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Here is another rare personal journal :squee: Unfortunately, it's a sad and painful one.

BOYS/MEN – IGNORE THIS, THIS IS NOT MEANT FOR YOU. Also, you may encounter terms you may not understand and discussions about pains that you will not physically be able to experience since you ain't got no ovaries and uterus and stuff. So go away!

This is also not meant for women happy with their menstrual cycle (whom I currently happen to envy a lot).


To keep this as short and as less embarrassing as possible, I will begin by saying that I seek your personal opinion and experience, not scientific facts and/or medical advice (fed up with those and already talked about this with my gynecologist). I suffer from primary dysmenorrhea and I have a micropolycystic ovary. I am currently using NuvaRing since it is the safest, friendliest method for my body.

BUT - the time when I can't cope with the dysmenorrhea anymore came (symptoms got worse in the last year) and I want to ask you a few questions regarding the best birth control method that helped you deal with it + complementary medication. I'm sure that if you suffer from this horrible, painful medical condition you will understand why I seek advice and opinions from other persons, despite the fact that I am a med student and have lots of professional sources of info.

What birth control method helped you? (I recently started considering a long term bc method, like having an implant done - I am not bothered by the possibility of developing amenorrhea as long as I get rid of the symptoms – yes, I'm that desperate).


I really hope you'll be able to help.
Also, i hope this journal won't make the men that read it (despite my warning) to stare at their screens for hours while trying to picture stuff happening.

Have a nice day/evening :huggle:

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I'm so sorry to hear you're going through this. I loved my IUD when I had one. Sure there is always the risk of puncture or it moving around and getting lost, but the fact is for me it was five years of relief. Amazing relief. Little to no discomfort, no side effects, no weight gain, no mood swings, little to no period, and nothing to really think about. Every now and you check the string. After years of trouble with my cycle and years of devastating trouble with birth control, my IUD was a gift. Sure they can come out, but that's usually in the first month or so and as along as you go in a couple more times in the beginning for the gyn to check or learn to check the length of the string yourself, there's not much to worry about. The odds are really unlikely that it'll puncture or go here or there. And this is coming from me, someone who was struck by lightning. Even I who knows what it's like to be one-in-a-million, I still trusted and went with an IUD. You sound like someone already in tune with your body which means if anything is up you'll probably have good instincts to know and to get it checked and resolved before any real damage can occur. Does it hurt? Not really. A little wonky achy the first week then you really can't tell. Learn to check the string yourself or go in every now and then if you're really concerned about it moving. :heart: