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As i already said in the original journal, in the event that no one guesses all the 5 lies, there will be 5 winners selected via random.org; therefore instead of presenting you the big winner, i will show you the five ones that were lucky. And guess what? As per usual, no one guessed correctly :iconkiddingmeplz: Also, given how horribly unpopular this was until GeorgeXVII and Ero-Haru spread the word about it (10 participants in 3 weeks), I think I'll end this challenge series here. Here are the false facts:

4 8 16 19 23

The winners of the raffle are: SoarinDash889 TheGalleryOfEve SheepiAnna Bm0321 aya-sara
Proof of the drawing here: Random.org by Lintu47. Each won 20 points :points: Congrats and thanks to everyone for taking part in this game!


  1.  Every now and then I get weird crushes on people and all I want to do is feed and pet them, just like cats!
    True: Don't judge, okay? It's happened twice in the past year and it's more like "Aww I wish he was my kid so I could take proper care of him" rather than "Look how hot he is, I want him now!". Did I just kid-zoned those guys? Did this term even exist before or did I just start a whole new zoning level? :rofl:
  2.  I love fluffy stuff.
    True: Just like my cat! Recently I fell in love with a (fake) fur blanket which was so fluffy that if I had it I swear I wouldn't get out of bed anymore. Never. But it was around $200 so I guess I'll just keep dreaming about it. Screw you, Zara Home, you are way too expensive!

  3.  I want to get a tattoo.
    True: I do, I want a small one on the rib cage. Still didn't decide what will it be though since that personal journal I talked about it.

  4.  I just bought a new laptop.
    False: No, I have other plans with my money for the moment, but I sure need a new one. This piece of junk I have now freezes over 10 times per day, every day, so you can imagine how frustrating it is to try and do anything on it. It froze 9 times up until this very moment that I'm writing this sentence and who knows how many times it will afterwards.

  5.  I recently discovered the hardships of choosing drapes and curtains.
    True: There is little joy in the process of moving into a new place. Sure, you imagine it'll be lovely to choose this and that, and place that thing over there and so on, but it's really just fantasy. When you are faced with so many choices and possibilities, decisions must be based on thorough research which takes up a lot of time and it's actually very stressful.

  6.  My true and only addiction is the dreaded lip balm.
    True: I started using it many years ago during winter time because my lips were very dry and split but when spring came and I stopped using the balm, my lips became a mess in just a matter of hours! And now, after who knows how many years (I really can't remember how long it's been, prolly around 8-10 years), it's still the same. I simply can't stop using it without getting very dry and split lips. If anyone knows a way out of this, please help!

  7.  I currently have my TV connected to my laptop and a YouTube video is running in the background.
    True: As long as my laptop is on, there's always something from YouTube running in the background. It is known! (thumbs up for whoever gets that reference)

  8.  It's three days left until I will have a second cat.
    False: No, I said I'm considering this for when I will live in my new place and since that didn't happen yet because of the AC issue I talked about in my last personal journal, it means there's no baby cat on the way either. But I get to cuddle with little Spartacus (which my friend actually named Decebal :stare:) every weekend, which is pretty great! :love:

  9.  I really want to get contact lenses instead of glasses.
    True: Yes, they would be really handy at times, especially when driving, but I wouldn't wear them all the time. At home I would prefer my glasses, but at work and on  social occasions I really think contacts would be better. I wouldn't have to worry all the time about not dropping/losing/leaving fingerprints on them.

  10.  I contemplate on starting a YouTube channel.
    True: Get over the fact that I have no equipment, skills or knowledge, I want a YouTube channel! :eager: I refer to it as my mid-twenties crisis (which hasn't gone away since my last journal).

  11.  I went to a community pool many years ago and I got sick.
    True: If you remember, I talked about how I don't like community pools because of how many diseases you can get from them in one of the last challenges. Well, it all started when I was a kid and I got sick for two weeks after going to one of these damned things! And my friend was as sick as I was, so it wasn't a coincidence.

