stuff is the most inspiring to me. Moss, fungus, dirt in cracks, ice microscopic things... so gorgeous.
Unfortunately my best and most creative working time is late at night, when I have no time to do it.
Fortunately being creative is only part of what I do, most of my job is just like knitting a sweater, it is  laid out and just takes elbow grease to complete. Things like carving scales and feathers. No thought required; just sand paper.

:bulletyellow: What do you think you'd be doing if you hadn't chosen this path?

The same thing, but in a tent under a bridge somewhere.

:bulletyellow: What do you think it's your most meaningful deviation and what makes it special? Does it have a story behind it?

I guess it would be this: Reptangle, The Veligent cover.
It is the first page of a story from my graphic novel. I, (like most people I know who also have stories to tell) have been working on this story most of my adult life. NOW I have finally gotten up the nerve to post it!! This is has been a major milestone in my life!! - and one of the last things on my "bucket list". I am nearly done.

:bulletyellow: Do you have any insecurities regarding your art?

Oh heavens, of course! I am totally insecure. All I see are mistakes and things I should have done better.

:bulletyellow: Did art ever helped you to deal with your life problems?

Yes. When life gives you lemons, forget the lemonade, make art.

:bulletyellow: What is the one thing you always wanted to do but never got a chance to?

You mean art-wise, I assume. I always wanted to carve a carousel horse, but I realized that that is a huge amount of work, for a goal that really hasn't much artistic meaning. There are lots and lots carousel horses already. However, I would love to sculpt a horse someday. I have never sculpted a plain old realistic horse. The equines I have done have all been fantasy, in unrealistic poses.

:bulletyellow: A few words for our fellow artists?

You are worthy. Your art is worthy. Your thoughts are valued. Your art will continue to communicate who you are and what you are "saying" to people now, and as long as it and people and the world exists.
This sounds like a commencement speech, but it is true.
What does your art communicate about you?

     Zombie koi    

Photography Feature

untitled. by kimothyjane:thumb397138035::thumb397189388:
Monster in the Closet II by MarinaCoric Before The Storm by CapturingTheNight stranded by bluePartout

Traditional Feature

series of drawings  Slavic Mythology - Swarozyc by masiani:thumb397036882: WATERCOLOR - Place Pey Berland by nicolasjolly
:thumb397125712: The Return Of Julia Brown (side) by DugStanat Mamenchisaurus by atrox1

Digital Feature

Gaga - BW by ArtXtreme101:thumb397155410::thumb396990716: Dragon'sCrown     Elf by weila9
:thumb397185754: Canteen by Raindropmemory:thumb397164494:

Literature Feature

:thumb397060701: another feather.a bird on the electric cable
is at sunset a silhouette
and it could fly up at any moment
but the air is hesitant and hasty.
now one thousand starlings
cram down a road on the poles and wires
settling one by one in the sagging arcs.
i want to scream out this last word: arcs.
does ours rise and fall like a rainbow--
does the arc stop at the treeline, chromatically subdued?
the high telephone poles can barely hold all the crows
the black lines droop with voltage and vultures
how then does our arc go as it slips down the road?
i'm looking close at what i see and i feel that
the power still pumps through the veins,
that the pressure that puts the limbs to sleep
can be lifted and removed.
the arc of our love is weighted by birds as they flew in
and no one bird can be seen as the leader--
but two telephone poles can hold their ends high
and the course of electricity flow will sputter through
the claws that dig into it, the birds i could scatter
to the trees every time they call and approach.

Lost and FoundI lost a key that didn’t open anything
I lost a stuffed toy rabbit that wasn’t mine
I lost another toy rabbit
I dreamed it was trying to kill me when I was twelve
I threw it away
I lost fake friendships
And no teeth from the ensuing battles
I’ve lost faith in dating heteros and homos alike
I lost the desire to fit in
I lost chances to take photographs of crows
I lost respect from too many people to mention
(I’ve lost respect  for  more)
I lost my mind sixteen times
I found my mind fifteen times
I found pain in many places
I found peace without joy
I found that spiders are a lot more honest than
The fickle brats who crush them on a second’s thought
I found some apples in the Farmer’s Market
I found a great recipe for apple pie
I found that mark betwixt loneliness and gregariousness
That suits me
I’ve found that few people are willing to step to the mark

I lost and found I
Many “I”s will follo
Absolutely NothingI think I'm turning into Nothing
There is a black hole in the pit of my stomach
Slowly sucking me into myself
And after its all over, I'll become what I feel: Nothing
But I am not a black hole, I am a girl
And Nothingness is the definition of impossibility
Because a black hole is still a black hole
Even if it feels and has Nothing
Or maybe I'm so many God damn things at once
That my brain can't even comprehend or decipher
One feeling from every other feeling I have
So it takes the easy path and tells me I'm Nothing
Is this what being God feels like?
Being Nothing and Everything at once?
Meaning Nothing to some and Everything to others?
Because I definitely don't feel like God right now
If anything,  I feel like Nothing
But Nothing is still Something.
petals, bright and warmopen to me, your petals bright and warm.
inviting to my touch and fragrance not sensed
since Eden was a garden not a lost paradise.
I will drink, softly and deeply, careful to show respect
and not resurrect the memories of cruel harvests
where you were just another random flower cut down
fallen angels covet this pollen and nectar,
for in their taste is the secret to immortality
and a sacred joy unknown by those lost and gone
I will feed here for a season, hoping you are perennial,
and that you will let me inhale your attar and kiss
your soft petals until time itself is irrelevant
William F. DeVault.  all rights reserved.

Group Feature

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