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As the title suggests, this news article’s goal is to spread the dA love into everyone’s heart! You will find here a little bit of everything, from awesome interviews with talented artists, art features, group promotion to random deviants' features. I hope you will find this informative and entertaining!

Interviewed artist: Alanpaints :iconalanpaints:

:bulletyellow: Tell us what defines you as a person.

I guess what truly defines me as a person and as an artist is a ruthless pursuit of the perfection of my craft.  I try to stay focused on my goals and always stay determined.

:bulletyellow: How did you find out about deviantART and why did you join the community?

My friends that I went to graduate school with told me about deviantART and convinced me to join.

:bulletyellow: When and how did you discover your passion for art?

When I was a little kid (can't remember the exact age).  I really liked dinosaurs, teenage mutant ninja turtles and comic books. Those were the things that made me pick up a pencil and start drawing.

:bulletyellow: What inspires you the most and when do you think your creativity is at its maximum?

I draw most of my inspiration from movies and music. Thrash Metal really gets my creativity flowing and a great movie will also help generate cool ideas.

:bulletyellow: What do you think you'd be doing if you hadn't chosen this path?

I love fitness and playing the guitar. I'd probably become a personal trainer or I would be playing rhythm guitar in a thrash metal band.

:bulletyellow: What do you think it's your most meaningful deviation and what makes it special? Does it have a story behind it?

Perhaps my Vulture painting or any of the bird pieces I have done recently. It's with these nature paintings that I have learned how to successfully design a powerful composition and utilize color to its maximum advantage. I went to the zoo to shoot reference photos of animals and I had no intention of painting a vulture. It just so happened that a vulture was standing right next to the edge of his cage literally two feet from me. He was almost completely still and I managed to get several great shots of him.


:bulletyellow: Do you have any insecurities regarding your art?

All the time! I'm always worried about my ability to draw which is why I try to attend figure drawing classes as much as possible. Whenever I have a human figure in my paintings, I am always concerned about getting the anatomy right and eliminating any stiffness in the pose.

:bulletyellow: Did art ever helped you to deal with your life problems?

Yes, in 2007 I was very unhappy with my job as a frame shop assistant and I made the decision to focus on art more. I went back to school to develop my craft and since then I have been more focused on my goals as an artist. I do not feel as lost anymore and I hope to continue to generate quality work that people can enjoy.

:bulletyellow: What is the one thing you always wanted to do but never got a chance to?

In late 2004, early 2005 when mixed martial arts was on the rise, I thought about becoming a fighter. Maybe in a different life, if I ever got the chance, I would try to become an ultimate fighter. To be honest though, I'm better off as an artist. A fighter will have a much shorter career than an artist. I hope to be painting well into my 90's, can't do that if I'm taking fists to the face.


:bulletyellow: A few words for our fellow artists?

Stay determined and never give up!  It is better to adapt the attitude of a spartan or samurai and always strive for victory. With warrior-like convictions, we can perfect our craft as artists and one day become working professionals.

Owl by Alanpaints:thumb211875299: Finch by Alanpaints

Photography Feature

Ann again by iCyBeRmAnTiS:thumb392399165:
Kafkas Orient Bazaar by xBassxHarmingx:thumb392416138: Beautiful dawn by Elfvingphotography

Traditional Feature

Canvas print with hand-painted details of Gabriel by EvaGamayun Sleepwalking 18 by tombennett pink happiness by marew
Final Fantasy XII by pkking1288:thumb392399869: River by StudioUndertheMoon

Digital Feature

Acuatic Galaxy by HisakiChan Sela in Canada Zenescope by Elias-Chatzoudis:thumb392410750: ...274... by MozolewskiMichal
Wanderers by AquaJ Elara : Boar Guardian by Sickbrush Sevensky by SimonWeaner

Literature Feature

confessionIf I could, I wouldn't hesitate
to feel
the heft and heat
of everything inside you;
I'd ferret out
your sins,
I'd sell indulgences, I'd sew
into the lining of your skin.
I want nothing but deathAfter the three hundred and sixty fifth setting sun since everything became undone, maybe now I have gathered enough pieces of my ether and stationary paper to write you a true goodbye letter.
I would write you starting with the weather today, where the skies are caliginous and the clouds are heavy basins ready to tip over in tears, much like my eyelids. I dig my toes deeply in the damp terra firma as I remember you.
I would write you in snapshot sentences. I would go about how you've converted my vision into a chiaroscuro religion; shifting all light and attention around me to focus in on only you.
I would write you in portrait paragraphs that resemble childhood finger paintings. These portraits pour recollections of the times my fingers traced the light on your face and memorized its every curve and angle, all the while wishing upon your locked, heart-shaped lips for the keys.

        Your cupid's bow flung a flaming arrow
        past my bone,
        snagging at my marrow,

tiger's teeth in flayed menI don't have tiger's teeth;
nothing in me is
the hearts of
flayed men
and divine
providence is the least divine
of the circles of tooth
marks in my skin, which no man
knows like uneaten hearts. is
this my blood, is it of
my soiled hands, rent
bone, rending
my own muscle? divide
what's left of
me and find only teeth,
telling stories in stripes of this
pulsing red and black. men
speak only of men,
but the beast is rending
the remains of all that is
barbed and trapped behind divided
ranks of teeth
that are burgeoning of
anger, of
blind men.
these rotting teeth
seek to rend,
what wasn't from what is.
if I devour my own heart, it is
a lie voiced by lines of
rotting black in fraying skin. divine
truth has no place in men's
stories of rent
circles and reddened teeth.
the last truth of broken teeth is
that their fury is as rent as that
of bleeding impotent divinity in men.
nephologyi'll be six feet under 
- the stars, and you will 
be right beside me
hand clasped, fingers through
laced right up like a corset
and you are everywhere,
like you've melted yourself into
my clouds and you've got yourself
stuck and i'll never be able to let go
you are vapour, rain, puddle, vapour
you are cycling through brain tissue
and you don't stop
and i will tell you this, i will say:
even when our little planet has been
burnt to a crisp, or smashed into
ten trillion pieces, has been frozen over
like the skin on my neck, 
even then: i will still love you
because you'll still be in my clouds,
even if you've been flung in 
countless directions all across the 
expanse of this stellar nursery,
you will still exist.
we're made up of atoms upon atoms
upon more atoms than you could ever dream
and we will refuse to be destroyed

Group Feature

graffiti-nation promotes sub culture of graffiti and it's all about unknown streets and places with graffiti art!

Featured artists

o0Daria0o :icono0daria0o:

RhysGriffiths :iconrhysgriffiths:
Grungetown by RhysGriffiths:thumb353676166::thumb326237493:

winterfingers :iconwinterfingers:

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