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Well, it's usually a bad idea to start this off lying to you, so sorry for that.
This is really just for the sake of an update.

Nothing much happening here, I'm actually arting quite frequently, even if almost none of it makes it here.

Personally, this and that's been going down. I have a wobsite, so that's good. But it's painfully unstyled, and basically redirects you to here. So that's bad.
I still have a job (or two), and both of them are fairly easy, and pay well enough, so that's good.
And my car recently decided to take a break, and the alternator went like this: 'kaput' so that's bad.
But I recently got my beta invite to Google voice, and it's amazing, so that's good.
My roommate's moving out, so I'm looking for a replacement. Plenty of candidates, but so far no one's ponied up the dough, so that's bad.
My aunt and uncle are popping in for a visit and bringing food with them, so that's a double-fine.
No car has trickled down into not being able to attend church 14 miles away, so that's bad.
Which has meant finding a closer replacement, and the new place is a different denomination, different pastor, so for the sake of decentralization and not only getting "one dude's take on The Word", that's good.
I don't like walking, so that's bad.
But I have been getting more exercise then usual, so that's good.
But I don't enjoy getting mugged either, so that's bad.
But hey, God is good, and that's great.

So I'm still here, I'm still kicking, and God is still good, despite whatever relative and passing circumstances have befallen me.

So for that sake of an update, nothing much going on here.
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Linkz, I don't know if you will ever see this message. But you are remembered as someone who was kind to me. Thank you.