Bittersweet comeback

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I don't really know how to start this journal...
I've been missing since February 24th until July 10th - that's about 4 and a half months.
I decided to go because the joy of being here turned into stress - that i have this and that to do by x days. This plus what happened irl overwhelmed me. I didn't want to start having negative feelings towards dA, and so i decided to shut it off for as long it took me to recover.

I know i missed some of your guy's birthdays and other achievements, i'm sorry but:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY and CONGRATULATION on your achievements! :hug:

I want to thank my friends who did not forget me and worried about me - i'm sorry :hug:
I don't know what will become of my unposted interviews - any suggestions? I was thinking i could post them in a different form. I don't like not ending a project i started.

In other news, due to medication, i got chubby, which meant i could finally donate blood. And i did. The nurses walked around me like i was carrying the Holy Grail in my veins - which in medical terms, comes pretty close to that having in mind the fact that i have the rarest combination on Earth (only 15%  of people have a negative Rh, while only 1% have AB Rh-). And i registered as a bone marrow/stem cells donator as well. While i hope it won't be needed, i hope that it will help. It's bittersweet.

That's about it for now - What important things did i miss?
Have a great day! :hug:

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It was hard for me too - to write a new journal and start a new project :noes: