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As the title suggests, this news article's goal is to spread the dA love into everyone's heart! You will find here a little bit of everything, from awesome interviews with talented artists, art features, group promotion to random deviants' features. I hope you will find this informative and entertaining!

Interviewed artist: Mirz123 :iconmirz123:

:bulletyellow: Tell us what defines you as a person.

The way I conduct myself. I believe in treating others with kindness and respect. I am often described as being "nice", but to me, I am simply conducting myself as I should. Everyone has worth, and everyone's time is important. That's something I always try to remember and I make an effort to show others that.

:bulletyellow: How did you found out about deviantART and why did you join the community?

Like a lot of people, I knew of dA for the art, but had no idea beyond that. It was my daughter, RandomyPurple, who joined the site and discovered they community. She told me I should join to share my emoticons and promote my webcomic, Bitmap World. I took her advice and I've been here ever since.

:bulletyellow: When and how did you discover your passion for art?

Like many kids, I liked to color and doodle as a child. However, I would say it wasn't until I was in my early teens that I found my passion for art, in the form of writing. All of these stories were bubbling in my brain and I had to get them out. I was so lucky my mother supported me. I remember when she bought me a memory typewriter (back then, computers were not a common household thing). It was such an encouragement and definitely ignited that passion, which still exists today.


:bulletyellow: What inspires you the most and when do you think your creativity is at its maximum?

My desire to share with others. I want to entertain, inspire, and encourage. I just feel this need to give and that encourages me to create. As for my creativity, I would have to say the wee hours of the morning. I'm not really a night owl, as I am not one to stay up until 1 am. However, I am an extreme early bird and will often wake at 3 am to work on my arts. Granted, that first half hour is rough, but after a cup of coffee, I get some of my best work done.

:bulletyellow: What do you think you'd be doing if you hadn't chosen this path?

Working with kids or people in some capacity. That's just always been in my blood.

:bulletyellow: What do you think it's your most meaningful deviation and what makes it special? Does it have a story behind it?

Can I pick one from each of my accounts? Seasons of Life is one of those pieces that I tear up at every time I see it. Life passes by so quickly. The periods of our lives are so special, and sometimes they are gone before we realize they were there. Even though it's done with emotes, there is a great message and power behind this piece, and with my oldest child going to turn 18 this year, it has even more impact on me.

Bittersweet was created during my recent pregnancy -- an unexpected, change-of-life baby. I was going through an emotional roller-coaster and this piece was a reflection of that and was very therapeutic to do. Not my best pixelling by any stretch of the imagination, but I love how stylized it is.


:bulletyellow: Do you have any insecurities regarding your art?

Too many to count. Though, if I had to pick the main one, it would be not having much confidence in my own style. So often I feel I need to do things "the right way" or conform to some sort of norm, and I that causes a lot of stress. I really wish I could just be comfortable doing it my own way. Though I am getting better at this.

:bulletyellow: Did art ever helped you to deal with your life problems?

All the time, every day. Life has been very difficult the last 4-5 years, with family issues and money problem. Art is my refuge and I literally don't believe I could have made it through some of the dark times in the last few years if I didn't have my art to escape into.

:bulletyellow: What is the one thing you always wanted to do but never got a chance to?

Travel. When I was young, I really wanted to see the world. Now with a family, and lack of funds, it's just not a possibility. Not to mention I've become quite the homebody in recent years. The motivation to travel is not there like it used to be. It does upset me that I didn't get to go when the desire was there.

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:bulletyellow: A few words for our fellow artists?

Don't ever stop making art just because someone criticizes or tells you to. You may never be as big as Artgerm, but you will find someone (and quite possible more than that) who love it. Even if you art touches one person is a positive way, then it is well worth it.


Photography Feature

Eyes by JerryMorsePhotograph Little Blue Dragonlet - Erythrodiplax minuscula by ColinHuttonPhoto They're Here.... by BrandonHasbrook
:thumb365619235: 20120801 2845 by metindemiralay .... . . by ananaa

Traditional Feature

butterfly by nogaspaki Before the Fall by KelleeArt

Mature Content

Nectar by rodluff
Gemini by Pikatoro
:thumb365398393: Stairway by nicolasjolly .Breakfast in wonderland. by Nonnetta

Digital Feature

Subject X by RamenRamen Summer Mermaid by Angju Hunting party by KJKallio Golden Fox by Noukah
Snowdrops by Radittz Earth, 1ZZZ8TT5 and Helena 3000 by sheer-madness In the temple of honor by bib993

