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About me

Who are you, Lintu47?
I'm Cristina and I've been a member here since December 2006.

Wait, I thought the correct spelling was Christina?
Nope :stare: Maybe where you live it is, but that's not my case.

Did you know that "lintu" means "bird" in Finnish?
Yes, I did long before I joined dA.

What does your username "Lintu47" stand for?
My username is inspired by a combination of three things, but I'd like to keep that to myself : )

Did you ever thought about changing your username?
I considered it at some point and I thought about picking something that would suit me better in the sense that it would sound more professional and less random, but I didn't change it because I have so many memories with "Lintu47", it's my online identity.

Why do you have so many cat pictures in your gallery?
I just like cats, and I think that is because I grew up with many, many animals around me. I always had in the house and yard at least 8 cats, 7 dogs (my grandfather used to save every kitten and pup he found, and I'm so much like him), cows, horses, pigs, birds etc.

How many cats do you have?
Despite what my gallery might have led you to believe, I only have two cats.

Lady cat was born in March 2005, I've had her since she was a kitten and she's still going strong now!

My lady by Lintu47 My cat by Lintu47

As for Luna, she was born in February 2017 and I've had her since she was two.

Luna by Lintu47

How are you in real life?
Pretty much the same, perhaps more awkward since I'm an introvert with limited social skills, limited need for social interaction and a screwed up sense of humor.

Do you have accounts on other (social) sites?
Yes, I do:
Twitter, Tumblr, flickr, Instagram, ello, Vine, lintu47 on Snapchat, but I don't really use any of them except for the occasional tweet.

If you find a lintu47 on other social networks I didn't list above, know that it isn't me.

Can we be friends? Can I have your Yahoo/Skype/etc?
Please don't ask for more personal information than I'm willing to freely give out, especially if we don't really know each other, it's creepy. If you wish to talk to me, send me a note or a comment, I always reply with pleasure. If you wish to stalk me, use one of the sites above :eyes:

FWI, that lintu47 on Skype? That's not me, I don't know if someone's trying to impersonate me or if they had that username long before I even made this account on dA and it's pure coincidence, but I can assure you I'm not the owner of that account.

How old are you?
Old enough to have experienced the highs and lows of life, yet young enough to still have a lot more to discover!

What are your favorite ice cream and cake flavor?
For ice cream I guess I'd have to choose between butterscotch, vanilla and strawberry. I love light cakes with lemon cream, mint or fresh forest fruits. Less diabetes for me!

Do you watch YouTube?
Yes, on a daily basis. Basically, as long as my laptop/TV is open and I have an internet connection, there's always a YT video running in the background.

About dA

What do you want and why are you here?
I am "Miss Queen of Love and Cats & Love of Cats", as Carmalain7 perfectly put it. My goal is to spread positivity in however way I can. I used to do regular features, interviews, polls, comments, group activities and community projects, but in the past years I haven't been around the site. However, my wish is still to inspire others to support their fellow deviants :thumbsup:

Who is your favorite deviant?
I don't have a favorite deviant, I have many friends whom I admire and feel lucky I came across and I could never choose just one. My favorites are those who are community oriented, people who know how to give and receive and are always there for those in need of help. Selfless and kind people, to put it shortly.

As for being a regular member, beta tester, senior etc, that status doesn't define a person, so I don't really care about it. comments.deviantart.com/1/3347…

Why did you put my work in a poll competition?
First of all, the polls I make are NOT about who's the best, therefore there is no competition; they're about offering you yet another chance to get your work discovered by my watchers and profile visitors, giving you and your artwork a bit more exposure. If you wish, I can remove your work from the poll, but as is true for any interaction with me, don't be a dick about it, I don't tolerate rude language.

Can I post your artwork on my website or on my profile?
Absolutely not unless I state otherwise in the work's description or I give you my written consent.

Can I reference your work instead?
Yes, as long as you link back to my original and inform me when you post yours since I'm always eager to see your take on my work and show my support!

Why do you persist in hiding your replies on your artworks and journals?
I do so because seeing my replies with "It's my pleasure" or "Thank you, you're very kind" won't help you in making an opinion about me or about my work. Plus, I like keeping things as simple and clean as possible. Still, if I feel an answer may be relevant for others, I will keep the reply visible.

Why do you feature so many works that contain nudity?
I don't have a problem with mature content as long as it's tasteful, because I don't have inhibitions or preconceived ideas - art is beautiful regardless if it's nude or not. And I love the human body - it's miraculous, complicated and deserves a lot more respect and admiration than many of us show towards it.

Can I suggest artists and/or groups for your features?
Yes, you can, just note me (no self suggestions please) - Not available at the moment

Can you feature my contest winners?
I'd love to, just send me a note!

How do you find the time to juggle real life and be on dA so much?
I do several things simultaneously - Eeh not true anymore.

