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Drew the skull with a ballpoint pen and watercolored the flowers. Let my brother take a lighter to the edges. He also put some splatters of paint in the background.

picture (c) me
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I love the use of colour!
Amidalaloone's avatar
mesmerizingly beautiful
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very creative! I luv drawing with biro!
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:eyepopping: Phenomenal use of shading (it makes me jealous :hmm:)! Very cool drawing!
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thanks so much! :D
ZOMBIE-LEXI69's avatar
shit son! this is am-ma-ma-ma-ma.. mazing! D: how did i miss this?!?!?!?!
but srsly, this is really awesome!
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thank you aflexia! ^^
ZOMBIE-LEXI69's avatar
welcomes quee! C:
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Shit. Tattoo this on ma face!!!
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i like how the inside of the skull looks decayed to show the flower inside. it really adds to the withered feeling of the flowers.
AH LUH THIS PICTURE MAN :iconohnoesplz:
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thank ya friend! c:
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I love all the detail added to the skull.
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thank you jazzy c:
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It's absolutely amazing :D
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thanks sameh c:
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Jolly good ^^
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This looks awesome. So much detail! :thumbsup:
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thanks masha! C:
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Wow. That's one badass looking skull!
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thanks Anna C:
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