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Points i'll be covering:
:pointr: Dealing with loss
:pointr: Getting engaged
:pointr: Being a donor
:pointr: Follow up on cat problems
:pointr: Changes in my dA activity


I. Dealing with loss

As some of you know, i lost my paternal grandmother in August last year, it was unexpected and hard on all of us. What i didn't tell you is that almost 5 months later, at the beginning of this January, i also lost my maternal grandmother. It was a different experience dealing with loss this time around because i felt and still feel numb. The fact that she was in hospital for some days before it happened gave us some time to think that maybe she won't come home alive. I tried finding logical reasons for which i don't feel as much pain as before, but i just feel like unconsciously i am just repressing those feelings so i can go on with my life and feel i horrible about it because in my eyes it makes me feel like i am a terrible person.


II. Getting engaged

Yes! In the middle of all this chaos i got engaged after 4 and a half years of relationship and i honestly had no idea about it, nor did my parents. It was such a nice surprise and the best Christmas gift i ever had. We're thinking about having the wedding in the summer of 2016, but i am terrified of planning it, i really am, more than starting work that same year.


III. Being a donor

I am not sure if i talked about this before - i know i have a special journal about this but i can't remember if i submitted it or not. Well, regardless of that, i wanted to let you know how important it is to donate blood. Remember how upset i was back when i found out i had AB- blood type? Soon afterwards, i realized that me donating is so much more important than if i had, let's say A+, because what i have inside me is the most rare combination of blood type and RH. I underwent some analyses and i got a green light to donate. As a result, i went donating twice already (i got past those 50 kg in weight required) and i have to be honest, i feel so proud of it. This week for example, the doctor told me that my blood will go to a little kid and while that broke my heart it also made me happy that i decided to go and donate that day. I honestly tell you, that is a feeling you don't get doing something else.
If you're feeling brave enough, you can even become a stem cell donor. I registered as one at the same time i began donating blood, since i met the health standards. It feels bittersweet because i am hoping no one will ever be sick enough to require this from me, but if that ever happens, well, i'm here.
There's really no side effect to either of them and as long you don't have a needle phobia or health problems i strongly encourage you to become a donor, it will surely make a difference in someone's life... or even help someone stay alive. If you don't care for strangers, just let me tell you that at some point in your life, a stranger will help you, health related or not, so it would be nice if you would also do something selfless.


IV. Follow up on cat problems

One year after my lady's stomach and teeth problems, she got to see the vet again. Since August last year her belly went almost bald, same as her inner thighs and i concluded it was because of stress (i had my apartment renovated that month). But almost two weeks ago, while i was playing with her, i noticed she had something like small nodules on her (almost) bald belly. Knowing that my cousin's cat died of breast cancer at 15 y/o i immediately wanted to get her checked, especially since she's not that young anymore (she's turning 10 in two months). So last Monday i took her to my soon to be brother in law (who is a veterinarian) to see her and get some tests done. I was so worried until the results came back, i already lost two important people in such a short time span and i didn't felt like losing yet one more important part of my life (it might seem silly, but i do genuinely love my cat and think of her as being part of the family).
He confirmed there is something there, and that some of her ganglia were inflamed, so he took some blood and hair samples. Later that week the results came back and it turns out my lady is healthy and those nodules on her belly are just fatty corpuscles. So yeah. As a result, we changed her diet so she won't get past than the 4 kilos she has now. It seems this new food is some sort of miracle food since vets say about it that it helps with plaque (which she already started having some minor problems with one year after she had her teeth cleaned), coat (i just hope she won't go balder, best case scenario her hair will grow back), bones, kidneys, digestion and so on.
Now that i got past the fear of her having cancer, i think i appreciate her presence even more than before.

Blep by Lintu47
Surprise blep picture just for you!


V. Changes in my dA activity

I am active once again, although i don't follow a strict schedule like i used to, but for the moment i am happy with what i manage to do right now. At least i post stuff, given the fact that this year is hell for me with all that's going on with my last year of studies.
In the end, let's say a big thank you to our beloved fourteenthstar who recently left the staff team. I think we all agree on how much her presence here made a difference within our community. Go show her some love, she fully deserves it.

Fiona, thank you so much for all the work and soul you put into this community, be sure it will never be forgotten because you left such a mark on this site through all of us. <da:thumb id="94463501"/>


As i said in the last journals, "i cannot emphasize enough the importance of routine checkups and doctor visits when something unusual comes up, regardless of how unimportant it might seem to you at the moment. Please don't ignore your health, it's the most precious thing you were born with and you have to protect it". I mean every word of it. And take care of your pets too, either it's a budgie or a cat, a hamster or a dog, they all feel pain and we, as their friends and caretakers, need to treat them as part of the family.
Lastly, don't wait for special occasions to express your feelings to those you love, life is unpredictable and you never know how much time you have left to spend with your loved ones, so make every moment of it count.
I will be back with personal updates when i will have other news for you. I appreciate every message from you, your support means a lot to me. Meanwhile, take care of yourselves and enjoy life! :hug:


Don't let the fact that you can say a lot of things on the internet without consequences take away your decency.
Stay safe! ♥

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I'm so sorry about your grandmothers :( :hug: You are not a terrible person at all. I think that everyone deals with loss in their own way. There is no cookie-cutter "right" way, and the last thing you should do is beat yourself up for not being emotional about losing a second person within a small amount of time. When my dad died, I had a similar reaction. It comes in phases and at one point, you'll allow yourself to cry it out and it will help. Hang in there, luv.

I'm glad that things got better for you though. Congrats on the engagement! I hope you both have a wonderful and happy life together! I'm gonna get married this year btw :la:

Also, your cat is beautiful :heart: