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Hello all, how have you been for the last four years?
Ok, enough from you.

I saw this screenshot and video and immediately wanted to copy it. So I did.

The linked video walks through the setup nicely. Two notes about the video: he uses a paid version of ssLauncher called "classic". I was able to get by with the free version (you can't remove the page titles in the free version like he does in the video, but you can make the titles very small and change the color to transparent).

As with every icon theme, it's unreasonable to expect them to have an icon for every program ever. There are over seven hundred thousand apps for Android, not counting the Amazon App store and of course, side loading you own. So, how did I solve my problem of not having icons for the programs I wanted to use? I made my own OMG, NEW ICONS! Look under your chairs: you're all getting a new icon pack (and by 'pack' I really mean 'like 4')!

The screenshot is showing almost all of the things found in z3u5' pack. Some of the icons are mine, and the orangeish-brown menu bar colors are from the Chocolate Cream Sandwich skin by "the1dynasty". I don't like it, and I'll likely switch back to the stock blue "SystemUI" skin from Google for JellyBean soon.
I'm running CyanogenMod 10 (Android 4.2.2) which has been modded by PipelinerArd to run on my little old HTC Desire HD.

As a note, I will not be taking any requests for more icons. It's not that I don't love you all (that's an unrelated coincidence), it's instead that I have 43 (as of this post) requests for more icons from my previous icon pack, Syzygy that have been all but ignored for the last few years. Plus, I spent a good amount of time to include a nice template file for you in this pack, complete with a Photoshop guide and a non-photoshop guide. Speaking of the guide, there's a PSD version and a TIF versions. I tried exporting the TIF with the layers included, thinking it would be more compatible with non-Photoshop editors. The TIF had the layers when re-imported into Photoshop but Gimp 2.8 couldn't see them--not that it matters much because Gimp opened the PSD almost perfectly, so you're good either way.

Well, have fun. I'll see you in another nickle. If you can't wait that long for more of my work, first of all stalking if creepy though flattering, and secondly you can find some of my more recent and decidedly non-graphical work at my GitHub page.
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