Updates on personal life #9

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Points i'll be covering:
:pointr: Almost moved in
:pointr: YouTube channel?


I. Almost moved in

     YUSS!! The hype for the new apartment is real! The furniture came and on Tuesday the washing machine and microwave arrive as well! The only thing left that is a must have before moving in are the curtains :eager: Then there's of course the AC but due to the complex's internal rules of only being allowed to have the external unit on your balcony and not on the building's walls i'll have to go for a much more expensive approach - a multisplit AC... so yeah. It costs a fortune and i'll have to move in before actually getting it. I guess something had to go wrong :stare:


II. YouTube channel?

    You can call it my midlife crisis, but i'm actually contemplating of having a YT channel. I have no idea what i would do with it or with what skills and equipment i'm supposed to run it, but... somehow i feel like i should give it a chance? Like this is what i've been missing all this time? Did you ever felt like this about something? Please let me know, i really need feedback on this :heart:


    As i said in the last journals, "i cannot emphasize enough the importance of routine checkups and doctor visits when something unusual comes up, regardless of how unimportant it might seem to you at the moment. Please don't ignore your health, it's the most precious thing you were born with and you have to protect it". I mean every word of it. And take care of your pets too, either it's a budgie or a cat, a hamster or a dog, they all feel pain and we, as their friends and caretakers, need to treat them as part of the family. Do not ever abandon your pet in their time of need!
    Lastly, don't wait for special occasions to express your feelings to those you love, life is unpredictable and you never know how much time you have left to spend with your loved ones, so make every moment of it count.
    I will be back with personal updates when i will have other news for you. I appreciate every message from you, your support means a lot to me. Meanwhile, take care of yourselves and enjoy life! :hug:


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I don't really know anything about building rules, but I know that not having an AC during hot summer days sucks a lot :(
What kind of a channel do you want to start? Vlogs and such or something different? If you want to do vlogs you'll need a decent camera and a microphone, an area set up just for that purpose in your new apartment, a green screen (if you plan on doing something that's more visually interactive). There are so many different things you can do, you can try them all and see what you like best. I'm sure there are plenty of videos on Youtube that do a better job at explaining all the aspects and costs of starting a Youtube channel than I am right now. I was always a terrible at explaining stuff :giggle: