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By Linnzy
My last entry  for Irma and Taranee Themed Drawing Contest:star::bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletblue::bulletorange::bulletblue::bulletorange::star:Irma and Taranee Themed Drawing Contest:star::bulletblue:[Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Orange][Star!]
Hello, everyone! We're going to kick-start the new year of 2016 with a group contest! I know, it's been forever since our last one! I've been so busy with work and other things in life that I hardly got the time, but let's get back into it! I noticed that there were a lot of contests to celebrate Will or Cornelia's birthdays, and hardly any for the other Guardians. So this contest we're holding will celebrate Irma, the Guardian of Water, and Taranee, the Guardian of Fire as both of their birthdays are in March. We just got a new donation so our prizes will be bigger than the last time: a grand total of 20,000 [Points] for all our winners combine! Below are the information if you're interested in this contest:
[Star!][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Orange][Star!]Dea

Applying for ; 15th ANNIVERSARY THEME
 Draw the characters to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the original  W.I.T.C.H. comic series! First published in 2001, we wouldn't have the animated series, dolls, books, or other merchandises and this fan base without the original comic series in the first place!

15 years ago W.i.t.c.h came into my life and even though the story has ended, the fandom is bigger than ever thanks to the various contests going on here on dA.


I worked hard on this because I wanted it to be absolutely perfect, but with traditional media such as watercolors, it's easy to slip up, but I just kept going and worked around it.

There was supposed to be a number 15 in Kandrakars Heart, but I wanted to add it in the computer, sadly it didn't look very good.

I have added some glamour to the original painting with silver and glitter gel pens, the scanner however doesn't pick it up.

I also had trouble scanning it because it is bigger than A4 so I had to scan it in parts and try to fit it together nicely , get the colors corrected and such. I'm a sucker for Art Nouveau, so I tried to get that feel, with a bit of inspiration from Sailor Moon Crystal.


Main Materials; Watercolors, gelpens.

W.I.t.C.H and it''s universe is owned by Disney and created by Elisabetta Gnone

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YummingDoe4's avatar
Great idea and placement of the different parts!
The coloring is very well-done, too.
Good luck with the contest!
Linnzy's avatar
Thank you soo much ^^
Rhasri's avatar
Nice detail and color compositions~ :heart::heart:

Good luck in the contest :D
winxsome's avatar
wow i love this so much keep it up be a great book or comic cover :)
Linnzy's avatar
Thank you so much :hug:
YarArts-Of-Metamoor's avatar
This looks fantastic dear! your watercolor technique is very good, and i like how you only showed the silhouette of the background characters with the hair, very nice contrast .

Good luck in the contest :hug: 
Linnzy's avatar
Thanks! That part is imspired from SAilor Moon Crystal :D
Kelseyalicia's avatar…

Me and my twin manage to write a W.I.T.C.H. fanfic called "Caleb gone south" which is how we imanged the second season would've played out if Caleb had gone south by joining his mom Nerissa in O is for Obedenice. You're welcome to sample it.  love the picture.
Linnzy's avatar
Thank you!

I will see if I'll make it, sounds interesting, though I'm not much into fanfiction. :P
Kelseyalicia's avatar
well Caleb gains the power of 'cosmic energy' the evolued form of quintessa  and he got this sick evil hot look and he does a good job being evil yet of course comes back to the side of good and its through him his mom reforms. I like people who change for the better not killed off or stuck in pirson of some knd. its easy to do nothing its VERY HARD TO CHANGE! 
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Wow, awesome! :clap: Good luck at the contest!
Linnzy's avatar
Thank you very much :D
Gerganafen's avatar
You're welcome! :)
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