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Screenshot 7-13-09

By Linkz57
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Wallpaper: mine (I should upload that one)
Icon theme: mix of Ecqlipse by *chrfb and Syzygy by me.
OS theme: Mistikons DarkMenubar by FIF7Y Design
Little app at the bottom: Dateline
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Very nice !!! how do I put the time in white?
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Man, this was so many moons ago, I don't even know.
I'd have to say it was probably iStat Menus [link] version 2 (since I think version 3 is paid only). If you can find the installer for iStat menus 2, I'll be your best friend. Several reformats since this screenshot have left me without that program, and I do miss it so.
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It's very easy on the eyes. Probably since it's a dark color. :\
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That's why I use it. When staring at your computer for hours, it's best not to strain the eyes, especially if you're working with color a lot, a blue background will drain the your eyes' ability to see blue (temporary) so everything you're working on will look like it needs more blue in it, even if it doesn't.

Same for the color of the walls in your room, or if you have a lot of posters up.