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This is a brief presentation of the CVs (that were selected in the last few months), ex-CVs and latest seniors announced by fourteenthstar :la: Enjoy and show them the love they deserve :heart:

:dalove: New ^ :dalove:

1pen (Photojournalism gallery)
Main Genre: Photography
6 years on dA
Jayner Senior US Championships 2012 by 1pen

copperrein (Chatrooms & Forums)
Main Genre: Artisan Crafts
5 years on dA
The New Terraneans by copperrein

Kithanna (Chatrooms & Forums)
Main Genre: Photography
8 years on dA
The DanceI wish I could dance, you know,
Feel the rhythm pounding through the floor.
My feet.
My body.
My mind.
Bodies flushed together,
Feeling free, not a care in the world
Sweat glistening on my body
Can I please dance now?
I want it so bad, you’ve no idea
To walk in the door
And head straight for the floor
That's all I want to do
Is dance the dance
I'm free when I do
I want to move my body through the air
Feel things all over again
Feeling energized and revitalized
But I can't, no transportation, see
Dancing the night away is a desire
Wanna spin till I can't spin no more
Please, just let me dance
I promise I'll be good
I'll wear my little black dress
Place my hands on my knees
Slowly bring them up
Hair cascading over my bare shoulders
Peace, something I barely know
Excited and aroused
Can I please dance now?
My inner diva needs to be let loose
My mind too, be blank for once
Only thinking of the next song
Singing at the top of my lungs
The rush of endorphins,

SparklyDest (Emoticons gallery)
Main Genre: Artisan Crafts
8 years on dA
Krissi Croctopus by SparklyDest

fediaFedia (Skins and Themes gallery)
Main Genre: Design & Interfaces
6 years on dA

VSConcepts (Wallpaper gallery)
Main Genre: Design & Interfaces
4 years on dA
Inked by VSConcepts

Quelfabulous (Chats and Forums)
Main Genre: Varied
6 years on dA

:dalove: Ex ^ :dalove:

sine-out (Ex CV for Chats and Forums)
Main Genre: Photography
8 years on dA
Potential by sine-out

xbastex (Ex CV for Photojournalism Gallery)
Main Genre: Photography
3 years on dA
Battle by xbastex

IridescentStardust (Ex CV for Digital Dolls)
Main Genre: Customatization
7 years on dA

thorns (Ex CV for Literature Gallery)
Main Genre: Literature
11 years on dA
A History of PurgatoryFor more than a millennium purgatory's souls wallowed in despair while chaos and confusion ruled the realm. As a dark and barren pit, no sun lit the gray sky and no water gave life to the dry ground.
Souls appeared one by one as they died on Earth. They lingered in purgatory, weeping and cowering, until demon underlings dragged them to the pits of hell. The souls wasted their limited days huddled together for fear of the demons' frequent visits.
One soul broke apart. A soldier. Broad and standing tall in his gleaming armor, he held his spear at the ready and stood watch over the souls. He knew no other course of action.
As always the demon underlings returned to claim more souls. Three feet tall and hairless, the handful of gray and black imps scurried across the land and snickered to themselves.
The soldier bellowed a war cry and charged the creatures.
Startled by this first ever challenge, the underlings scattered, fleeing the enraged warrior and his spear.
Emboldened by the display,

Nyiana-sama (Ex CV for Chats and Forums)
Main Genre: Varied
8 years on dA
Who me? by Nyiana-sama

ChaosEmeraldHunter (Ex CV for Emoticon Gallery)
Main Genre: Varied
8 years on dA
:minion-master: by ChaosEmeraldHunter Leaf Attack by ChaosEmeraldHunter
:cosplay: by ChaosEmeraldHunter :dA: by ChaosEmeraldHunter

neiio (Ex CV for Skins and Themes gallery)
Main Genre: Designs & Interfaces
3 years on dA

yashachan (Ex CV for Chats & Forums)
Main Genre: Photography
8 years on dA
Scales 2 by yashachan

lost-angle (Ex CV for Chats and Forums)
Main Genre: Varied
6 years on dA
House with a View by lost-angle

Congratulations everyone! :clap:

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:love: Thanks so much for the intro, feature, and support! :heart: