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    Aka "How i lost my engagement ring" :iconimhappyplz: :iconfacepalmplz:

    There's no way i could make this not sound like my fault, so i will just write it down hoping you'll learn something from this. Just read :stare:

    Last Friday i went out of the city with Vlad and my parents at the countryside apartment where i used to live before i started high school. The next day we were going to leave for a trip to Transfagarasan and Transalpina (look them up on Google, they're amazing places/roads to see if you ever visit Romania) so we all needed a good, long sleep. I decided to sleep in the living room since it was cooler than in my old bedroom (i can't fall asleep if it's over 25 C degrees, and even if i do i just move around all night and wake up more tired than i was when i went to bed). As i said on other occasions, there are a lot of stray dogs there and, as it happens every single time i visit, the f*ckers start to howl and growl and  bark like they're possessed right in front of my living room (at around 12AM, just when we all went to sleep). So i just sit in my bed, waiting and hoping that they would stop so i could get some rest. Obviously, they didn't because... why would they? I think i just sat there for half an hour before i finally snapped and got out the balcony to whistle and shout at them so they would go away. I went outside and it had no effect, they were ignoring me because they were busy "communicating" with other dogs across the street so the next best thing i could do was to throw something at them - and this is where the real fun started.

    Now, there's two things i want you to know before i continue:
1) I lost weight over the past few months, so the ring that fit perfectly when i got engaged gradually started to slip off my finger to the point that now i can very easily take it off (if i shake my hand a few times it falls, but it fits perfectly on my middle and index fingers).
2) On the balcony there are a lot of flower pots of various shapes and sizes - my mom loves having lots of flowers, especially during summer.

    Being enraged by the crazy creatures, i started searching for something to throw in the pot that was closest to me and after a few seconds i found a small boulder which i firmly grabbed and threw in the dog's direction. Then, a split second after i opened my fist to release the peace bringing boulder, i felt the ring gently slipping off my finger and i could only imagine my face was all like Gollum's when he too lost the ring. What a precious thing to remember! ... *small pause for dramatic effect*... I realized right away that i had to go down to look for the ring cause there was no way in hell i would lose my precious over some f*cking dogs. I went back inside and told Vlad "I made a booboo. I lost the ring, it fell when i was throwing dirt at dogs. I'm going down to get it back" - there were the exact words. He said "Oh... no!". I took my phone, some slippers and went outside in my PJs.

    Imagine looking for a slim ring in an area perhaps three times bigger than the one in the photo, with taller weeds, in almost complete darkness (i used a torch app to make some light) at 12:30AM.

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    I was so pissed about the situation but not one second i thought it was really happening. It was like playing games as a kid when my friend used to hide a toy and make me find it; i knew it was hidden, but not lost and after a while when i got bored i used to say "okay now i can't find it, give it back" and poof, i would have my toy back. Only that now there was no one to give me what i was supposed to find on my own. Luckily for me, although i despise those strays, i don't fear them, so i could start the search. I started from right below my balcony and i dug through the wet/cold grass/weeds until i got to the ground. Nothing there. A few minutes later i found a frog, not what i was looking for, but a sign that stuff can be found. It hopped away pretty fast and didn't return than night. Fast forward 30 minutes after i covered all the area i thought the ring could be in and i was being followed by a small cloud of mosquitos and other small flying things. I started to get anxious. What if i am never going to find it? How devastating that would be for me and Vlad? How bad would it be for me, thinking i can't even take care of small things like this?

    Meanwhile, Vlad found a lantern and offered to come down to help. It didn't last long because he is petrified of dogs and since it's natural to have at least one in 3 to 5 meters distance from you i ended up in a few minutes looking after Vlad, rather than looking after the ring. I rushed him back inside as he was of no help. He got on the balcony and decided to look for the ring too. Looking back, it must've been a funny scene - me, already desperate and silently crying like a baby and cursing the dogs and the priest who lives above (i talked about it in a past post, there's no reason to condemn me), frantically looking for the ring for a second time, and Vlad, who was pointing the lantern from the balcony in random places and occasionally asking if i looked there too.

    Fast forward another 30 minutes, when i had to get inside to wash my face a bit, leave my dying phone and take Vlad's lantern which was so bad it made almost no difference in the dark. I kept searching in detail the whole area for a third time and honestly i was about to give up and search again in the morning; screw the trip, my parents could have a great time on their own too! There'd be plenty of chances to visit those places, but only one to find the ring... I already kinda made peace with the fact that i'd have to buy a new one myself since it was my fault entirely. But, as my luck has it i decided to give it another go for the night and search again the first 16m2 that were closer to my balcony. And as i started pulling out the weeds thinking this way it would be easier to search in the morning, i see a little glimmer on my left, at the base of one tall weed. As i kept getting the light closer i could see it clearly: the ring was right beside the stem, sitting up like it did in the box, with the little rock aligned perfectly at the top. I wish i could tell you i was happy, that i was overjoyed but in fact all i felt was relief that it all ended and i could go wash my hands and get some sleep.

    I took it, got up and went inside. Vlad wasn't sleeping but he gave up the balcony search so he wasn't aware that i was coming. When he heard the door closing he quickly came to me and i just showed him my hand, which by now had the ring back on. He smiled and kissed me and i think we both said something but i can't remember what. I went to the bathroom, washed my hands, my face (i looked terrible with my red eyes and runny nose) and my ring and went to the living room. I remember looking at the clock (02:07AM) and then i heard one mosquito flying past me. I looked on the walls and there were at least four more. Turns out that when Vlad got out the balcony to search, he didn't close the insect door and so, for more than one hour, a bunch of mosquitos and perhaps other flying bugs got in. My exact reaction: :iconkiddingmeplz: We ended up sleeping in my old bedroom, which is ironic, since not wanting to sleep there started the whole story in the first place.

    Fast forward to the next day while we were at Balea Lac (another beautiful place you should visit if you have the chance). I was looking at some lovely rocks and contemplating whether i should buy one or not (as i kid i had a big collection of beautiful and interesting rocks) and jokingly asked Vlad if he'd buy me one... at which he replied with: "I already bought you one and you threw it away last night. So no". Well played sir, well played, hahahahaha :stare:

    So there's that. In the near future i'll go to have my ring resized. There's three morals here:
1) Be patient, no matter how watery your eyes are or how bugging the mosquito cloud gets.
2) Don't wait until you lose your ring to figure out that you need to resize it and
3) For the sake of your mental health, don't lose any ring. Period.

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I am glad that you found it- I would probably gave up after a three minutes of search Stare 
And have ring resized asap Wink/Razz Heart