20 truths, 5 lies game #2 - CLOSED

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Since i had so much fun doing the first game of this type, here's number two!
Points :points: features and fun are involved!


  • I will be posting 25 facts about me: 20 of them are real, 5 are lies. Figure out the 5 lies and leave the numbers in the comment section below. No notes :note: please!
  • No watches/faves/llamas are required to participate, all you need to do is comment.
  • Deviants who will write the 5 numbers in the comments will be automatically included in the raffle.
  • Answers with less or more than 5 numbers will be disqualified.
  • Only 1 comment per person will be considered, so be careful what you write and make sure there are 5 numbers.
  • Once your comment with your guess is posted I will give you a number for the raffle.


  • If someone can guess all the lies correctly, he/she will win 100 points :points: (only one person can win this, in the event that two or more guess correctly only the first one who commented will get the points).
  • If no one can guess all the five lies, I will be giving 20 points to 5 winners chosen via random.org.
Good luck!

Let the game begin!

  1. I took care of a young falcon for a couple of weeks.
  2. I cannot stand to drink milk on its own, i have to mix it with something else because the simple taste of it makes me want to vomit.
  3. I have 2 ear rings in my right ear.
  4. I love Steve Irwin and his work.
  5. I attended two Rammstein concerts.
  6. I sometimes call my best friend odd names, like Jellyfish.
  7. I am a religious person.
  8. I had my hair dyed in a variety of colours: coral red, orange, blonde, mahogany and strong red.
  9. I have a tiny dose of OCD.
  10. I don't like having my name misspelled by other people.
  11. I love pancakes and pizza.
  12. I'm a Facebook addict.
  13. I have mixed feelings about babies, i think they are adorable, but i am scared of them.
  14. Finetti over Nutella.
  15. On an average meal i eat about 1/4 of a bread.
  16. My grandma made the best donuts.
  17. I sometimes need pills to fall asleep.
  18. I once helped operating on a rat for a medical study.
  19. I like running on the beach.
  20. I had multiple episodes of depression over the years.
  21. I like eating raw celery.
  22. I love strawberry chocolate.
  23. When i start playing WoW i can't stop for hours.
  24. One time i accidentally got hurt using a cotton swab.
  25. I am fluent in Romanian and English, and can understand and read basic Spanish very well although i didn't study it.


The challenge starts 1st February 2015 EEST time (GMT+2) and ends 1st March 2015 12AM EEST time (GMT+2). To check your local time when the challenge ends click here. Have fun!

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