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Make up you brain

Two arts for one movie - that’s too much xD’
from Winter Soldier
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can I borrow the cosplay, it's so cool and beautiful

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It's too much. It's fantastic. Thank you for letting us enjoy your talent. 
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Thank you so much! Sorry, I'm very sloooow sometimes
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Amazing work ! :)
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I've seen the picture that inspired this, and I love this! Did you use the Seb Stan pic as a baseline, or did you sketch this by hand (or stylus) while just looking at a reference, or are you just THAT good? Cuz this is good. Just wondering; I'm still learning and need some pointers, but I feel like I'm cheating if I use another picture to like, trace for a baseline or whatever... Thanks! And your work here is amazing!
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Hello there! I always sketch by stylus at first with the reference on the other side of my desktop (or on my phote/paper/ect), I need a pic to make a portrait, i'm not THAT good). If you wanna we can talk directly =) sorry I'm lazy ass and often forget to log in and answer the comments =____=
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Intense! Love the determined pose and expression. Awesome work!
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Sorry for been SO late but thank you anyway =)
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Would it be okay if my sister posted an edited version on tumblr? She'll give you credit and link it back to your page.
Also, very nice piece. I love how you did his eyes!
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No problems at all )
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Beautiful :omg: I tell you, this man is probably the most beautiful man on earth. :love:...And gushing aside, I absolutely adore the shading here. Especially on his hair. The background is gorgeous :heart: It's simple, but it really adds to the painting. Great job! :)
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Sorry, I'm too slow sometimes xD 
Thank you so much <333
This is sear your soul good.  I love this.
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I searched for Bucky, but I never found this before! Well done--I really like it. :D
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thank U ~~~
really glad that you like it ^^
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holy crap this is incredible
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Thanks =) 
That's because Bucky is SO amazing <3
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No words <33<3<3<3<3
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