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This is a brief presentation of the new and ex ^CVs and ex $taff :la: Enjoy and show them the love they deserve :heart:

:dalove: New ^ :dalove:

SingingFlames (Fan Fiction gallery)
Main Genre: Literature
7 years on dA
A Conversation and a CorpseTitle: A Conversation and a Corpse
Universes (Crossover): Batman and Neil Gaiman's Sandman
Pairings: None
Rating: PG (to be safe)
Warnings: Angst, a corpse
Author's Note: Batman's natural desire to help has unforeseen consequences. This is my entry for the Crossover Contest, and my first crossover.
The copse lay amidst the alley clutter, unmoving, while the first spots of rain splattered on his Armani suit. The night buried him in shadows, the distant streetlights barely illuminating him. Thin rivulets of blood, black in the weak light, pasted down a few graying tufts of hair. His head bent backwards at an angle no living person could achieve. Knowing the futility of it, Batman still reached over and checked for a pulse.  
Looking at the dead never got any easier. It was ugly, no matter how peaceful the passing may have been. Yet still, Batman crouched besides the unmoving form, gently closing the man's eyes. The rain pattered against his hood and cape while he stood his silent vi

Damaged927 (Anime/Manga gallery)
Main Genre: Digital Art
7 years on dA

vanmall (Pixel Art gallery)
Main Genre: Digital Art
7 years on dA
Bulbasaur Icon by vanmall Ink and Paper Icon by vanmall House Icon by vanmall

DorianHarper (Literature gallery)
Main Genre: Literature
7 years on dA
The Lion's DenThe walls trembled as shadows spiraled out of control. Daniel froze, tightly gripping his leatherback journal. The darkness was closing in. From above, he could hear the stone slabs of the estate crumbling. Soon, the Auttenberg House would fall apart, trapping Daniel beneath it. He exhaled heavily, sprinting up the next stairwell he could find, in hopes that this would be the last on his excursion.
"Rebecca!" His voice had grown hoarse from calling her name. Shoving the doorway at the top of the stairs open, Daniel peered through the empty darkness. "Rebecca?"
His gritted his teeth together and trembled. This couldn't be. Surely he had checked every room in the estate; yet, Rebecca was nowhere to be found. Daniel cursed aloud, kicking the door.
He rested against the wall before covering his face. His journal fell beside him, opening to a few written pages in the middle. Daniel cringed at the sight of the words and violently nudged the journal away.
This is all your faul

Anoya (Animal, Plants and Nature Photography gallery)
Main Genre: Photography
9 years on dA
Rouge. by Anoya

inknalcohol (Literature gallery)
Main Genre: Literature
3 years on dA

Exillior (Body Art and Modification gallery)
Main Genre: Varied
4 years on dA

Shue13 (Science Fiction & Space Art gallery)
Main Genre: Digital Art
3 years on dA
The Pond Of Fate by Shue13

jane-beata (Traditional Art gallery)
Main Genre: Traditional Art
1 year on dA
Autumn by jane-beata

PurpelBlur (Chats & Forums)
Main Genre: Varied
6 years on dA
Live NowThe past
a bang
that has
gone by.
The future
be what
it is
to be.
The now
what I
say it
will be.

AshleyxBrooke (Chats & Forums)
Main Genre: Photography
9 years on dA
-- Peek A Boo -- by AshleyxBrooke

TommyGK (Chats & Forums)
Main Genre: Photography
3 years on dA
Kirby 166 by TommyGK

Farand (Chats & Forums)
Main Genre: Varied
6 years on dA

YukiMizuno (Chats & Forums)
Main Genre: Literature
8 years on dA
An Ed's Best Friend by YukiMizuno

:dalove: Ex ^ :dalove:

jcroxas (Ex CV for Cartoons and Comics gallery)
Main Genre: Digital Art
4 years on dA
Resting Owl Scene Tutorial by jcroxas

:dalove: Ex $ :dalove:

Main Genre: Varied
9 years on dA
Memoirs of a CutlassToday we lay to rest
One of the very best
A car, nay, a friend
Who was with me 'til the very end
Of the fall semester of senior year.
There was nary a car with a trunk
That could hold copious amounts of junk
Or steering that could turn on a dime
At least 30 percent of the time
You will be missed.
From your wide set eyes
To thighs that held no lies
With a pleather interior which absorbed the heat
And was sure to burn those who took a seat
Well, that may not be as missed.
You got me from point A to point B
Even when I wanted to go to point Z
With such a style that was all your own
You traveled across many time zones
And as such your clock was often wrong.
Short trips to NHS, OD, and VU
And long trips to LA, IL, and NYC too
You never complained when I pushed you too far
And far surpassed any sports car
Except for not having working interior lights, a broken gas gauge, a radio antenna that didn't retract, a small engine, tiny tires, belts that often came loose, etc.
You survived harsh wint

Great job everyone! :clap:

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