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As the title suggests, this news article's goal is to spread the dA love into everyone's heart! You will find here a little bit of everything, from awesome interviews with talented artists, art features, group promotion to random deviants' features. I hope you will find this informative and entertaining!

Interviewed artist: Hardrockangel :iconhardrockangel:

:bulletyellow: Tell us what defines you as a person.

I think everything I have experienced so far makes me who I am today. I've been lucky enough to travel quite a lot already and have seen beautiful countries and cultures that inspire me. I also have great friends and family who encourage me and I'm too stubborn to give up on things.

In short, my experiences make me who I am today and will continue to shape me.

:bulletyellow: How did you found out about deviantART and why did you join the community?

I found out about deviantART via a community I used to be a member of, Elftown. The reason I joined deviantART is because on Elfwood, the art-site connected to the community, you had to submit your artwork for approval before it could potentially be posted in your gallery. Whilst the system worked for quality control, it also meant waiting weeks, sometimes months before you could share something you're proud of.

I've found that on deviantART, it's easier to get feedback and to make friends simply because the community is not only bigger, but also because you can at least submit your art and show it right away.

:bulletyellow: When and how did you discover your passion for art?

Honestly, I started drawing at first more as a means to keep me busy and to get through high school. I was unfortunately bullied for quite some time, so drawing was a means of shutting myself of during breaks whilst still doing something to keep me busy.

The reason I got passionate about art is because I had a great art teacher during the first two years of high school who encouraged me to improve and who let me use the art room during lunch breaks. She encouraged me to experiment with techniques and mediums and I honestly think I wouldn't be drawing today if it weren't for that particular teacher.


:bulletyellow: What inspires you the most and when do you think your creativity is at its maximum?

What inspires me the most is traveling, seeing new cultures or listening to music.
I love going to museums and trying to dissect how the old masters used to paint, but I also love going to the park and just trying to draw what I see. I also love reading mythological tales, which may not show in my gallery, but those do inspire me as well.

:bulletyellow: What do you think you'd be doing if you hadn't chosen this path?

It's pretty hard to imagine not drawing, since it's an important outlet for me.

:bulletyellow: What do you think it's your most meaningful deviation and what makes it special? Does it have a story behind it?

I would have to say Wretched. It's definitely not my best work, but I made this at a time when I wasn't feeling great about my art and life in general. I still tend to do vent-art like this from time to time, but this will still stay the most important piece to me since it was the first one that I dared show to my parents to let them know how I was feeling at the time.


:bulletyellow: Do you have any insecurities regarding your art?

Far too many to count. I feel insecure when I look at photo-realistic painting, knowing I'm still far from being able of painting like that. I also feel like not a lot of my art tells a story, and that it's bland and uninteresting. I want to be able to make art that evokes feelings, but at the same time it makes me feel vulnerable when I share vent art since it's highly personal in most cases.

:bulletyellow: Did art ever helped you to deal with your life problems?

It's my outlet for when I'm feeling happy about something, but also for when I'm feeling bad about things. Sometimes I just love being able to sit in front of a canvas and "draw it off", all the things that bug me. And the pieces might not necessarily be great, but it feels somewhat therapeutic.

:bulletyellow: What is the one thing you always wanted to do but never got a chance to?

I Want to be able to travel around the world. I want to see the big cities and museums as well as the small towns and their local folklore. I want to know about the history of cultures and see the landscapes and places where people have lived for years and years on end.

This sin't possible for me at the moment since I'm still a student, but I certainly hope I will be able to see the world in it's entirety after I finish my studies.

:bulletyellow: A few words for our fellow artists?

Never stop creating and always strive to improve. Your art is your unique voice and it would be a damn shame to mute it.

Photography Feature

Hoot by fae-photography m y s t e r i o u s by Lethiel
Summer in London by bitterev:thumb316933615::thumb316754607:

Traditional Feature

Serenity's Fall by BKLusk:thumb317081077: Poissons Volants : Poissons Les Yeux Globuleux by jasminetoad
Honey, you should see me in a crown! by Feyjane Camera by SoundOfRaindrops full moon by zeldis girl on beach by Booze528

Digital Feature

Mature Content

Ars longa vita brevis by inSOLense
:thumb317090238: Space 1889 Conspiracy of Silence - Cover by AdamBurn ANDRAHILDE by WendiBones
die Walkuere by edenfox Desert trooper by fear-sAs Seeking The Question by MarioWibisono

Literature Feature

Should I?Should I hug you or should I cry?
Should I just stand out here and say
Well, I did try?

