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                Hello everyone :wave:
            This journal contains very important information for all of us so I ask you to please share it so other people can see it and know this isn't a bug.

            Over the last month I've had trouble in sending mentions and possibly receiving them as well. I've posted two journals, one on August 5th and one on August 25th Me in gifI was tagged by Mrs-Freestar-Bul :aww: Here is the original journal
a) Any number of facts is acceptable.
b) Every fact you post about yourself must be accompanied by an appropriate gif.
c) Tag how many people you want.

1) I hate liars. So much.

2) After a bad laryngitis a few years back my singing voice got even worse.

3) I rarely say "I love you", but when i do, i mean it.

4) I feel like a queen every time i receive a package (currently waiting for one from Boohoo).

5) I am terrified of losing my cat.

6) I am very passionate about the things i love.

7) I will get a tattoo soon.
My Daily Deviation Highlights        I was tagged by Astarsia and Minato-Kushina to take part in this wonderful project and i am more than happy to join in. I would like to invite everyone who sees this to also get involved and spread the word about it :heart:
Below i will share the info given by the initiator of this project, Mrs-Durden.
        Welcome to a Community Volunteer project in which we will be highlighting our favourite Daily Deviations featured within the recent weeks! We would like to encourage the community to join in on this project by simply going through the Daily Deviations page and collecting some of their favourite pieces of art within a journal titled "My Daily Deviation Highlights"! We hope this project will help spread awareness and love for Daily Deviations and our fellow deviant artists!
Use the hashtag 
in which I tagged and featured people, but I was surprised and confused when people told me they didn't receive my mentions. WHY, I asked myself. I posted a comment on both the journals in which I copy-pasted all the people I tagged originally, but they didn't get the notification this time either. WHY, I asked myself again.

            Right after this I got around and asked people if they had the same issue; turns out some of them did. It was obvious to me that this must be a bug since I wasn't the only one experiencing it (also proved I didn't do anything wrong or that I wasn't crazy). I sent a report to the Help Desk in which I stated the issues I was experiencing and the next day I received this reply:

            "(...) Is it possible that this user posted their journal then edited it and added in your artwork/name? If so it would explain why you were not notified. Only original posts of mentions send a notification, edits don't."

            Since this wasn't what happened, me being the one who posted those journals and comments, I went ahead and continued the discussion:
            "(...) Someone told me yesterday about a spam limit, eg. if I have in my journal more than 100 deviations/names/icons they will not receive the mention because it's considered spam by the system. Even if that was the case, the first journal and those two comments do no meet this standard; plus, from the latest journal, the DD feature one, few people appear to actually have received the mention while the vast majority didn't. I can't tell you for sure if the artists I featured received the mention or not because I didn't contact them, but given the fact that none of them came to comment on the journal makes me think perhaps they didn't either."

            I said 100 just to make a point, i don't know what the actual limit is.
            Then I received this enlightening reply which can put all our minds to rest:

            "(...) There is indeed a spam filter for mentions that can cut off after a certain point. There is also a velocity filter which can cut you off if you are leaving too many mentions in a certain time period. (...) As an example, it would appear that comments like this one: comments.deviantart.com/4/2825… are using avatars from plz accounts; that particular formation is trying to send 12 mentions at once. Multiplied by however many of those you send back to back all add up."

            So there it is, the answer to our mention/notification problems. It is not a bug, it's just the anti spam system doing its job and now we also know how it works :la:


                 You receive a mention only if you/your work is posted in the original comment/journal, if you're added after an edit, then you won't be notified.

                If you post comments too quickly, the spam limit activates and you will have to wait a while until you will be able to post again.

                The mentions in your comments add up with those in your journals and after reaching a certain limit, the artists/artworks won't receive any notification; hence it can happen that only some people in your comment/journal will be notified while the others won't.

My advice

            If you're doing (long) features on a regular basis and also comment a lot, avoid using many mentions in your comments so you won't reach the anti spam limit. This way you are sure the artists you feature/tag will receive your notifications.

            I hope this helped shed some light on what was going on with the notifications. Please spread the word about it and show this journal to others so they won't send a ticket to the help desk anymore on this topic. Let's help the staff a bit by not flooding them with tickets about bugs that are in fact just the anti spam system doing its job.
            In the end, I would like to thank the staff member who was  patient and kind and helped me understand what is happening. I'm well aware the staff is under a mountain of pressure trying to reply to us all and solve our problems/tickets, so please be patient with them and show them some love. They always do their best to help and if they don't succeed, it is because it's out of their hands (I'm referring to the site's rules and policies which are not under their control), not because of bad will.

            Have a wonderful day and spread this around! :heart:

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People are still mentioning me and there is not feedback on my mention section!