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David is an amazingly talented artist who works wonders using only editing programs... With Photoshop, he portraits some of the most famous celebrities in a way that makes you wonder, are these really paintings, or photographs?

Maria is one of the artists that made themselves noticed on this site through their hard work and incredible attention to details. Her works, both digital and photographic, are of the highest quality. 

These great artists have something in common: they both used to paint traditionally and now they both adopted the digital style. Let's meet them :heart:

You are both successful artists, what do you believe are your most important qualities that made you stand out?

David: I think my style. I'm using Photoshop CS6. It's a new technique, not mentioning my experience in traditional portrait painting, as well as my skills in animation.


Maria: Thank you :) Personally I think the most important thing is that you need to love what you’re creating. Always put your heart and soul in your creations and make them for yourself, not for the public. 

What do you want to express through your artworks? What inspires you the most?

David: I am a perfectionist. I want my artworks to be realistically beyond what i usually see in others works. I admire some amazing artworks of the famous. It's very challenging and this always inspired me, even in my dreams. 


Maria: Usually I try to express the still moments of some story, mainly in portrait genre. I'm inspired by lots of things like fashion, music, movies, cartoons, books and even PC games.

In your opinion, the quality of your art depends more on technique or on its message?

David: Both.


Maria: The most important is of course the message, but yet the picture should be equally beautiful, inspiring, something that would make people look at it again and again, so that when you look at the picture next time, more details reveal themselves to you, making you look at it once more from a different angle.

Your works are very detailed - do you believe that what you do requires amazing skills or it's just about the practice? What skills do you consider to be the most important?

David: The most important i think, is my skill in color manipulation and the sharpness of determining even the smallest details.


Maria: The most important is the harmony of skills, talent and practice. You can be talented, but you can fail due to lack of practice, equally, you can practice forever and achieve nothing due to lack of talent. 


Most of the artists wish for their own style. How would you describe yours, and how did you develop it?

David: Creativity is important. When you want a style of you own, then do it in a unique way as i am doing. I develop my styles of course, seeing other great artworks.


Maria: In my own life I try to be more practical, but in my pictures, I like pretty, luxury things. Clothes and jewellery in my pictures are as important as the characters and I spend a lot of time working on them. I would call my style detailed fairy tale realism :)

What are your favourite tools and how were you introduced to them? Did you experimented or someone recommened them to you?

David: It's the magic of multiple layering. You don't need any plug-ins. All the tools i am using were in there, in Photoshop alone. I always pick dodge and burn tools, but the most versatile tools for me is the eraser! It took me so long to discover my own technique and no one taught me how to do it. It's amazing.


Maria: Long ago, I used to paint a lot traditionally, but when I discovered Photoshop and I got my first Wacom pen tablet, I got fully converted to digital art. I spent about a year experimenting with Photoshop before I started drawing things I began to like. 


What role has deviantART in your artistic life? Do you use it solely to expose your art or you also make friends and learn?

David: I have a regular job. I just want to share my artworks to the world and be proud with my humble beginning.


Maria: I joined deviantART by chance, since I discovered it first as an artist it became my best friend. I like browsing through the site looking for some fresh art of the most talented artists, and sometimes getting inspired from things I see. 


Regarding your own art, what do you think has been your greatest achievement so far?

David: Making the world aware of my existance - this is my greatest achievement.


Maria: My greatest achievements are the Daily Deviants I received (Thank you to those who suggested me), and of course, the great material achievement is the growing number of commissions I'm being asked to do. 

Show us the pieces that you are most proud of.

David: On May 21, this year alone, Jessica Sanchez portrait was my first uploaded artworks in Digital Painting. Since then i was recognized and watched beyond my expectation.


Maria: Im very proud of my mermaids series: 

Lion-fish by mashamaklaut  Golden fish by mashamaklaut
Mermaid and turtle by mashamaklaut  Dark fish by mashamaklaut

And "Faberge" Queens:  

Charoite Queen by mashamaklaut  Raven Queen by mashamaklaut
Emerald Queen by mashamaklaut  Mystic Queen by mashamaklaut

I'm planning to proceed developing both of these series in the future.  

Could you show us some art that you like and/or inspire you?

David: So many wonderful artists here in Deviant, it's hard to choose. It's like heaven full of angels!


Apple by Carhven  Happiness by widjita
Gothic Portraits: Prayer by BigBad-Red 
drifting by HRFleur  Delirium by MarioWibisono
:bigthumb178612394:  Ladies of London by enayla
Wallpaper Witch by Junedays  Golden Hair Vamp by thienbao

How do you choose your models (celebrity or not)? Did it ever happen to have a stranger come to you and ask if they can be your model?

David: Celebrities are my favorite subject. I was doing some on-the-spot portrait painting as my profession when i was in tradional painting. 


Maria: Of course people don't approach me on the streets with such a question, but in the Internet it happens quite a lot... And on the contrary, it happens that I could come to any girl on the street that inspired me and would suggest her to be my model. 

Is there anything else you would like to add? A few words for your audience and/or other artists, maybe?

David: As i always said... learning is never ending and truly rewarding.

:bigthumb309836443: :bigthumb312206073:

Maria: So much to say that I don't really know what to write here :)

Dinner by mashamaklaut  Anna.reproduction by mashamaklaut

Thank you, SoulOfDavid and mashamaklaut :heart:

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He is not what you think it is. His paintovers to getting exact proportions and placement allows spot on accuracy. Drawing is the foundational glue that holds any image together. Can you imagine the eye placed too low or lips to far up etc. This painting over allows for tracing accuracy. I have compared his art to be very true. TOO TRUE to be done by human hands. At the top of  the portrait artists such as John Singer Sargent, John Howard Sanden and many famous contemporaries in the world of portraitist , their likeness are relied on capturing the mood and personalities of the sitter.They are the reigning top of the top in their field in direct painting by sitter. Non can reproduce the kind of works David can.
If he could and paint traditionally, he should be among the distinguish members of the society of portrait artist. HE IS NOT.. NOT DOES HE COMMAND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.
These artist in the society are at the range of 90% accuracy, very good observational skills. However David's are 100 % in placement, location shape within shape, relationship to edges and overall accurate form. This is an impossible claim.
I placed his so called reference image, super imposed it back to his painting it prove my theory correct.

Don't assume all works are drawn as truths.. These are paintovers.
I asked him of this technique he denies it. I asked him to draw from a real blurry image to produce a quality image like that of his page, he did not. I would appreciate him saying that he is a digital manipulator of sorts instead of taking credit that these are handdrawn. Why don't u ask him the same challenge? If you ask did he do a paintover of course he will say no.
In conclusion he is at BEST A PHOTO MANIPULATOR and certainly not a draughtman.