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Points i'll be covering:

:pointr: Follow up on birth control journal
:pointr: New medical problems
:pointr: Exams
:pointr: News about JamminJo


I. Follow up on birth control

After having a hormonal dosage done, an Echo and a bunch of other tests, my gynecologist prescribed me Yaz (0.02 mg ethinylestradiol / 3 mg drospirenone). I had a tough time adjusting my organism to these pills in the first month (spotted/bled for about 3 weeks), but now i feel ok; the pains are considerably smaller and this is all i ever wanted. I still have to be careful about my micropolycystic ovary, but that's another story i can't do anything about yet since it's not that big of a deal. Thank you all for your input and support, it means a lot :blowkiss:


II. New medical problems

a) Of course, i don't get seriously sick often, but when i do, i need an MRI scan! I have a swelling on my left sternoclavicular joint for about 4 months now and it got painful about 2 months ago (random pain, not related to effort). I went to an orthopedist since i thought it's a bone growth (in my mind it's always the worst), had an RX done which showed us nothing, therefore the need for an MRI. I followed a week of medication with Arcoxia 90 mg which stopped the growth process and reduced the pain to about 50%, but that's about it, i am still stuck with a visible bump and the rest of 50% pain. Since the RX was clear and shiny, it made me believe that the problem is not the bone, but the joint, so before i go and pay loads of money for an MRI scan i first want to check up with a rheumatologist. It is uncommon for something in this domain (arthritis, etc) to first occur in this particular joint, but not impossible.

b) Since i got all of these problems i started thinking: why not get my heart checked up too? I have members in my family with heart conditions and i want to be in control if there's something going on. I had the classical EKG and Echo Doppler done, and aside from tachycardia (96 bpm - i always had a spry heart, even when i'm sitting i'm above 80) and a small tricuspid regurgitation (which is considered normal among youngsters), i'm fine. I was recommended to do some blood tests, which i did (a lot of blood was stolen from me in these last 3 months!) - the only thing bad in there was a 212 cholesterol (a bit high but constant value - it was the same two years ago). Because of this i have to go to another check up to see what needs to be done (i decided a few years ago i don't want to die young, i have a lot of things to do). My blood pressure is a perfect 120/70 though, so yay at least for that.

III. Exams

I have a lot of them! They're the reason i'm not around that much anymore and won't be for at least 3 other months. I had Radiology yesterday and i slept 12 hours straight after i got home. I have another big one next week - Gastroenterology and after this one i'm taking a break and run to the seaside for the weekend to celebrate my boyfriend's birthday (vladimirnichita) and our 3 years anniversary (which means you won't see me at all from Thursday night to Monday evening). After this i'm back to study again. My summers suck. I apologize in front of my friends and people i work with in groups and whatnot, but these come up first and i need a break from the city and the books. And since i was more offline than online i have a huge pile of comments to check, so if you need to contact me with something important/urgent, please do so by note :note:, the comments might get lost in the immensity of replies i haven't yet gone through : )


IV. News about JamminJo

Zev, aka TimberClipse, managed to contact Jo and she wanted to let us know that she wishes us all the best, misses everyone and promises to return when she recovers from her medical issues. Go show her some love, she's a wonderful person and she deserves it :tighthug:


I will be back with personal updates when i'll have news for you. Meanwhile, take care of yourselves and enjoy life! :hug:


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