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Cross Maze



Like any good maze, the start and the destination is plain and clear, it's the journey that always gives us the trouble.

Contrary to popular belief, "In this world you will have trouble"
But just like World War II, the enemy has been defeated, and has fallen back to making chocolate, beer, and great cars. Even still, there's plenty of skin heads and racists running about, and making trouble.

The war's been won, and it's not even like we have to find our own way home, we've just got to hold out a little longer.

Pen, Back of a restaurant menu, Photoshop to clean up the lines, remove the background, duplicate 4 times, and invert the color.
The first half happened like three years ago, the second half was a few months ago.

Download for full view, ~5mb.
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Trippy maze, makes my eyes go wtf X3 must had taken a long time... looks good. I like the meaning you put in your comment