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As i already said in the original journal, in the event that no one guesses all the 5 lies, there will be 5 winners selected via random.org; therefore instead of presenting you the big winner, i will show you the five ones that were lucky. Given the fact that no one was able to correctly guess all the five numbers, i will post another "20 truths, 5 lies game" in the future, perhaps then someone will grab the main prize :stare: Here are the false facts:

4 5 10 17 22

The winners of the raffle are: Anoya SolaceSojourn Phinnyphineas Cookie-Fairy-Narnia SStwins
Proof of the drawing here: sta.sh/014wrfof2zz9. Each won 20 points :points: Congrats and thanks to everyone for taking part in this game!


1. I am a procrastinator.
True: Why yes i am! I work better under pressure, although this stresses me out a lot.

2. I once caught a fish with my bare hands while diving.
True: I know i'm no Bear Grylls but it really happened. I saw something black down into the water and i thought it was some kind of rock, so i dived in and grabbed it. When i was resurfacing i realized it was a fish (i was able to see it clearly, plus... it moved!). It scared the crap out of me and i let it go in the end, but how many people could say they achieved that, even if it was by accident?

3. I had a lip-ish piercing for 4 years.
True: Yes, i had one! I had a picture of myself wearing it on my early days on dA, but i deleted it a long time ago. Nonetheless, here's the proof:

I was 16 and i did it myself half an hour before leaving to high school. But i missed the fact that i don't have a proper pierce so i had to quickly modify one of my ear rings until i bought one a few hours later. It was a crazy day, i remember my math teacher not really liking the change. My mother didn't either when she found out (about one year later). I finally decided to let go of it in my second year of University, it didn't felt "part of me" anymore. Perhaps some of you can relate to that.

4. I had my appendix removed in the early 2000s.
False: I never had any kind of surgery, so yay for me!

5. I had another account on dA before i joined as lintu47.
False: I lurked around dA for about 3 years before i finally decided to join, but i didn't have any other account.

6. I never traveled abroad.
True: Well, to be honest, i'm not a big fan of traveling if i'm not in the right company. This means no parents - and i wasn't on the same wave length with my friends either - sometimes we couldn't agree on where to go, sometimes i simply didn't want to leave and sometimes, when we finally agreed, my free window closed. Also, let's not forget i'm picky and i only want to visit places like Japan, Australia, Egipt, you know, far far away places.

7. I don't like big animals like elephants, hippos, rhinos etc.
True: No, i don't. I find them sinister. But this doesn't mean i hate them or if i was given a choice, i'd choose not to help them. I respect all living creatures.

8. When i was 8 months old i had measles with severe complications.
True: Yes, i almost died because there were no typical symptoms, it only affected me on the inside (lungs, liver, intestines etc), therefore it was hard to diagnose (i received 9 different diagnoses before they hit the correct button).

9. I love fire, although i hate being hot.
True: I know, it doesn't make sense, but that's how i've always been.

10. My favourite movie is "The Notebook".
False: I like the movie, but it's not my favourite. In fact, because i tend to forget most of what i've seen, i don't have a favourite movie or series (i watched the first 5 seasons of Criminal Minds before i finally remembered i've seen them before). In the future i'll be a sexy Alzheimer patient :crazy:

11. I am a Stargate SG-1 fan since childhood.
True: It might not seem like i'm i sci-fi/fantasy fan, but i am (despite that i don't fancy 99% of the hero movies because they are so kitsch). I am also a Star Trek fan since childhood!

12. I never donated blood.
True: Shocking, i know. I want to do this so badly for so long, but i can't because i don't have the required weight.

13. I am not afraid of bugs, snakes or lizards.
True: I am not! In fact, i'm the "man" in my relationship when it comes to this; i kill the bugs, push the butterflies and spiders outside etc. As for the snakes and lizards, i actually like them and i wish i had a little snake as a house pet. Oh and i like mice too.

14. While in an elevator i always fear the cables will break and i'll die.
True: I really do and i kinda mentioned this in Thiefoworld's interview when i got my DA award. I can't help it. I also fear being close to high edges, not because i fear i could slip and fall, but because i am afraid i could jump out of impulse, even if i don't want to (note: i am not suicidal!). I suppose this feels like having someone control your body when you're conscious. Does this happen to you too or it's just me?

15. I used to dream about being chased and the fear felt so real that i would sometimes wake up scared and disoriented.
True: I did for so many years! At some point i had the exact same dream 7 times in 2 weeks. I always dreamed of being chased and i just couldn't run properly, i had a lot of obstacles in my way, or both. At some point, after many years, i managed to run back home, close the door, look through the peephole and see their faces. After this, i have never again dreamed i was chased; the funny thing is that after this happened i started dreaming about jumping really high in an almost no gravity environment and having magical powers, almost like Harry Potter's.

