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As i already said in the original journal, in the event that no one guesses all the 5 lies, there will be 5 winners selected via random.org; therefore instead of presenting you the big winner, i will show you the five ones that were lucky. And guess what? As per usual, no one guessed correctly :stare: Given the fact that there is no winner once again, i will post another "20 truths, 5 lies game" in the future, perhaps then someone will grab the main prize :stare: Here are the false facts:

4 9 10 24 25

The winners of the raffle are: TsunamiClan hallofaith LanaDelKing Quintaru SilverAce88 
Proof of the drawing here: Untitled by Lintu47. Each won 20 points :points: Congrats and thanks to everyone for taking part in this game!


  1.  It was snowing the day i was born.
    True: What could be more beautiful than a snowy April day? :stare: 
  2.  I often make a deep passion about a song and after the fever is gone i don't listen to it for months.
    True: From a long time ago this is how new songs work for me: i hear them, i like them, i put them, and only them, on repeat, and then i come to a point when i can't stand them. Same goes with food.

  3.  I like to watch various gameplay videos on YouTube.
    True: I watch several youtubers for their gameplays, it's quite relaxing and depending on the youtuber, it can also be funny. Most of the playthroughs/walkthroughs are of games that i can't play because my laptop can't support them.

  4.  I helped proofreading this article about some of the most hilarious Romanian expressions.
    False: Nope, i didn't have anything to do with it, although i have to admit it's funny. I've never really stopped to think how hilarious Romanian expressions sound to other people.

  5.  I have a middle name.
    True: I do, and i hate it.

  6.  My fiancé's name is Vladimir and he's only half Romanian.
    True: His grand-grandparents  came from Russia and up until his father their family kept marrying other Russians who fled from the war and found refuge here like they did, so although he doesn't know the language or has lived by their traditions, he is still theoretically half Russian - half Romanian.

  7.  I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that i live in an infinite universe.
    True: How can i not when all my life i've been living in well defined places with well defined units of measurements? All i've ever touched and came in contact with are finite. All i own is finite. I am finite. You get the point.

  8.  I would like to meet our new president, Mr. Klaus Werner Iohannis.
    True: He is a honest, rigorous man. I respect that.

  9.  The colour that represents me best is blue.
    False: I would have to say red is, not blue.

  10.  I don't like white gold.
    False: I like white gold, it's the yellow one that i don't like. Also pink, i don't like the pink one either.

  11.  I am terrified of talking in front of a crowd.
    True: It's one of my biggest fears and i think many of you can relate. My mouth gets dry, i tremble, my palms get sweaty and i feel hot. It's horrible.

  12.  Only one of my grandparents is still alive.
    True: My paternal grandfather died when i was only five, my paternal grandmother died last summer and my maternal one passed away this January. My maternal grandfather is the only one left, but i fear he won't last very long without his life partner.

  13.  I recently helped in organizing this year's National Congress for Students and Young Doctors, 18th edition.
    True: And i swear i won't do it again lol! Too much stress, too much trouble, too many, hm, people who can't read instructions properly.

  14.  I am sad when i think about how many amazing discoveries i'll miss because i cannot live forever.
    True: This is one of my biggest regrets, not because i can't live forever, but because i won't know what happens after i die. So many things i can't even think of will happen, so many amazing things will be discovered and i will be dirt, unconscious, ignorant dirt.

  15.  I fear anything involving something abnormal/bad happening to my teeth.
    True: This comes as no surprise  having in mind  my past experiences with dentists. I didn't have bad teeth problems, just horrible dentists.

  16.  My cat is part of my family and i treat her accordingly.
    True: I think all people should do the same and if they know they couldn't do it, then just don't have pets. Animals are living things, not objects, and they should be treated with respect and love, cared for like you would want to be looked after if you were in their place.

  17.  I often fantasized about myself being an actor when i was a teen.
    True: I liked pretending i was shot, for some weird reason. Loved those scenes because i thought it was hard to act like you're wounded when you aren't.

  18.  I would love to be able to draw/paint but i get frustrated because i envision this and i end up with this.
    True: It's the same with painting; i'd love to do them both, i just suck at it very badly.

  19.  I sometimes get very emotional when putting myself in other person's shoes.
    True: And it sucks so much at times because i realize how hard other people have it, and i'm just sitting here, complaining about my own life.

  20.  Someone i know is in a TV pharmacy commercial.
    True: She will be a great actress! She is a talented, beautiful young woman and if she continues her work she will go very far in life.

  21.  My cat loves fluffy blankets.
    True: This is a fact well known already by all people who have asked me about my cat :giggle: She is a lady and she loves fine things. My lap is first on her list, then come the fluffy blankets.

  22.  I do not like the way Gordon Ramsay talks (i don't mind the swears but i dislike his tone).
    True: I don't like the way he speaks, it's like he stops after every word he says. I hate that pause.

  23.  I am very punctual.
    True: I am and i get very mad when someone isn't, i think it's a lack of respect.

  24.  I hate the outdoors.
    False: I love nothing more than being outdoors. I grew up in the country side and spent all my days outside. I didn't watch tv, except for one hour show about nature and animals on Saturday and the Grendizer and Sailor Moon episodes.

  25.  I wear a lot of make-up.
    False: I do not, on a normal day i only wear mascara and a bit of foundation if there's a zit i need to cover, and that's it. On special occasions i wear proper makeup, but only then. I hate having to put it on, i don't have the patience nor the fabulous skills other girls posses. If i can't do wonders with my face, i'd rather won't persist cause i don't want to look like a clown.

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