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Poem: Inches and ContinentsI was almost hit by a car the other day.
If you'd taken one more step,
you'd have been squashed by a bus.
We told each other and we laughed,
but I can't stop going back to it.
I can't lose you before I even get to hold you.
Readers, unless you've been in a long-
distance. You don't get it. I'm sorry,
you don't.
Long distance is the most difficult thing.
Being so far away is so painful...
it's almost physical.
All I can think about right now is
holding hands
dancing around the kitchen...
and looking like fools
falling asleep together.
All I can think about right now is
instead of
     dear diaryi. dear diary,
      there is a girl who doesn't love herself.
      there is a girl who looks into the mirror with a broken heart.
      there is a girl who sees nothing but the worst.
ii. dear diary,
      tell me why it is not one girl, but many.
      tell me why there is an absolute definition of perfect.
      tell me why they will never think they're good enough.
iii. dear diary,
      to the girl in the mirror,
      every scar holds a story.
      to the girl in the mirror,
      every flaw does not define you.
      to the girl in the mirror,
      every part of you holds beauty.
Sugar WaltzOnly one flower was the colour red,
so we put a white ribbon on it,
Blue were the raindrops,
one and two,
my umbrella was yellow as I fell into you,
like the light of the city
reflected in your eyes.
Let's dance this sugary waltz,
hand in hand,
shoulder to shoulder,
under this sky,
a sugary waltz but no sweet kisses,
you see.
A faint scent of coffee,
and sparkling tears fall,
a sugary waltz but no kisses
from me.
Disjointed doppler from my mind,
swirling vid' clips behind eyes seeking
to connect with fatherless sounds long ago;
are any of them mine, or orphaned dreams.
The haunting cacophony of voices I hear
from all directions, like thunder calling my name;
endless rain touching my soul as it starts to unfold,
seeing no peace for as long as it needs to be told:
'Put out your cigarette.'
'Get out of the car!'
'Get down!'
'Please, get off me.
I can't breathe... I can't breathe...'
'Hands up!'
'Don't shoot!'
'They were so nice to me.
I almost changed my mind.'
'We forgive him.'
     Girls Don't Need Knights in Shining ArmorI step carefully, tip toeing with my words.
As I stand on the crevice,
Of just how much,
Could be worse.
As you explain to me,
From your vaulted position,
Atop a white horse,
In a deep and lofty voice,
Just how good I have it.
          live with
                         the results.
I am forced to crane my neck,
To look up at you, from my position.
As I stand here, barefoot on the ground.
You are fully armored,
Impervious to all opposition,
And armed to the teeth.
Secure in your position well above me.
I stand before you, empty-handed,
With nothing but the clothes on my back.
The only armor I have is this thick lace dress.
I have no horse to charge my enemies with,
Let alone a weapon to take strength in.

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