16. I can't swim much because i get tired easily.
True: I don't have a lot of training in swimming, so i get easily tired, although if i would have to do it to save my life i guess i'd be able to swim for more than 20 meters.

17. I love Robert Downey Jr.
False: I don't get why he's so adored, i see nothing special about him. It's one of those Hollywood sensations that people will forget about when another good looking fellow comes along and acts like he's interesting.

18. I don't drink coffee, but i love its smell.
True: I don't drink it because it has unwanted side effects on me, such as tachycardia, anxiety, flash bowel movements and... sleepiness! Also, my cardiologist recommended me to stay away from it and other energizers since they make my heart go crazy.

19. I held a swallow in my hands once and touched a bat.
True: I caught the swallow after she (or perhaps it was a he?) got into the house and got stuck at the window (why not just open the window? Because the cats were waiting on the other side and i feared for its life). It was so small and light that i could almost not feel it. And its little heart was beating so fast that i was afraid it was going to die. After i got outside and into a safe place, i opened my hands and it just stood there, scared and not knowing what to do; i had to throw it into the air after a few seconds so it can understand that it's free. As for the bat, i was visiting my relatives in the mountains (this is relevant since there was a cave nearby) and it entered the house. Everyone was like "Oh my God, a bat, quick, cover your head so it doesn't get stuck in your hair!". I honestly don't know where this myth is coming from, having in mind that they have such a fine method to guide themselves. On its way out it touched me with one of its wings. It was so... leathery and cool!

20. I am scared of the water in the community pools.
True: I am because i'm always imagining people with diseases bathing in those pools (skin diseases etc). It's a lot like the elevator thing. I don't have this fear though when it comes to bathing in the sea.

21. My boyfriend and i celebrate our anniversary on his birthday.
True: Yes, he decided he wanted to be with me on his Bday, while we were watching Scrubs (i say "he decided" because i had already tried 8 months before to be with him but he said he doesn't want a relationship at that time). My first question after the Scrubs kiss was "Are you sure you know what you're getting yourself into?". I know, i'm not very romantic.

22. I love Apple products and i wish i could afford them.
False: No, i do not. I can afford some of their products, so this is not the problem, i simply choose to stay away from them because they are so overpriced. And it's not just about Apple, it's about everything that fits into this category. I don't like paying money just for the brand when there are other products just as good at a lower price. I don't like their aggressive marketing either, but i can't deny i like the fact that they replace the whole product when something is wrong with the one you have.

23. I had three budgies before i got my cat.
True: I did and i remember mentioning this too in Thiefoworld's interview. I first had one male which died 4 months after i got him. It broke my heart, he was so adorable and friendly. After that my neighbor and i both bought budgies: she had a male, i had a couple. We used to bring her boy to stay with us and vice versa so her budgie won't feel alone. A romance started between my girl and her boy and they had babies! Geesh i thought they were ugly when i first saw them, but then i thought they were cute. Below is a picture of a photo that serves as proof:

Lower in the picture is the nest attached to the cage and if you look carefully you can see the third budgie sitting in the cage.

The problems started when my male became jealous of the other boy; we had to keep them separated so they won't fight. After mine started to pull his feathers out in rage, i had to give him away along with the beautiful 3 youngsters to new, loving families. Finally, having in mind this romance, i decided to give the couple to the neighbor so we won't split them up. Shortly after this i got my cat; i tried to see if she tolerated them in the event that i will have them from time to time, but even if she was just a little ball of fur, she jumped right on their cage and it was clear to me that i had to keep them in separate apartments because i couldn't kill her instincts, nor could i risk their lives. I visited them almost every day until i moved out.

24. When i die i want to have all my viable organs donated.
True: I really hope this will happen because if i die i have no need for my organs and if they're still viable i want them to go to people who need them. I think of this as my last chance to save someone's life.

25. I was once bitten by several dogs at the same time.
True: Sadly this really happened when i moved from house to apartment [the neighbor above was and still is an idiot who's feeding the stray dogs and says he will curse everyone who does them something wrong (did i mention he's a priest?), but refused to neuter them and so we got a pack of 30+ dogs around the building at some point]. Sometimes at night we couldn't even sleep because they would fight and howl. When the rest of us built a nice enclosure for the dogs (which were not 30 at the time) he strongly refused to put them there, although they kept biting people. Since then i don't see dogs with the same friendly eyes as i did before. I don't hate or fear them, i just don't like them very much, but that hellish priest has my eternal hate. Thankfully this happened only once.

PS: I don't like bitching, but i miss my tiny harmless tick ` :iconheartbreakplz:

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