Should I pretend I didnt see
You were hurting, crying by the sea
With tears dripping in to foams that came to be?
Should I stand aside when you walk by, whilst pretending to be shy,
Without you saying a word or even hi?
Should I live a life of I that ran away
When things got heated at our apartment by the bay,
When we saw neither light or day
But merely anger or so to say?...
'In a day or two I'll pack away,
Out the door and be on my way'

Should I stand by the sea,
While tears drip in to foams that came to be,
Whilst waiting for you to silently walk by,
Maybe say hello or even hi?
Should you and I be one again?
And share broken hearts pain;
With swollen eyes, even love regain?
...nay--nevermore shall we claim
'Burning within is love's flames.'
So bye, adios and adieu.
Another's love calls for me and
:thumb317054258: SurvivorsHe loses his wife.
People say 'I'm sorry'
But they don't know the emotions he feels.
He's left with a son and pathetic hole of despair.
She is raped.
People say 'I won't hurt you like he did.'
But they don't know how dirty and disgusting she feels, how fragile she truly is.
She's left to suffer with tears and pain.
He is homeless.
People say 'look at that man; he probably walked out from his home when he was sixteen because of drugs.'
But they don't know that his father abused him and he felt like that if he didn't run away, he'd be left to die there.
He's left alone and empty.
She's is bullied.
People say 'it gets better.'
But they don't know that words can dig deeper holes then wounds.
She's left feeling ugly and ashamed.
He lost his wife.
But he found a way to show his son how much she meant to him and still be the caring father the young boy needs.
He's one of the most amazing fathers a boy could wish for.
She was raped.
But she found a man who doesn't only say 'I won

A letterLast I walked here I saw the chthonic
underneath: fictions
crafted into selflessness
and you were telling me about a string
you had set inside the walls, poised at the borders,
—tore it out; the house collapsed,
spirituality hummed inside the suicides.
This would speak to us: to be fluid
before the dynamic ultimate, and comfortable.
I wanted to save you from the reaching
but my sickness digs channels before me,
the carnage: a neatly linear causality. My
gut feeling is that we're at the end
of something beautiful,
earthy but self-indulgent.
too narcissistic to swallow the
fear building up in the corners of my mouth, writing poems.
To the same degree, there would be no greater thrill
than to throw this to the sea in pieces.
The pressure: cycling, and the cursive: running easy.
You should have been able to stop it.
The emptiness never taught
you how hard it is to love nothing but power.
When I get caught, I won't be a dove thrashing in
a net spun from the finest yarn because
last I w
Don't stop this heart ( short story)His heart always wins over his head, the two conflict like temperamental children, always screaming for  his attention, and as always,  he hopelessly fall for the ever more romantic notion and stumble along the path that his heart has set  him on. It's the consequence of a mother who needed sentiment, a mother who would drink love down, that and a father who loved to drink. It's created the dangerous cocktail of nervous, chaotic confusion and in equal parts a similarly crippling depression. And that is all he is today, his deep rooted romantic ideas will always lead to the inevitable, a broken heart. He'll happily do whatever is required of him, if that is what his lover wants. Furthermore, his chosen lovers are seemingly forbidden, at least according to his family who can't see it that way. That no son of theirs would be a homosexual. And so with his families views contrasting in an almost violent fashion with his own, he builds walls around himself, in t:thumb317071976:

Group Feature

StaffAppreciation's goal is to promote positive community relations between deviants. This is done by creating relationships between the staff and the community, and by showing the staff that dA members really do appreciate all of their hard work! Anyone can help plan the deviantART Staff Appreciation Week 2012 (dASAW)!

Featured artists

KayleighJune :iconkayleighjune:

andreasrocha :iconandreasrocha:
:thumb272996002::thumb308294927: Trackers by andreasrocha

agnes-cecile :iconagnes-cecile:

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