Literature Feature

DrowningIn disappointment
In pity
In emotion
Feeling lost and broken
Angry that I couldn't keep it together
Annoyed that I can't seem to pick up the pieces
Panic attacks
Lack of sleep
I don't know where I'm going
I don't know where I am
But I know where I have been
People want to help me
But in the end
I have to be the one to pull myself together
I have before
I will again
But at the same time
I feel like I won't
It seems that people I am closest to
Are the ones that think I am over reacting
I admit to being overly sensitive
I admit I have gotten angry at the sillest things
You called me mess
How could you expect anything less
I'm kicking, screaming, begging for help
And being denied support by the people I want it from most
I'm being left to my own devices
Drowning in self-loathing and emotion
I need saving from myself
Please don't let me drown
Only rainbows after rain
The sun will always come again
Gotta keep my head
Because everything will turn out fine
O                        I find that I
                     am              starting
                   to                  lose
              myself                    to this
           obsession          X         but I cannot
            help but                    wonder
                 Do I                  really
                     want             to be
                         found  ????
The wind outside whispers out subtle warnings
Their disembodied voices barely audible
In fear of getting caught
And suffering the consequences
The tree’s fingers tap frantically at the window
Desperately trying to get my attention
They tell me
He’s coming! He’s near!
If only I listened
But Slumber held me hostage
In his peaceful haven of Cloud 9
As I lay unconscious in my soft bed
Under the cozy warmth of my bed sheets
Slumber released his grip
Only because a rush of icy wind shooed him away
The pesky wind was warning Slumber as well
And he obeyed and fled
I shiver and groggily opened my eyes
Only to see an open window
And a sight so horrific, it made my blood run cold
Towering above me was a young man like no other
He couldn’t have been much older than me
His skin was as white as snow
His head framed by scorched black hair
His eyes, black as coal, held my gaze
Bordered by black and never blinking
They glinted with cruel insanity
His lips as red as
really are
little creatures
To Whom it May ConcernIt's hard to see you go on living, especially when you've forgotten me.
Or at least, forgot to bother remembering me.
It's true that life happens, that people grow apart,
It's just a part of growing up, despite how we feel with our hearts.
It pains me that when you needed someone,
I was always there.
But when I needed someone most,
You turned away, almost like you didn't care.
The times where you struggled on countless occasion,
I was there to lift your spirits.
I was there to make you laugh,
And bringing you joy was one of my merits.
Then treacherous life happened..
Causing me to break, to grieve,
And yet nothing came from you,
Not even the smallest relief.
I've waited...
And yet... nothing..
Not one...
Until after my wounds were healing..
Where it was pointless for you to attempt anything.
Until I was needed. Again.
For your personal gain.
I didn't bother speaking my mind.
I knew it would be all for naught..
You've spun you

Group Feature

SanatART is a group that believes art is anything that inspires you. It could be a squashed bug, a pancake, a pair of shoes, or even the bald spot on a guy's head!

Featured artists

andreadotta :iconandreadotta:

AljoschaThielen :iconaljoschathielen:

MermaidCrayons :iconmermaidcrayons:
The SirenThe Siren on the beach beckons to me.
Calling my name, “Come into the sea.”
I take a step onto the shore,
Looking at the beauty straight out of folklore.
She sings to me as she rests on her throne of sandstone,
Raising her arms, she promises I’ll never again be alone.
So there I follow, dashing into the waves,
Swimming to her, right into her cave.
Her tail flickers into the sea foam,
As a reminder of the others who in the sea, used to roam.
Her lips curve into a seductive smile,
She says she’ll make everything worth my while.
So into her arms I begin gravitate,
But there on the beach is a man, hoping he isn’t too late.
“My love!” he calls as he tries breaks her spell.
But alas she has captured my soul in her shell.
“To the depths!” He cries,
As he wishes he had said “Goodbye.”
But forever I’m caught in this wicked sea,
Everyday reminded of my love who tried to set me free.
My soul.Drip, drip, drip.
My soul spills out onto the floor.
My heart lays open, never beating forevermore.
Drip, drip, drip.
I lay cold in red water.
Who knew I was that lamb heading for the slaughter?
Drip, drip, drip.
My eyes open wide, though unable to see.
How is it possible that this happened to me?
Drip, drip, drip.
The warmth of darkness encircles, beckoning.
The last glimmer of light, death is shunning.
Drip, drip, drip.
Blue and ghostly, my body lays slain.
But I see the golden gate, now I'm free from shame.
Drip, drip, drip.
I take in this sight only to awaken to suffering.
It seems someone has found me, trying to fix me as they're muttering.
Drip, drip, drip.
I sit up, my soul now in tact.
As I look around I see the white room to which I'm at.
Drip, drip, drip goes the saline as I am hugged.
At that moment, I know that I am loved.
Drip, drip, drip...
This Is Me.Death. Death is what I feel.
Nothingness. Nothingness is what fills my soul.
Hatred. Hatred is what consumes me.
Love. Love is something I’ll never understand.
Hope. Hope is what I have lost.
Faith. Faith is fading within me.
Sadness. Sadness is what drills me.
Suffering. Suffering is something I endure.
Disappointment. Disappointments are what fill my day.
Darkness. Darkness is all I see through red eyes.
Sorrow. Sorrow comes from within.
Joy. Joy is lost to me.
Expectations. Expectations have made me cynical.
Pain. Pain courses through my veins.
Forgotten. Forgotten is what I have become.
Lost. Lost I am in my own skin.

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