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Once Upon A Time by LightSculpting
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Kiki's Delivery Service by wlop
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Warhammer Quest cover art by DiegoGisbertLlorensHerre Pa Taeppan by DaXXe
Morrowind abode by TheMinttuPoetries I by leoatelier
Afterburners On by 1pen
<da:thumb id="551605511"/>     <da:thumb id="551585805"/>     UntitledI wish that my mom would have warned me...
That the world is a scary place...
That you will never know what is behind the smiling mask, the tear-stained face and broken limbs...
So sleep tight my little lamb...
And dream of the monster that hides beneath your bed...
For surely it is preferable to the horrors that lurk within a man's heart.

<da:thumb id="551608385"/>     cosmos in my eyelidswe were always a cosmic drama,
showings of our potential 
having never reached heights
that we both secretly dreamed of.
so holding this satellite
in my hands for the first time,
is alien and evident.
unreal and heavenly.
discovery of a new world,
i have fallen face first
into a universe that is foreign,
but something i'm already
acquainted with.
astral traveling is a road trip
of patience and vision,
enlightenment eclipsing my sight
with dreams that
dance on the other side
of my eyelids.
and her silhouette
has always been a cursive
foreshadowing of this,
even if i was blind to it.
i have not stumbled upon
a new planet,
but i have spilled my spirit
into a uniquely melting galaxy
at the hands of this--
a nebula that paints itself
all over my features
every time i feel her.
glowing like moonbeams.

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Thank you so much!:blackrose: