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1st place vexnir :iconvexnir:

Revolution. by vexnir
Away from the light. by vexnir The Right To Exist. by vexnir Trick or treat? by vexnir Victor Mikhaylov by vexnir
Ember. by vexnir To See Beauty. by vexnir United we bleed. by vexnir

2nd place Talexior :icontalexior:

Music by Talexior
The Brightest Witch by Talexior Up and Up by Talexior A Girl Has No Name by Talexior

Honorable mentions

Praising Life Project - Oh JoyOh Joy
There are many things that bring me joy, but none so much as this;
Writing, in its purest form, poetry
And sometimes prose, for me,
Is the most eternal bliss.
If I had words like grain in granaries in my mind, surely I would find
That writing would happen every day,
In every which way,
And in time, oh how in time it would shine.
There are other things that bring me joy, but none so much as you;
Oh pen, so firmly in my hand,
Bringing thoughts from o’er the land
Straight from my mind to paper, like dew
In the morning waiting to be soaked up by the sun,
My words run over pages white,
Throughout the day or cursed night.
Words outdoing words that are emotions undone.
There are some things that bring me joy, but emotions are rough;
For what is joy, if it is not an emotion fraught
With fear and fire and eternal thought
That surely this pain has been enough?
If joy comes through the dark in a dawn
Then hark the heralds sing,
Upon a new wing
My words will fly
Joy Of Life (PLP Contest)
Traveling, roaming, painting pictures,
Dancing and floating to music,
Laughing und writing poetry,
Kissing, loving – life.
A tone comes into life.
The sound wants to exist.
A song makes me tremble.
I let it in.
Tasting good old wine,
Sliding above hovering clouds,
Running through the meadows in the morning,
Swimming, playing – living.
A word may stir.
The sentence makes sense.
A verse wants to move.
I write it down.
Enjoying good meals,
Striving to hike to the summits,
Drinking rain, sunbathing,
Hugging children and trees – life.
I have seen something.
Vision wants a shape.
The picture may arise.
I paint it soon.
Reading books, watching movies,
Rising out of gray fug,
Smelling curious at flowers,
Feeling myself free – living.
Flower Sunshine, you make me mine
Flower Sunshine, you make me mine
A flower shining as I'm fine
Seeing past days of cold
I start feeling less of old
Flower Sunshine, you make me fine
To chrochet as I climb
Stitch by stitch an Angel forms
To light the dark of my Storms
Flower Sunshine, as I climb
Up the Hill, as a sign
Remembering days of the old
Reading ways as I'm told
Flower Sunshine, you are a sign
That someday else I'll dine
With the teachers I respect
And teachings I'll have to peck
Flower Sunshine, as I dine
I might think of the biggest pine
Which might stand by, in the night
Waiting for a shot so bright

<da:thumb id="600538881"/> Come On by Shirokibo The Good Life by Egil21
'Art and Imagination' by TheHiddenArk PLP Entry - The Beauty of Nature by Sketch-Art-292002
Sound of Silence by WhimsicalBlue :: A Moment in Solitude :: by SummerDreams-Art Streams (plp entry) by ErnestVentures
Spring Rain by WillTC Duck Time by taibossigai
The Original Artist: Praising Life Project by Aloubell PLP Entry - Sounds of Nature by lauraypablo PLP Entry: The small things by MaggiefromSpace
Bruno by Stratox Love by ninebark Farmer-Pug by AlexKuhn
Music in the forest by Secretadmires<da:thumb id="605977605"/><da:thumb id="588405699"/><da:thumb id="586934450"/>
Contest : Let's our battle begin ! by Jolsma Happiness is a New Life by WDWParksGal PLP Contest Entry - Kitty Hug by OnTheMountainTop
Live and Let Live- Praising Life Project. by Tudalia-Hex Little Man and Inara (PLP Entry) by Amarantheans Mommy and me by NikySHouse

Congratulations to everyone who participated :heart:

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Thank you for the mention of my artwork,most appreciated!:heart: