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This journal will contain 5 features dedicated to some really special persons here on dA (random order), plus what happened to me this week.
On Tuesday something awkard and scarry happened to me; as i sat on my chair in front of my desktop, for a second i felt an enormous flash of pain, like i was stabbed in the head. As i said, it didn't last long, but i swear this was the most intense pain i ever felt in my life. I felt i was going to pass out. Fortunately i didn't. Unfortunately, after this pain my right part of the face and where i had the spike remained slightly numbed. Shortly after, the numbness expanded around my left eye and cheek bone too.
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I started to panic after 5 minutes because the numbness didn't go away. After running around the house with the worst thoughts in my head i finally decided it's not up to me and i should get some sleep, strongly believing that all was gonna be ok the next day. As i woke up i realised nothing changed.
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The princess of ice by Mariska1974 :thumb170587858: Only memories by Mariska1974
I got to University to my first class (on the way there i felt i was going to pass out). After consulting with my boyfriend we decided to go to the hospital (it took us 2 minutes to get there since it's just a few meters away from my Uni). I was pleased with the way i was treated having my white coat on (it really makes a difference).
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Two Words Means Nothing by sesam-is-open I HOPE YOU DANCE by sesam-is-open Autumn Melody by sesam-is-open
After i was examined i was diagnosed with paresthesia in the right hemiface and i was recommended to have a cerebral MRI to see for sure what's wrong. That really scared the living shit out of me because all i could think of was that if i needed brain surgery (in case my MRI results looked like shit) i was going to lose my year at University due to the long recovery time needed after these kind of surgeries.
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Later that day i managed to have my MRI done and today i got my results back. So far i consulted two imagists: one said it looked fine, the other that i have sinusitis. I must say i am not happy with these interpretations since my numbness persists and ocasionally i have sharp pains in the area where i first had problems.
Next week i will be consulting neurologists and neurosurgeons because i want to be sure it's really nothing strange going on in and with my head. At the moment my face feels the same; earlier today i thought it's getting better, but as it came out later it didn't.
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So this is my story for this week. I hope the rest of you guys are fine. Enjoy the features and go show the artists your love, they well deserve it! :huggle:

Edit July 2012: The numbness is gone most of the time, but it still comes back when i'm really tired or after i stay in cold. As for the flashes of pain, i still have them for no reason at least once a week.

Edit October 2013: The numbness is 99% of the time gone (i still feel it in the cold, but not so intense as it felt one year ago); i still experience flash pains once every two months (approx).

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Draga Cristina,
Aceste vesti nu sunt tocmai imbucuratoare si imi pare foarte rau sa aud ca treci prin asemenea suferinte si traume la o varsta atat de frageda.:(
In schimb sunt absolut convinsa ca nu este nimic grav.:tighthug:
Daca ai fost diagnoticata cu sinuzita, trebuie sa sti ca sunt cazuri cand din cauza curentului, avand aceasta boala, poti face pareze temporare ale fetei.
Cum timpul a fost foarte inselator in aceasta perioada, sunt absolut convinsa ca asta este.:tighthug:
Oricum astept vesti si sper ca deja te simti mai bine.:heart:
Iti multumesc pentru frumoasele aprecieri si pentru aceasta superba promovare.:icondarkmarek: