Community Week February 3rd - 9th

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Hello everyone :wave:

Welcome to our first Community Week of 2014! Be ready to read new informative articles starting today, February 3rd until February 9th!

Welcome to a new Community Week! :la:
For those of you that may not know yet, a Community Week is a chance for everyone in the community to bring to light their favourite subject, art, project or any other topic that you consider important but may get overlooked otherways. If you're interested in participating in the next Community Weeks, please send your idea(s) to projecteducate by note :note: with this title "Community Week Summary". For more details, have a look at this blog.

Monday February 3rd

Morning: Introduction blog by Lintu47
Afternoon: Dealing with Rejections by kareynomer

Tuesday February 4th

Morning: Defining and Refining with Genre by brietta-a-m-f
Afternoon: Wire-wrapping by Riemea

Wednesday February 5th

Morning: Creating Secure but Easy to Remember Passwords by iAmAneleBiscarra
Afternoon: Edited vs Unedited Photos by ElyneNoir

Thursday February 6th

Morning: Discovering New Art by Astrikos
Afternoon: Polymer Clay Brands by Nameda

Friday February 7th

Morning: 5 reasons to love your job by jane-beata
Afternoon: An Introduction to fine Metalworking by Aryiea

Saturday February 8th

Morning: How to Advertise Commissions by SimplySilent
Afternoon: Setting Up Commissions by iDJPanda

Sunday February 9th

Morning: Allegory Writing: The Art of Philosophers by aillin1
Afternoon: Wrap up blog by miontre

Have fun reading these articles and don't forget, if you're interested in contributing, we're inviting you to read this blog. We would love to have you on our team! :dalove:

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