Movies you loved, but can't rewatch

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Yeah, you read it right.

Mine is, hands down, Sala samobójców. It is not a masterpiece, but it is. For me, at least. I loved it because it connected to me on a deeper level than any other movie i've seen to this date, the same level as this poem did today

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. Congrats on the DD once again :heart:

Back to the point. I loved this movie. It might seem foolish to those who have no insight on how the smallest things can affect you when you are in fragile mental state (not that the action in the movie was based around stupid, small things). I loved this movie because it is real, not some Hollywood overrated crap. This is really happening, people go through this. Alone. They are scared, they feel misunderstood. Anyone who read my old journals and talked to me on private knows i've been fighting with my depression demons since i was a teenager and because of that i love this movie.

I cried the first time i've seen it. I (almost) never cry while watching movies (not counting Lion King, it gets me every time). I felt like shit for days and at first i thought it was because i was tired, or because i was stressed, or because i fought with my boyfriend. Mnope.

After a while i watched it a second time because i always do this with the movies i like. This time it got me way worse than before, like all of that was happening to me. So yay for that. But i loved every minute of the movie. After i recomposed myself i realized that as much as i love it, it's toxic for me and i really should not and could not watch it again.

Do you have a movie like this? A movie that hits you so hard for whatever reason that you really don't want to go through it again just to re-watch it?

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For me, there are two movies: Finding Neverland and Bridge to Terabithia. Both movies are amazing, and I tried re-watching them both, but gave up after the first 10 minutes because I remember just how emotional and painful they are for me. And no matter how much I love them both, i doubt I'll ever be able to watch them again. :hmm: