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         As i was still getting used to my new senior status, i thought a couple of days ago to submit my first stamp ever. Guess waht? I i was amazed to see how well it was received by the community. Thanks guys! This made me think that maybe i should do a couple more, what do you say?

I want to thank everyone who's been there for me, made me smile, taught me what the community spirit truly means and appreciated my activity. I am truly very happy to be here with all of you :tighthug:

Translated poetry

         Also, i just translated some of my poems from romanian into english, some are written in 2007 so there's been a while and they may seem... odd. I know they lost some of their artistic feeling through translation, but at some point there were people who said they wish they could read my poems, so here are 5 of them, check them out:

Vis de aripi frante - Dream of broken wings
Vis de aripi frante
Cand ma lupt cu toti pentru vise desarte 
Si sper, si-mi gasesc sperantele-inselate  
Stiu ca singuratatea in doi e cea mai grea   
Si-o aflu prea curand, dar sper ca nu-i a mea.
Chinuit ma zbat de mult o urma sa gasesc    
O urma de durere, o urma de regret prostesc.  
Si chiar de nu-i vina mea nu stiu durerea s-o ascund    
Ma-ntreb unde-am gresit si, resemnat, tot eu raspund.  
Ma uit in mine, si caut iesirea din visare, dar…    
Realizez treptat ca nu mai e cale de scapare.   
Nu neg, am obosit sa lupt si simt ca doare…  
E nebunie? Ciudat… imi pare atat de real    
Insa renunt… stiu c-am atins punctul terminal   
Mă predau, singurătate, asta vrei si asta-mi ceri…   
Ma misc in somn si ma trezesc, ah,   
Ce vis ura
Pierdut pe coridor - Lost on the corridor
Pierdut pe coridor
Sunetul pasilor rataciti pe coridoare pustii si reci ma inconjoara
Ecoul rasuna gol in ureche si se prelinge incet in mintea-mi inghetata
Strabat pierdut de prea mult timp calea spre visul dorit odinioara
Nu simt, nu vad, nu pot s-ating ale trecutului umbre care ma doboara.
Am incetat de mult sa mai traiesc cu adevarat, si totusi trupul,
Osanda sufletului chinuit tinut cu forta in pieptu-mi rece, obosit,
Nu a inceput inca sa se descompuna.
Ce ciudat… iar pasii rasuna din nou pe coridorul intunecat.
Eu sunt ori altul care bantuie nelinistit amintirile demult uitate?
Ma uit in trecut, nu vad nimic, ma-ntreb de ce exist
Mi-aduc aminte de un vis… e visul meu
Un vis lipsit de sens si trecator ; ca visul oricarui muritor.
Simt sangele ce mi-a ramas cum se infierbanta in frigul apasator
Respir adanc. Ma infior. Aburi tremuranzi imi lumineaza ochii,
Apoi dispar si intunericul revine batjocoritor.
Ma zbat sa scap de el… sunt totusi om. Ma nasc, tra
Mormant de suflet - Soul's tomb
Mormant de suflet
Ieri mi-a murit sufletul si curand trebuie-ngropat
Mi-e teama sa nu se descompuna ; oare cum miroase ?
L-am coborat acum in pamantul de-abia sapat
I-am pus si niste flori deasupra in coroane groase,
Si ritmic, in ton sumbru jelesc pana si copacii
Iar eu stau muta, nemiscata, cu capul inclinat in fata
Si nu gandesc, nici nu privesc misunand gandacii,
Doar ascult vaietul si simt stafiile prinzand viata.
Deodata vantul se-nteteste zgomotos si ma-nfioara
Nu inteleg ce zice, imi suna cunoscut si totusi vag
De parca imi aduce pentru suflet un sunet de vioara.
Raman tot nemiscata, privind la ce-am avut mai drag.
Incet-incet se sting cu calm copacii, se uita glasul lor
Iar eu raman ca si-nainte, o muta fara suflet, fara soarta
Din cer intunecat cade si-apoi se scurge-ncetisor
O ploaie rece pe mormantul sufletului meu de piatra.
Gandesc ca poate e timpul sa plec si eu din cimitir
Si totusi stau… doresc sa mai ascult putin la vant
Dar prea curand, ca si copacii,
Ce frumos esti si cat de bine te imbraci
Te-as vrea doar pentru mine, sa ma ai
Sa ne putem vedea, sa poti sa intelegi
Ca pe dinauntru esti gol ca si ceilalti.
N-ai ce sa-mi dai.
How beautiful you are and how well you dress
I'd want you for myself, i'd want you to have me
So we can see each other, so you could understand
That inside you're as empty as the others.
You don't have anything to give me.
Dorinta - Desire
Singura printre straini, posesoare a unei vieti inutile si absente,
Mi-as fi dorit sa fi fost eu omul vitruvian prea bine cunoscut de toti
Sa radeti la mine fascinati si prosti, cu fata goala si mintile inerte
Iar eu sa strig pe jumatate rastignita ca nu va merge totul ca pe roti.
Alone among the strangers, possessor of an useless and absent life,
I would have liked to have been I the Vitruvian man, well known by all
For you to laugh at me, all fascinated and stupid, with empty faces  and inert minds
And I, halfway crucified, to shout that not everything will go as planned.

         In the near future i promise to translate them all :la:

What Christmas means to Me - Winners


1st place: :iconcrizthal: What Christmas Means to Me by Crizthal
Minerva TNT 19 by Crizthal FLONNE-Commission by Crizthal Pamela y su Elote by Crizthal
CHISE AND SAYA-Commission by Crizthal Nurse lily by Crizthal Arab Dancer by Crizthal
Chica bikini by Crizthal Maid and schoolGirl by Crizthal Guelaguetza Marisol by Crizthal:thumb183594727:

2nd place :iconironaries: with What Christmas Means to Me by IronAries
Santa1 by IronAries Humming bird Bienenelfe Meehkolibri painting by IronAries
Alice and the Cheshire Cat by IronAries Blue tit Blaumeise Keek cinege by IronAries fairy by IronAries

3rd place :iconcrysiblu: with What Christmas means to me by crysiblu
Rivalry Fight by crysiblu Flames of an Angel by crysiblu:thumb269161280:
Here is the News Article that features all the contest's entries:… :iconchristmastimeplz:


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