  12.  I don't know how to use Tumblr.
    True: Sharing stuff from dA on Tumblr doesn't count. It doesn't help that I don't ever use it either. It's the same with Twitter :(

  13.  I had a haircut and now my hair isn't Ombre anymore, just its natural black.
    True: I'm in that bob haircut phase again, although I initially went for a longer pixie cut, but the hairstylist said she wouldn't do the haircut that I wanted. It was something like this: "I want this one" *I show a beautiful, detailed picture on my phone which took ages to find* - "No, I don't do that. I will do a bob instead" - "... Okay :iconokayguyplz:". It really took me by surprise and I didn't protest. It's a good thing the bob looks good on me otherwise I would've gotten up and left without paying.

  14.  I once draw a picture of my University experience for a journal and it looked terrible.
    True: It was for Updates on personal life #6. Although it looks horrendous, it is a true depiction of what Med School was for me and it's a reminder of why I'm not posting drawings on dA :laughing:

  15.  I would really love to have pink hair.
    True: But I can't because I'm supposed to look like a respectable and serious cliché person. Although I could maybe get away with it, saying it's to seem friendlier to the kiddies? :giggle:

  16.  My Skype id is lintu47.
    False: As I said in my FAQ, there is a lintu47 on Skype but that's not me. I don't know if someone's trying to impersonate me or if they had that username long before I even made this account on dA and it's just pure coincidence, but I can assure you that when I created my Skype account that username was already taken.

  17.  My little cousin and my father share the same birthday.
    True: Many years apart to be fair, but it's true! Also, I said little because she is the youngest of my cousins, but she is in fact starting college this fall. I remember when she was 3 years old and would grab my foot and won't let go. I had to walk around like that for years until I finally couldn't move anymore. I was just 7 years older so I definitely was no Wonder Woman, although  she seemed to think otherwise at the time. Now, as 90% of the females I know, she is bigger and taller than me :)

  18.  I sometimes miss being a student.
    True: You can't just wake up and decide not to go to work today because you're feeling lazy or it's storming outside and get away with it. Sure, I dreaded the exams, but otherwise, looking back, I had no real worries while in school. Now I'm stressed always all the time. Adult life sucks, but I keep telling myself that at least now I'm getting *some* money for doing stuff. 

  19.  I went to East European Comic Con this year.
    False: I truly wanted to but I didn't find anyone to go with. So maybe next year if my friends decide to stop sucking when it comes to Comic Con?

  20.  I work in a hospital.
    True: In a big one too! The biggest of its profile in the country and I'm really proud of it.

  21.  I eat lots of fruits in the summer.
    True: Cantaloupes, cherries, sour cherries, peaches, plums... There's days when I eat only fruits. But then again, there's days during the year when I eat just pizza, and that's not a fruit as far as I know  so I guess it's not that great as I make it sound. Best example: yesterday I ate only raspberries, today I ate only pizza. I don't have a balanced diet :(

  22.  I almost drowned right next to my father when I was a kid.
    True: I talked about it in About drowning journal. If you want more details on this you can just click the link and read the whole story.

  23.  I own a red car.
    False: There's two things wrong with that statement: the car I (occasionally) drive is white and it's also not legally owned by me. Actually, I don't have anything big or important on my name, mainly because up until a few months ago I couldn't afford buying anything. Don't get me wrong, I still can't afford to buy anything too important (like a car), but I think I own a fridge though? I'm not too sure, I bought a lot of stuff recently for the new place but whenever I can, I prefer to buy stuff with warranty on my father's name because I'm not too keen on getting it fixed when it breaks. I never said I want to be a fully responsible adult :giggle:

  24.  I would love to have a Game of Thrones themed mug.
    True: Not just a mug, but all sorts of merch! Board games, card games, hoodies, you name it. Kit Harrington, if he was for sale, too! Don't mind me, I'm just too deep into this amazing universe. GRRM, will you be my grandfather, please? :heart:

  25. I am attending a wedding in another country next year.
    True: Yay :| I'm not big on attending weddings and considering I'll have to go without a partner to another country (for the first time!) is a bit too much, but maybe it will turn out to be great for me. So, I'm half scared, half excited about it, but bring it on! :iconchallengeacceptedplz:

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Very nice reading, I liked a lot and I got 2 answers right...wrong? false? :lol: whatever!
It's nice to know a little more about you :nod: