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I was tagged by Mrs-Freestar-Bul :aww: :omgomg: by nillemotes Here is the original journal Me in GifHey there :wave:
I have been reading all these awesome tags around and always wanted to make one, but I either don't have the time or I don't know what to say about myself :giggle:  never been good at explaining myself unless I'm writing a poem :laughing:
So I came up with this tag  " Me in Gif" because I love gifs and I think they are fun.
The rules :la:
:bulletyellow: Post facts about yourself,  any number of facts is acceptable :w00t:  I did 10 :paranoid:
:bulletyellow: With every fact put a gif that would go with it
:bulletyellow: Tag people :la: most people don't like to be tagged and that's a reason to tag them  [Giggle]
[Bullet; Yellow] If you like this tag please do it and let me know [La la la la] That would be awesoooome [:eager: by darkmoon3636]
Lets do this [:eager: by darkmoon3636][:eager: by darkmoon3636]
1 My favorite food ( these days) chocolate pudding, I ate 500 g at once just now
2 I don't smoke or drink alcohol
3 I can't stand my hands feel

a) Any number of facts is acceptable.
b) Every fact you post about yourself must be accompanied by an appropriate gif.
c) Tag how many people you want.

1) I hate liars. So much.

2) After a bad laryngitis a few years back my singing voice got even worse.

3) I rarely say "I love you", but when i do, i mean it.

4) I feel like a queen every time i receive a package (currently waiting for one from Boohoo).

5) I am terrified of losing my cat.

6) I am very passionate about the things i love.

7) I will get a tattoo soon.

8) I recently discovered The Morning Jacket and i love it.

9) I have a hot temper.

10) I can eat a whole cantaloupe at once. Amazing, right?

11) Writing about me is hard.

I tag: :iconanoya: :iconarichy: :iconthegalleryofeve: :icondmd-ct: :iconandorada: :iconrhyn-art: :iconbrookette: :iconjenfruzz: :iconmaracusha: :iconsavagefrog: :iconriemea: :iconpoetryod: :iconthatannoyingrabbit: and everyone who wants to do it :omgomg: by nillemotes

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I'm horribly late on this, sorry D:
Partly because I didn't get a mention, neither about journal or your comment!

Cool idea :-D! Although it's going to be a bit difficult for me, I often see gifs in the Internet and think: "That's so about me!", but never save them D: I didn't thought I might be tagged :stare: But I'll definitely do this, even if I don't post much here :aww:
Haha, it was interesting to discover that I'm just in a third wave (or link) of this tag journal, so quick... feeling honoured to be tagged... by dA royalty =P (Razz)  haha idk why I recollected that :XD: