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As the title suggests, this news article's goal is to spread the dA love into everyone's heart! You will find here a little bit of everything, from awesome interviews with talented artists, art features, group promotion to random deviants' features. I hope you will find this informative and entertaining!

Interviewed artist: MoshYong :iconmoshyong:

:bulletyellow: Tell us what defines you as a person.

Willpower and endurance. Learnt from my mother and grandmother, who raised me together. One day, I hope that would be what people remember of me.

:bulletyellow: How did you found out about deviantART and why did you join the community?

I found it when I got my first real internet connection at 15. I was looking through some things and stumbled on it. I joined at that age because i wanted to see more of the amazing stuff. Back then it was Artgerm and his IFS studios, Endling and numerous others. I was surprised at the quality of art, things I've never seen before.

:bulletyellow: When and how did you discover your passion for art?

I have doodled since I was young, but I only treated it as a hobby. I began to see it seriously when I entered college, and my first year there was a baptism in fire to the infinite things that I don't know about, and my classmates who were and still way more awesome and talented.

:bulletyellow: What inspires you the most and when do you think your creativity is at its maximum?

Great art inspires me. When I look through the works of such greats as Frazetta, The Hildebrandts and my idols such as Todd Lockwood and Jesper Ejsing, I will get the irresistable urge to produce something. These are the points when my motivation and hence my creativity are at their highest.

:bulletyellow: What do you think you'd be doing if you hadn't chosen this path?

I wanted to be a vet. I love animals, but sadly I'm not cut out to study medicine. :(

:bulletyellow: What do you think it's your most meaningful deviation and what makes it special? Does it have a story behind it?

My most meaningful deviation would be Colour Study 2. The link is here [link] I really struggled back then to do something realistic, so I really forced myself to work on that painting. It was an assignment and we were only allowed to use a marker-ish brush. When I completed that painting after 3 days of sleepless nights I was really pleased. It helped me gain some confidence in myself.

:bulletyellow: Do you have any insecurities regarding your art?

A lot, like really crippling fears, but they are getting better with experience. I am a very careless person, and I sometimes forget or overlook important details. I still find my work very trivial and lacking in substance and meaning. It is something I really want to fix. Fantasy painting or no, I want my art to express real emotion and feelings as well as being masterful in its execution and storytelling.

:bulletyellow: Did art ever helped you to deal with your life problems?

It did. It is the one thing I love that I know I cannot lose. It helped me get over some really bad things in life, because in drawing, I am a superhero and the bad things do not hurt me.

:bulletyellow: What is the one thing you always wanted to do but never got a chance to?

I want to adopt a little doggie and name it Conley. I don't know why but yeah, its weird I guess. I will be working soon so haha, I think it'll be something I certainly will do in the future.

:bulletyellow: A few words for our fellow artists?

Keep your spirits up and never give up. Also keep your mind open, art is a huge thing, do not funnel yourself into any certain genre or style until you have tried them all. Be diligent and good things will come, and most importantly, find the time to spend with loved ones. Being king of the hill with no one to go home to is a terrible thing. That's all, I wish you all well on your own separate journeys and good luck. :)

Odin Allfather by MoshYong:thumb289136932: The kid by MoshYong

Photography Feature

Camera obscura by iNeedChemicalX Just Dreaming by BenHeine:thumb296648766:
Blossoms by Ryo-Says-Meow VERiolet by LorenzoDiFolco The Tailor Shop VI by Daria Zaytseva by daria-zaytseva

Mature Content

Elastigirl by Aisii

Traditional Feature

Mrs. Veal's Ghost by BeatrizMartinVidal Dodgbu by sari9349 Katiebloo by TeSzu Solace by Alizadeh-Art
Hedy Lamarr by AmBr0:thumb297776971: Evening Roost by ZombieHun Snow White by nati

Digital Feature

The Lady in the Shadows by ts95studios:thumb297851280::thumb297937561: Angry by FP-Digital-Art
El hogar del fuego by Dibujante-nocturno Princess of War by Froitz:thumb298023490: zupa z trupa by StygiVI

Literature Feature

InfatuateYou've caught me staring again.
Our eyes meet, but I quickly advert mine.
My heart races, my breaths quicken.
I've only met you once,
Even then, my head was spinning.
What spell have you casted upon me?
You're all I think about,
Dream about,
Talk about,
Lust about,
Care about.
I feel lovesick,
Yet, I've only met you once.
ApartmentFrom upstairs
she heard late afternoon
sucker punch the television
as the children
covered the coffee table
in dinner,
and felt the dust mop
weep in her hands
at the sight.
She found the cat
under a pile of laundry,
its head
swallowing a sock
and wondered why
bedtime took so long
to come around.
For sleep
was her only accomplice
in the simple murder
of this life -
buffering the weather in the kitchen
and choking the beds
like those last thoughts
left deep in the dustbin.
You're Not AloneShe was dead?
How could it be?
How could she die?
No, it couldn't be.
Not her.
Not Katara
All these questions and more formed in Korra's head as she analyzed the old woman's still body lying on the bed. When she came home from practicing with Mako and Bolin, this was not the news she expected see. She walked in expecting to hear Tenzin nag and/or explain to her how she was neglecting to meditate. Not see him hovered over his mother's body with red eyes and tear stains on his cheeks. It didn't make sense and Korra refused to believe the water bending legend had passed on.
"No, Tenzin you're making a mistake. She's just sleeping."
Tenzin closed his eyes. "She was Korra, she was."
"She still is!"
The 17 year old was quickly getting upset with Tenzin for acting the way he was when all Katara was doing was resting.
"Korra, calm down." Mako, who stood on the left side of her next to his brother, ordered.
Her teammates had come back to the island with her this time, upon Korra's request

Am I really okay?"Hey. How are you doing today?"
Alone. Miserable. Depressed. Misunderstood.
Sad. Desperate. Abandoned. Hopeless.
Terrified. Reasonless. Sorrowful. Ugly.
Stupid. Loser. Scarred. Loner.
Disgraceful. Pitiful. Hated. Watcher.
Hater. Homeless. Loveless. Unworthy.
Retarded. Bitch. Slut. Afraid. Alone.
:thumb297767266: Changling QueenWith false vows and a twisted smile,
She sought domination through her guile.
Hoofsteps light and crown so royal'd,
By what force could her plan be foiled?
Ghastly spells and emerald eyes,
Were but precursors to the grand surprise!
Furious hooves sought to end the fun,
Arrived too late, for the parties just begun!
Silent wedding bells seem to weep,
As the tears of a fallen God began to seep.
She fed from the well of the loving heart,
But its power had yet to play its true part.
With the violent flash of two hearts near,
The dark lady tasted a new emotion, fear.
Cast from the realm, filled with rage,
How long till this grim actor retakes the stage?

Group Feature

Approximately 1% to 2% of the human population has red hair, while freckles are nearly as hard to come by. Both are frequently unappreciated, to the point that those who have them are often proud to have hidden them successfully, that's why redheads-n-freckles was created. We think it's important to show both of these off; to spread awareness and build appreciation for what we think are two of the most beautiful and distinctive features a person can have!

Featured artists

marioluevanos :iconmarioluevanos:

MSXHinter :iconmsxhinter:

skdennard :iconskdennard:

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