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Long story short, I got a spot that I'll share with the friendly viking! And I'll do commissions, so if you want a cheap drawing of your own, I suggest you come and put your order in early.  It builds up quickly!

I'll stop by Coffeecon for a little while too, because I wouldn't want to miss meeting you guys just because of something like this.
So this weekend I was at a local three-day con that I've been going to every year for a couple of years now.  It keeps getting better each year, but this time around they had really outdone themselves.

The Dragon Age cosplayers were really something this time.  We had a Cassandra, a Morrigan, Cullen, Fenris, Hawke... even Sera!  It was also really amazing to see people cosplay from series I like but which aren't necessarily the biggest ones, like Elfquest and Yami no Matsuei.

I just have to thank all the people that came to my stand and were so delightful to bring me free coffee and food after a long day.  You are freaking amazing.  It was also really lovely to be able to draw with a lot of the artists that came to the con, like octogears. (thank you for the free art, you are so talented!)  ;)  Let's try to make a group drawing session again, it's such fun.
Please DO NOT post the art from my gallery to your tumblr.  I appreciate that you guys like it, and I am very grateful that you do. :)  The reason I am asking you not to is because I have a tumblr of my own, and when the art is posted other places than that, it makes it hard for people to realize my art tumblr actually exists!  ( It has the name/handle as my deviantart: ) So instead of posting the art there yourself,  I would appreciate a reblog so much more. 

I'm excited. 

I really don't know if I'll get the time to draw more art for the cons, though.  I'll try to work on either an In The FLesh one or perhaps another Dragon Age one, because I do love drawing those.   What kind of artwork do you guys want to see me bring? I'm open to suggestions!

But I also have some commissions I want to get to.  I have bee so unfortunate that I've managed to lose someone's info, so even though I want to start on his commission I can't figure out how to contact him.  It's driving me nuts. 
I Haven't been good at updating this and that I should try harder.  Lately schoolwork has been exhausting, but now I have a couple of weeks off so I hope to be able to relax with family and start on that pile of commissions that have been waiting (way way way)  too long.  Sorry about that. 

A few updates:  I have two cons lined up for 2015, so I hope to see several of you there.  Will update with more info as soon as I can.  They're not until marsh and april, but at least that'll give me time to finish more stuff.

Also, apparently Korra and Asami is caon now.  It was confirmed by the creators.  I can't tell you how cool that is. 

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful time and get to enjoy your Christmas/whatever you celebrate in peace. <3  See you in 2015!
I went to a tiny!con this weekend!  And it was really a lot of fun.  First of all, Kawaiicon has to get mad props for how they took care of their guests.  When I got off the train, there were crew members already waiting there, ready to steer the crowd to the right place.  (I was even luckier, I got a free ride from one of the crew members so I'd get to set up my art stand before the others got there!)

It really felt like the con's main motivation was to ensure that everyone was having a really great time and got to know each other.   Hell, they even let me have a stand for free, and even provided lunch to the stands. (free fooood! :D)  At the end of the day I felt really spoiled and appreciated, and I was happy that I got to see some old friends as well.  I love it when you meet people you know at cons. :3  The decorations were well thought out and all in all it was entertaining.  This time I had a stand on the second floor while the main ruckus was downstairs, so I imagine that some people didn't even know there were stands up there. XD  But! The people I met were lovely, and I even got to talk to some young artists and discuss drawing methods, which is always fun.

I didn't get to sell all that much at the con, but sometimes you have to go to cons because you love the people there, not because you want a profit, and this one is definitely one of those.  However, considering how well I was treated there, I will most likely return with a stand next year because it gives you a great opportunity to have excellent conversations.  And in a way, I really want to support this con because it kicked ass.  
I ended up not going on the last day, because I caught a stomach bug at the con.

The arrangements and panels were bloody amazing.  So many cool skits, so many fun people.  In general, the mood was fantastic and people really got the chance to socialize!  I was also impressed with how seamlessly the crew was handling everything - and there was a lot to handle, what wit this being a sleep-over con and everything.  

The downside is that, although there were some cool stands this time around, it's my impression that they didn't sell well.  My stand was actually standing *in the dark* half of the time, because they needed the room to be dark because of their stage arrangements.  That's well and good, but it would have been nice to be warned about it on beforehand. And there were some small downsides too, like the tables standing too far apart so it was hard to have a chat with the other vendors, but that's just my personal taste. :P  I like my art stands well lit and sociable, because cons are a bit about networking, too.

So in short, it was a pretty cool con with good people, but perhaps not the best place for stands.  I still enjoyed myself, though.
I've been meaning to do this forever, so it's about time.  The reason the prices are so high is because I had to adjust to inflation. (Sometimes living in Norway sucks.)  And even if they seem high to you, they're still below minimum wage.

Also, if there's something I've forgotten or is vague about, feel free to ask questions! :D


Digital (Paintings and sketches done in Opencanvas):
Single character:
Lineart - $25 -30
Full color: $35 - 50

Adding backgrounds to the picture will add a little to the price.  Art done in less complicated styles will of course be cheaper than the complex stuff.  

Multiple character: This price depends on how many characters are involved.
Lineart - $50-60
Full colour:  $69 -130

Since it's done digitally, I will send a high resolution version of the art to the commissioner.  If reimbursed, a proper print will be done professionally.  This will then be sent via airmail.

