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Yesterday, January 20th 2014, was a sad day for us, the med students from Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, and for Romania, in general.

A small plane with a transplant medical team of 4 doctors and a student on board left Bucharest to go to Oradea, where they were supposed to collect the liver of a brain dead patient. For the receiver - a woman with malignant hepatic tumors, this were the great news she was expecting in order to get rid of the cancer.

Unfortunately, as it happens sometimes, one of the plane's engines defected and the pilot, Adrian Iovan, and his copilot did everything they could to make the forced landing in the mountains they were crossing as smooth as possible through the heavy fog. They succeeded and after the crash everyone was alive! One of the doctors in the plane phoned 112 (the Romanian 911) and told the operators what happened. He used Google maps to send them the approximate location, then he went on caring for the injured.

But... it took the "specialized" teams more than 6 hours to find them. And they didn't even do it, the ones who did were the simple, untrained but big hearted people of the nearby village, who went on search after hearing the news. When the specialized people arrived at the place, led by the villagers, the pilot, who did his best to save them all, was found dead. His last words were, as the witnesses say: "Albert (his 7 y/o son), i love you!" The doctor who phoned the emergency services told people that Iovan was conscious for about two hours after the crash, but it was nothing he could do for him - he was incarcerated (and probably had internal bleeding + hypothermia; the official cause of death is not known yet). He tried taking care of the others, as he was the least affected of them all. He succeeded, mostly, but there was nothing he could do for a colleague of mine, a dedicated 5th year med student, who was volunteering on that mission. She had multiple fractures, was mostly unconscious after the crash, but all in all, what really killed her was hypothermia, installed many hours after the crash. She was found with tears frozen on her cheeks. Just imagine what was going through her mind in her last, long, cold hours...

Here's what washingtonpost has to say about the tragedy and let me correct some facts: they were found after 6 hours, the pilot was already dead, the student was in cardio-respiratory stop when they found her, therefore dead as well, and the plane had engine problems, that combined with the heavy fog made a forced landing neccessary.

The police had the required equipment to find them quickly, but they didn't use since it's intended for "catching criminals". So, it's ok to let a team of highly trained doctors to die just because they didn't happen to be criminals. It's outraging. But i don't want to complain more about the gross incompetence, what's done is done. Instead i would like to pay my respects to the brave pilot who managed a difficult landing and to my colleague,  who had a bright future ahead of her.

Two people who went on a humanitarian mission to save one's life died yesterday. I can't help but feeling that if they were found in time they would still be alive. RIP Adrian Iovan and Aurelia Ion, my thoughts and prayers are with your families :blackrose:


January 23rd: Here are updates from washingtonpost, with the obvious correction that they found them after 6, not 4 ½ hours.

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Minunat articol, Cristina.:heart:
Este foarte trist ce se intampla si este mare pacat ca putem gasii acul in carul cu fan, dar nu putem salva niste vieti pretioase.:(
Dumnezeu sa-i ierte!:(