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Quidditch rivals

By Linnpuzzle
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Hm. The design of their quidditch attire's actually movie-inspired. I wonder if it should've gone into move/tv category instead? *ponders*

Oh! Anyway. This would be Malfoy and Potter fighting over the snitch. The full-view is slightly better.
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Hi! I'm presenting a paper about Quidditch at a Harry Potter conference this month. Can you use your art in my presentation? Thanks!
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Hey :) I'm running a Facebook group and page for Harry Potter gay shippers.

May I have your consent to post this fan art up?
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LinnpuzzleHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi ramble.  I'd rather not have it up on facebook.  Don't like that site that much. :) But thank you so much for asking, and good luck with your group!
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Ah, that's ok. Thanks :) Keep up the amazing art!
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Is this an AU? Whenever did Draky-poo come THAT close to an activated Snitch? :P

But nice poses and facial expressions, they catch the dynamics of such a thrilling moment in the game.
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AvelynnnHobbyist Digital Artist
Haha love Harry in this, such a poker face :D
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LinnpuzzleHobbyist Digital Artist
He's secretly gleeful that Draco loses his shit over losing, I think. ;)
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Just perfect... the design, colors, expressions... Well done Linnpuzzle !!
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LinnpuzzleHobbyist Digital Artist
I loved their rivalry in the books, so I simply couldn't resist. thank you!
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I like it!
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Yellow-eyes25Student Photographer
Just in Quidditch, they are rivals? xD
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Bested again by Potter
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plz join my group[link]
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Draco's such a loser
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BelleTheBeautyHobbyist Writer
I love the movement in this, and the intensity of their expressions.
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thelastmazeHobbyist Digital Artist
background's really cool and the motion of harry and draco is WOW!
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solemnlyswear22Student Photographer
lol! malfoys face is so angry and harry's is so like, *swipe* "that was easy"... :D wonderful work!
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Amarum General Artist
Really good pic. Love their faces and the background. Think it's perfect.
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FicktionPhotographyHobbyist Photographer
I will be featuring this in my upcoming journal! :D
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HAHA! Go Harry! :#1:
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SoulfighterStudent Photographer
wow that's excellent! great work :clap:
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I freaking love this.


Awesome job. You're an amazing artist.
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Great one! Snitch is beautifully done!
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very nice ^-^

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