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Sunset Soul by ThatOneGoldfish
Weapons Pack #4 SMGs by Zee-WhoMoon Jellies by deideiblueeyez
PS: The Stars (Masquerade Costume Meme - Rory) by PizzaPotatoNBaconDusk - Mind lines only by TSnickersPrincess of Lorule by maeanalda
Abriel Lafiel Vector by dragonthing009Red Tree Man by Malintra-Shadowmoon
Such Trolling by Erladino
Originals by GeorgeXVIIHangover painting by phydeauGalaxy eyes by XxTheTrueNuxesXx
Kariosa (Contest entry) by Milki-Moon
Mystic Shadow Ref by SoarinDash889
4451 by pulbern
Candy by aya-saraZentangle Humming Bird by Dragonshadow3
Long Flight Home by MouselemurKirito and Asuna SAO by SheepiAnna
Love Memories by Egil21They didnt need words by farmgirl2012Ice bear by StarryPines368
4give to 4get by Ellynovia
I Love You To The Moon And Back by TheGalleryOfEveSinging 'Now we are coming home!' by Pretty-L1ttle-Psycho
<da:thumb id="537332343"/>     the power of weharsh, shrill voices
hatred stated
echoes of past
failures inflated
like missiles
hearts and souls
violent acts
angry reactions
speak to
desperate factions
we look at each other
struggle for an answer
like watching a loved one
battle cancer
there is more to us
than meets the eye
what if together
became you and I
such a different planet
it surely would be
if we awoke one morning
to the power of we...
     Snapped- Beast BoyBeast Boy was a good kid, but he’d grown up knowing otherwise.
When his parents died in that boating accident, it had been his fault. He didn’t maliciously sink the boat. He didn’t laugh when they were dragged under by the roaring water. But if he’d been better; if he’d been able to turn into things larger than himself... if he was what he should have been, they would still be alive.
Mento had never said that exactly, but he’d definitely thought it. It was one of Mento’s favorite things to imply to 'encourage' Beast Boy to work harder.
He’d suffered through the mental abuse of the Doom Patrol’s leader for years.
Even after he’d achieved the thing Mento had been pushing him towards since he’d joined the Doom Patrol, all the older man had was critiques.
That was when he had realized he was better than that- than them.
So he’d set out to go solo, only to run into one of his idols: Robin.
They’d formed a team.

Me in gifSo Lintu47 tagged me long ago and finally I've done this :dummy:
a) Any number of facts is acceptable.
b) Every fact you post about yourself must be accompanied by an appropriate gif. 
c) Tag how many people you want.
I'm pretty shy.
This year, I have my final exams.
I'm pretty addicted to calligraphy lately.
I hate when people pretend they're the smartest.
Oh, and yes, I'm a fan of Lana Del Rey.
I hate bugs and the way they break in my personal space.
I love cute stuff. Well, okay, I know most do, but I just wanted to share this cute gif :-)

Well, okay, can I stop with 7 facts? Maybe I'll edit it later with something more interesting when I come across a gif which is "ah so about me".
I tag anyone who wants to do this basically, although I would like to suggest (only to suggest) it to SAVALISTE and Sukilucky :-)
Also, on the occasion that you're already here, check out My Daily Devi
     The ExperienceDo you count the roaming stars,
    or light a fire place?
Say that sleep has eluded you
or countless shapes have formed
     beneath the eyelids of contempt.
Your world is darkened for
    moments. What is new to you
is old for others. Sharp wings of
soft tissue, hard electric
     run along the spine of cowards.
It is a hairy time for
    flowing water, needy so-
-il. Say your rump is shelly
crusted over by dirt. Filth
    and grime layered by your many sins.
     <da:thumb id="600060028"/>

Thank you for taking part in the 20 truths, 5 lies challenge :hug:

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"Abriel Lafiel vector" is actually mine.…