Traditional: (by this I mean pencil, ink, coloured pencils, watercolours, acrylics or pastel chalk)

Lineart- $25 -30
Full color: $35 -40

Multiple character: This price depends on how many characters are involved.
Lineart - (examples) $50-55
Full colour:  (examples) $69 -75

This is the price for work done in the A4 size of paper.  If you want the art done on A3, the price goes up because it takes longer to finish and you end up with a more detailed picture.  

A FEW THINGS (this will end up as a policy eventually.)

* I reserve the right to decline to do certain kinds of commissions, in particular pieces that encourage racism, hate speech, homophobia or such things.

*If you commission something that requires a lot of paint or materials, I will ask that you reimburse me for some of those expenses.  Especially if you request to be sent the original afterwards. 

*If the art doesn't look like you had in mind, please let me know.  If it's because of a mistake on my part, I will redo it for you without extra pay.  But only once.

*Currently the only way I accept payment is either through paypal or my Etsy shop.…  Please don't ask me to accept checks.

*Please keep in mind that I am not work-for-hire.  I retain the rights to the artwork I create.  Do not redistribute/sell the artwork without my written consent.

*Please be prepared to pay for the commission once I let you know it is done.  The artwork won't be sent until it's paid.  Also, please let me know if you have a deadline in mind.

Current commission status: 5 spots, 5 taken
Waiting list:

1. Kurapika, digital commission in a4
2. Fenris, digital commission in a4
3. Sailor Saturn with weapon
4. Two original characters - Ericas
5. Logo
Why is Livestreaming so hard to figure out how to dooooo.  I want to try doing it as well.
It was a blast! If I had known working at a con/doing an art stand was this much fun I would've done it ages ago.  And to make it even better, I met great artists like Vintereik  (who let me have a… <-freaking beautiful print o.o and swandog , who had a print trade with me and let me have a lovely one called "Dragon Heart -> (and who did a cute face paint on me!), and last but not least hollyoakhill , who gave me <- this awesome print. .... They are all so talented.  I hope they have art stands next year.

I also met Karoline of Baralicious fame, which was great.  All in all, it was a really amazing experience, and I want to do it again right away. :D  I've probably forgotten to mention a lot of people now, but there were so many coming by and I'm still a little high from it.
Time to pack all the art I need to bring.  I will not be online much during this weekend because of the con, but I'll be back on monday!  And in any case, if you end up stopping by the con, come by my booth. :)
It's my birthday in less than a week. And for that birthday, I've been eyeing some really lovely prints here on DA.  We're lucky that so many talented folk gather here.  So anyway, here's what I'll be doing something that I haven't done before: Ask for points.   I really wish to buy a print for my birthday, but right now that's a little difficult. (My cat needed surgery on her eye, poor thing.) But anyway, if you like the art I'm doing, or just want to support an artist here on DA...

If you have some points to spare, I would greatly appreciate it:…

(And bear with me if I do this wrong, I have no idea what kind of html I ought to use.)
I've finally made the jump to tumblr.  I'm here: if anyone wants to see some art that I may not upload to DA.
First of all, happy holidays!  At least soonish.  I hope no one perishes from the stress.

Second, I have had the -worst- luck finding Opencanvas in any form in the stores I frequent, so I was wondering if any of you savvy people knew were to get it online.  I miss painting with it. :(
In just a few days I'm going to grow older.  I believe I might go through a mid-life crisis.  O_O;;  At least I have moved and found things I thought I had lost.  

Now the big question is: what should I draw to celebrate?  Given the chance I find my scanner, that is.
First of all, hi!  Haven't updated in a million years, it seems.  There are some things that I need to warn you about, I feel:

This week I'l be MIA because of vacation. Possibly a bit of next, too.  I'm not ignoring your comments, honest.  Will get back to you about it.

Second, I've gotten myself a BlogSpot, where I'll try to post a couple of pictures a day.  After I come home, that is.  

I can't wait to see the new HP movie or read the new book, so I hope they'll boost my HP fangirliness a bit.  -There's a GO pic in the works, but there's only so much I can do until I get home.  

Anyow, how have you been?
So I've been away for a while now, and I only just realized that I have notes waiting for me.  Sorry guys!  I haven't been ignoring you for a week, I just haven't logged in.  Will try to get my act together and start replying to things soon.

Also, this is slightly terrifying, but my DeviantArt gallery is reaching it's 100.000 mark in the near future.  I've been in sort of an art slump lately, but I think that whoever catches the 100.000 mark deserves something.  I mean, how often does something like this happen?  
-I've read lately.  It's from a place called Hitherby Dragons, and is titled House of Saints.  There are some similarities to HP in there, as well as myths, which makes it only better.  I've been itching to do fanart for it since I read it.

A snip:

   The Houses were born of Vladimir's hubris.

His "sorting hat" reshaped the students of his school into five distinct Houses. It changed their nature. It subjected them to the rules of their House. It committed a crime against their humanity.

Thus Peter, of the House of Saints, interceded for others even unto his death.

And Cheryl, of the House of Dreams, lives with lightning in her mind.

And Sid, of the House of Torment, hurt until he died.

And Saul, of the House of Hunger, has become a beast.

Their story began with House of Saints, here. But there are truths the saints would never know.

—Standing In the Storm: the Keepers' House

Go read it from the beginning.
I was waiting for the 60.000th hit, and I missed the big moment!  Damn. Well, there's always 70.000.  
You need to hear this rant. It's a thing of beauty, and about art thieves. Utterly hilarious, utterly great.  

2 days until the HBP. :heart: