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Draw this again meme

By Linnzy
I just wanna show you guys that I don't just draw (w.i.t.c.h) fanart, even though it may seem like it XD. I do some original art too actually, for the moment I shouldn't draw thoough because my hands are overworked. I will however show you this meme I just did.
I remember when i was 19 and had finished that first drawing of this water-godess, it was in the beginning of my anime-life or so to speak, I had just finished school and family and friends thought this was really OMG ! Anyhooow later I tried this meme for the first time but I wasn't pleased with the result so I hid it in a drawer (yeah I pretty much NEVER throw anything away even if it is horrible trash)

In the beginning of this year I wanted to draw something simple so I revisited this meme, It turned out pretty good I thought but they eyes were off, so in the drawer it went but never forgotten( didn't mean for all those details to happen though).....A few months later I decided to fix this, so I thought I would do a good lineart that I will later use for transferring it to a watercolor paper, though I am tempted to paint it digitally too......maybee......

Sooo here ya go: Have a laugh.
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Nice progress! :D 
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Thanks. Yeah it really is...I am planning on doing more of this  draw this again -meme....just waiting for my hands to heal  :P