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Cinnamon Von Elf by LinnzyHalloween2017 by Linnzy

Simple; Chibi with simple to almost no shadowing, no BG. Outfit will be basic and simplistic in style. 12$ //100sek
(Christmas ed f10$ // 85 Sek, must be ordered by Nov 30th)
Normal; Chibi with shadowing and highlights, simple BG. From 17$ / 140 SEK and up to 20$ /160SEK depending on complexitivity.
(Christmas ed from 15$/125 SEK must be ordered by Nov 30th)


I'm not very good at drawing animals or creatures, but I can add such things as animal ears and  tails for 3$ / 25 sek extra.

    ·         After I receive the payment I will begin drawing the commission.

    ·         Do not send payment before I have responded to your note! I have the right to decline your commission.

    ·         I will send a line art of your art before moving to the colouring stage, at this point you may request changes to anything which doesn't look right.

    ·         All payment must be made through paypal , I do not have any other form of payment. (Unless you live in Sweden)

    ·         Art will be sent in a high resolution without a watermark. Usually PNG format.

    ·         I am allowed to refund the commission at any moment

    ·         Do not use the art for profitable or business related reasons. Please ask me first!

    ·         I will work on your art as quickly as possible but please be patient.
It is my goal to finish within maximum 2 weeks. 

How to commission me:

Fill in the following form via note:
1. State what type of Chibi you want. Simple or Normal.

2. Character information: So references, Names, other images of character, any information about the character that must be included.

When using Paypal please:

1. Use your DA Name, You don't need to use words that suggest it's a commission, your name is enough for me to be able to figure out what the payment is for.

2. Select No shipping Address needed.

Thankyou for checking out my commissions page, I hope you have found something you would like!
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Revealed at San Diego Comic Con!

Witch world on Facebook writes;

Big news! 

There was a panel at San Diego Comic-Con on saturday where it was announced that W.I.T.C.H. is going to get a new imprint by Yen Press.

"The JY list will launch in the fall 2017 with W.I.T.C.H., a teen-girl focused series originally produced by Disney Publishing and Digital Media in the mid 2000s. It’s the story of five young girls who become “Guardians of the Veil’’ after being granted magical powers. Originally created at the Disney comics studio in Italy, JY will repackage the series with a new English translation and updated trim size similar to Awkward and Brave.

JY will publish 12 W.I.T.C.H. titles with plans to release the series’ first three-book story arc, The Twelve Portals, all at once, beginning in the fall. Going forward with the W.I.T.C.H. series, JY plans to release three volumes at a time, every four months."

So exciting! 😱 We're gonna keep you informed if there's more info about this. 😉


I really hope this will be a great success again and generate lots of new merchandise aswell as letting a new generation to feel the MAGIC.
I saw a photo that they pllan to release it in October this year, what a perfect month to get to read the first issue of WITCH!!!

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...not really but...truth is I have somehow lost the interest in this website. I donät feel like it gives me much anymore, I rarely get inspired and I rarely get any sort of encouragement or comments whenever I do upload something, yes I get some favs and such and while those I am grateful for, they are not helping me get forward. I bareley have any interest to check the art from those I follow or the groups I'm in...

It might also be that I have lost the interest since I am seeking inspiration elsewhere and because the troubles with my hands, I got an cortison shot a few months back and it helped, but now I am starting feeling pain again and while it isn't my drawiing hand, it is hard to keep focusing on drawing when the other hand is taking all the attention.

And then there is the moneyproblem...the constant moneyproblem, I donät seem to find a job that is wanting me and now with my hand-problem it is even harder (because I drop stuff, get numb, feeling constant pain and such).... I would take a few more comissions, but, I still have two comissions to fix, and I am a slow-worker and apparently not all that great because noone seem to want them anyway :/

But if you want to talk to me I am just a Note away, or you can find me on FB [link]
or on instagram artbylinnzy

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Health update; Today I had a shot of cprtisone in my left hand to help get the inflammation down hopefully. If not it is gonna be surgery. Problem is my right hand, they don't seem to know what to do exactly with it because the fingers only lockes when I draw /write with pencil for aboit 10-15 min.

*sigh* so tired of this.
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I wanna draw again...I wanna finish all my stuff...I wanna continue on my dozen projects and bring life to all the ideas in my head....but I can't.

My hands still hurt, resting them hasn't helped one bit. Seems like I am gonna go in for surgery Jan 30th but not sure, and until then I can't do squat with my hands. ( I wished for a new drawing tablet from my generous dad for xmas, but then I changed my mind, I was rational and got me a dishwashing machine instead because I can't even do the dishes with these hands. + I wanted one for so long also.)

All I have been doing since oct-nov is watching movies and such, tried to workout a little but I got no inspiration for that. I have no money so I can't even go to town and hang with my friend much and my other friend has been far away due to work and boyfriend.

I really really wanna draw but I know it is bad for me. I did some scrapbooking right before christmas but I got tired of that, and it eventually didn't either work out for my hands ;_;

I try to write on my novel, but got stuck then kinda never took it up again.

And also have to live on borrowed money for the moment, havn't gotten any payment from "FK" since November because they needed more info from the doctor which they didn't say until right before christmas and the doc was on vacation then.SO stressfull, Not even sure they will pay out for my sickleave, they can be bastards and make their own ruling of the situation without even meeting me :P

Well Happy friggin' new year!

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