What do you mean when you say on your profile that "I'm deviant no. 3 715 438"?
It means that I was the 3 715 438th deviant to join the site (now there are so many more, it's insane).

How do I find out my usernumber?
Instead of explaining myself, take a look here Your Usernumber -dA v5- by Rubycored, this is how I found out too.

Why do I see you commenting on every DD?
I like to let people know that I'm happy for them; a kind comment from a stranger is always a nice surprise even if it's a not an extensive constructive comment.

Andorada "There are days when the flow is stuck, then comes Cristina, and after that the messages just take off, and with them the faves flow. [...] This feature is meant to promote, and sometimes a bad comment or the lack of comments creates a void of response! And you are just wiping it out when you pass by!"

Yamio: "I see you on every DD ahaha, makes me so happy somebody cares so much *A* Keep it up ♥".

BloodAngel15: your like the nicest person ever on deviant ART i mean i see little kitteh with the awesome mustache every where! your so amazing

133eevee133: Hello! ^-^ I notice that every DD i click on, you have a comment ^-^ Very kind of you

MARX77: You know, I really admire your taking the time and congratulating every deviation that has been awarded a DD.
It's really very nice of you. Props to you for doing that! :thumbsup:

Autobotgirl2: Hey, I've noticed you comment on almost all of the DDs and I just wanted to say that's very cool of you to take the time out of your day to comment and wish them a congrats. :)

Nyanfood: (...) I've been seeing DD messages from you as far back as I remember, and seeing you on my friends' DD's comments. :la:
It makes me think I ought to pay my respects at your shrine at some point, since you're like a little god of good tidings. XD

Of course, people don't always see it this way and here is a good example with more detailed reasons for doing what I do.

Are you a bot?
Lolz no :stare: If there's anything I could be instead of a human I'd rather be a large feline instead of a spamming program. So no, I'm not a bot.

What group experience do you have?
I compiled a list to keep track of it, but my current activity is non-existent because I need to focus more on life outside of this site

Past activity
Co-founder in AllArtSupport | Creation-Inspiration | Desire-for-Art
RO-Young-Artists | TalentPur-Romanesc | dAPN
Contributor in young-photo-club | DA-Revolution | That-Feeling | WorldWideArtScouts | FeatureChallenge | deviantARTcommunity | Sense-Create-lnspire | DesignnHQ
Co-founder, Community Week Leader in projecteducate
`Over the Hill in seniormentors
Feature Admin in PhotographersClub
Contributor in ArtHistoryProject
Knight in Water-And-Nature-Art
Folder Expert in All-Art-Wanted
Sub-editor in The-PS-Magazine
devNEWS Writer in DevNews
Moderator in devPREMIUM
The Team in deviant365
Manager in Genuine-ART
Operator in europeans
`Stache in dAseniors

Current activity
None, real life got really busy.

Can you give me points?
Please don't ask/beg for points, and most importantly, don't do it in a rude manner :stare: If I can help you in any way, I will, but I will surely not give you points just because you asked.

As I always say in my replies, I don't have as many points as you may think by looking at my donation pool (I gave many of them away as prizes for my contest) and I am currently raising more for future contests. Therefore, my advice for those who want points is to enter contests, do commissions or try their luck on giveaways (which I do not approve of by the way).

Why don't you like giveaways?
I absolutely hate giveaways because they're only meant to gain popularity in exchange for a tiny amount of points - I am talking of course of those "giveaways" which include these rules: "watch me, fave this journal, for more chances make a poll about this journal/donate this amount of points, etc"; it's a cheap way to get attention when you're not really good at anything else, be it art or community work. I don't have anything against the truly free giveaways which are not meant to bring popularity to the host.

Watch me?
I don't do watch for watch, although I am very grateful if you watch me. It goes just the same as asking for points. I already watch too many people and pretty often I feel guilty because I am not able to comment on their journals/articles/deviations, so please don't ask for this. I hope you understand.

Can you give me a shoutout?
I understand your frustration of not getting noticed because I was once a newcomer too, but don't get obsessed with numbers. It's better to have only a handful of active watchers who interact with you rather than a bunch of inactive ones. Unfortunately, I can't give you a shoutout because I was asked before and I declined as well - if I make an exception for one person then I'll have to do it all the time.
Join groups of your interest, they help a lot!

Do you use the app?
No, since I can't even log in.

Why is your avatar a cat with a crown?
I like cats and the crown celebrates the Deviousness Award I received in March 2013. I think it looks very cute!

Your avatar is so cute, who made it?
The avatar I was using - r0se-designs
and Deviousness Award Crown - r0se-designs and customized by WhenPigsFry
Many thanks for letting me use them :heart:

Can I use your avatar?
Not the custom ones, but you can take a look in r0se-designs' gallery and pick something you like, including the pink kitty without the crown/mustache. She has lots of cute free avatars! :la:

Feel free to ask me anything as long as it's decent :stare:
I'm kidding, you can ask anything :eyes:

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