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As i already said in the original journal, in the event that no one guesses all the 5 lies, there will be 5 winners selected via random.org; therefore instead of presenting you the big winner, i will show you the five ones that were lucky. Given the fact that no one was able to correctly guess all the five numbers, i will post another "20 truths, 5 lies game" in the future, perhaps then someone will grab the main prize :stare: Here are the false facts:

7 12 15 19 23

The winners of the raffle are: maracusha DMD-CT Himitsu-Sekai Shinya-Kougami Crayorable
Proof of the drawing here: sta.sh/0w0rwcmpqhx. Each won 20 points :points: Congrats and thanks to everyone for taking part in this game!


1. I took care of a young falcon for a couple of weeks.
True: I did, i found it near the entrance of my apartment building almost frozen and i took it in because the poor thing couldn't even move :( At that time i had no idea it was a falcon, i realized it when it felt well enough to stand up - and then i saw its majestic legs and big claws. I put it in my service bathroom and i fed it small chunks of meat and water. I kept it for two weeks until i felt it was strong enough to survive outside (it was a cold November). I still wonder from time to time if it's still alive.

2. I cannot stand to drink milk on its own, i have to mix it with something else because the simple taste of it makes me want to vomit.
True: Yuck is all i can say.

3. I have 2 ear rings in my right ear.
True: Yes, i was 14 and bored so i decided to add another earring in one of my ears. I chose the right one because it was more covered with hair than the left one and so my parents couldn't notice it right away :giggle:

4. I love Steve Irwin and his work.
True: Yes, he was a role model for me in regards of my relationship with animals. Although he passed away a long time ago his work is still alive through all the people he inspired to get involved with nature.

5. I attended two Rammstein concerts.
True: I did and i felt so happy i had this chance, it was on my bucket list to see them close. I was in the first row the second time i saw them and being there from 10 am so i can catch a first-row place for their evening concert was worth it.

Spot the wild Cristina!

6. I sometimes call my best friend odd names, like Jellyfish.
True: Well, i have been doing this thing since i've met her a long time ago so it really doesn't seem weird to me.

7. I am a religious person.
False: Erm, i'm not, i've never been one. I think religion doesn't make you a good person, if you are good, you are good and that's it, regardless of what your beliefs/non-beliefs are. I try to be a good, tolerant person, if i'm right or wrong about not believing i guess i'll find out when i die.

8. I had my hair dyed in a variety of colours: coral red, orange, blonde, mahogany and strong red.
True: Yes, i had these colours and i plan on having more because i love dying my hair :la: I am also planning on cutting my hair short (kinda like Jennifer Lawrence had it) but i am still thinking about it because i don't know what i'll want to look for my wedding.

9. I have a tiny dose of OCD.
True: I mean, who doesn't?

10. I don't like having my name misspelled by other people.
True: I think no one likes that, really :(

11. I love pancakes and pizza.
True: Once again, who doesn't? Mmmm, pizza... :drool:

12. I'm a Facebook addict.
False: No, i am not, i don't have any social site addiction and i feel bad for those who do.

13. I have mixed feelings about babies, i think they are adorable, but i am scared of them.
True: While i think they are cute from afar, i fear touching them. I mean, have you ever seen how small a baby is? How vulnerable? What if i drop the baby while holding him/her? Oh, the horror...

14. Finetti over Nutella.
True: Please don't kill me, Nutella lovers!

15. On an average meal i eat about 1/4 of a bread.
False: I don't eat bread unless i'm having food that cannot be eaten without it, like a sandwich.

16. My grandma made the best donuts.
True: She truly did and no matter how hard my mom or i tried, we could never achieve the greatness on my beloved grandma's donuts :(

17. I sometimes need pills to fall asleep.
True: This happens on those nights when i know how important it is to get a good long sleep and instead of that i keep thinking about random stuff. Then i get mad i can't fall asleep, i try to be zen but fail, look at the clock, realize that i have left less than 4 hours of sleep - so i just take a pill. Sometimes even that doesn't work.

18. I once helped operating on a rat for a medical study.
True: I was in my second year at uni and we needed to study the development of embryo's hearts. I felt really, really sorry for the rats (two females and their unborn babies), but we couldn't have conducted the study otherwise.

19. I like running on the beach.
False: Nope, i like barefoot walking on the beach. It's a big difference.

20. I had multiple episodes of depression over the years.
True: I had, but i'm over them. The important thing is not to lose hope, even in your darkest hour. If you ever go through this and need someone to talk to, i'm always here :hug:

21. I like eating raw celery.
True: Yes, people find it weird but i like it and it's also great if you're on a diet.

22. I love strawberry chocolate.
True: I wish i didn't. I can never stop at just two tablets... i only stop when the whole chocolate's gone :(

23. When i start playing WoW i can't stop for hours.
False: Believe it or not, i never played WoW because i didn't want to get addicted to it. Same goes for other games, plus having a regular laptop, not a gaming one, helped me with my decision. However, i play Diablo 3 from time to time, i fell in love with this series when i was 12 and i still like it, although D3 let me down to be honest.

24. One time i accidentally got hurt using a cotton swab.
True: I was cleaning my ear and something come up, so i forgot i left that thing in my ear. Some time later i wanted to scratch my ear and i hit the cotton swab. I thought it was going to reach my brain, it hurt like hell, there was even a hint of blood, but fortunately there was no permanent damage. Learn from this people, don't make the same mistake i did!

25. I am fluent in Romanian and English, and can understand and read basic Spanish very well although i didn't study it.
True: I would say my level understanding Spanish is the same as French, which i studied for many years in school. But for me learning Spanish felt more natural than French and i quickly picked it up watching movies and believe it or not, i can even read it although i have no idea of grammar or other rules of pronunciation, it just comes naturally.

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:icontruesmiles:I was pretty close!:):)
3 from 5 is not bad at all!:):):hug:
Congratulations to the winner!:clap: