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Dragon Diarys - Graviathan

Theme:… (Röyksopp - Here She Comes Again)

Jasmine Graves
 also known as Graviathan is a mentally unstable meta-human who has the power to control gravity around here, as well as manipulate her opponents body mass for a short period of time in order to throw them off balance. Jasmine is not much of hero, as well as not much of villain due to her misdeeds, however her primary objective is to hunt down her Father and possibly kill him due to the trauma and abuse her father has caused her, for the only way for her pain to go away is by killing him by her own hands. She is a major threat to Ruby Team, lead by Corbin Outter, however her focus is the girlfriend of Corbin, Diana Hart II who is a rival to Graviathan.


When Jasmine Graves prior to her birth as she developed in the womb of her mother, Jasmine’s powers began to manifest briefly over time, which caused her own mother to have concerns and think she is sick. During that time, Jasmine’s Father, who had been unemployed for a period of time became an abusive drunkard and at times insulted and abused his own wife despite her being pregnant with Jasmine. After several months had gone by, Jasmine’s mother finally gave birth to her, giving her the name Jasmine, however, due to the labor process weakening her, it later caused Jasmine’s mother to die only hours after – with those short hours being with her recently born child, thus naming her Jasmine.

Despite this, this caused only Jasmine’s Father to take care of her, with no one else aware of how the father is, even after the funeral, it is as if the father felt no sadness for his wife, but his evident uneasiness shows when now he has no one else in the house expect a small child to take care of.

As Jasmine got older, around the age 9, she began to side more with her teachers and friends at school and learn from them, but at home, she was constantly being verbally insulted by her father, even to the point that her own father mocked the deceased mother of Jasmine. Eventually as time went on, Jasmine started to be physically and sexually abused by her own father, and it continued until she was age 14, a span of 5 years.

Eventually Jasmine had enough, and tried to cause harm to her father with butter knife, but this resulted in her being beaten by her father and about to be abused again, only this time, Jasmine was angry and her powers manifested from her own anger, and was able to raise the butter knife back into her hand and force it into her father’s arm, causing him to let go of her, and at this Jasmine ran out of the house. Hours later, she was captured by the police and her Father was able to fabricate a story saying that Jasmine is a psychopath who tried to stab her, in addition, he somehow tricked the police into saying that for months now Jasmine tried to kill her, only for Jasmine to yell, calling him a liar, but regardless, her Father won, resulting in Jasmine to be quickly sent to a rehabilitation that acts as an asylum, at this she chose to go because it would separate her from her father.

At the age 15, Jasmine was kept in an asylum and somehow succumbs to cancer like symptoms due to the fact that her powers are slowly developing, one of them is losing all her hair. Unknown to everyone there, she hid this, and trained herself and was plotting her escape, thinking the only thing that would bring her peace is to kill her father, for her anger and sadness boils due to the thought of him and what he had done to her.

After spending several years in the asylum, Jasmine broke out, causing chaos in the asylum to mask her escape, never to be seen again. She later emerges, well trained and geared, going by the name Graviathan, and has cause trouble for people who confronted her, both the good and the bad. Her travels in searching for her Father, who had since moved from Ohio somewhere in the Tri-State area and changed his name, led her to New York. She had briefly joined Kravner who promised to help her seek out her Father only if she is obedience to his mission, to which she accepts.

Jasmine ran into James and Company, mostly by Corbin’s group and other street level heroes in the New York area. She makes it clear to them she does not care who they are, that nothing would stop them from killing her Father, which caused her to come to blows with Diana Hart II (Reaction), in turn, becoming the rival of Jasmine.

Eventually Jasmine finds her Father, who had since changed from his ways, even had repented for his past actions. As she chased and tried to kill him inside of a church, she is confronted by Diana Hart II an company, resulting in her fighting Diana’s team, only to be defeated.

The police eventually showed up to the scene to capture Jasmine, but they did not unmask her. As for Jasmine’s father, was convinced by the church pastor to confess to the police, to which he did, revealing the very reason as to why Jasmine hunted him down, thus turning himself in for the violence, abuse of a child, and a list of other things, for he felt that justice must be done and turning himself in is the right thing to do. Regardless of this, it was not okay with Jasmine and she attempt to kill her father, nearly killing people nearby only for Diana and Corbin to grapple her as she pressed forward and Ms. Pogo tried to keep the people away from Jasmine, Jasmine was hit by Yecho from behind, for a quick hit to the neck rendered her unconscious.

Jasmine was eventually sent to prison and had been restrained, but still held on to the grudge of wanting to kill her father, and told herself that next time, no one will stop her, crying as she said it because she cannot feel peace as long as her father lives.

After a couple of months, she breaks out of prison, and due to her powers, it resulted in some prisoners escaping themselves, and she disappears, plotting her next move, but this time she is planning her next move because now she has those who can fight her, and he makes it known to herself that next time for another confrontation, that they will pay for stopping her.

She appears later on to confront and torment her rival her abilities, only this time, more dangerous and her suit has been upgraded, seeing Diana as a means to an end, the only thing stopping her from seeking out her father with Diana being the only one aware of where her father is kept.

Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses

Real Name: Jasmine Graves

Alias – Graviathan


DoB: 22XX (22-23)

Place of Living/Birth/Current: America (from Ohio)

Nationality:  American (possibly mixed with African-American)

Height 5.5 ft. (167.64 cm)

Weight 128 lbs. (can alter body density which triples her weight or makes her very light)

Affiliated with: None, however she is somewhat of a villain with a cause that seems just, but chaotic

Friends/Enemies: James and company (enemies), Diana Hart II (Enemy/Rival) Mother (Deceased), Father (alive, strong hatred for, seeks to kill)

Diana Hart II/Reaction who is her rival:…

Personality – Jasmine was a normal little girl before the start of the abuse by her Father. Now as a grown woman she has a one tracked mind, unable to feel any solace or peace as long as her father breathes. Despite this, Jasmine seems cool headed, but is driven by anger and sadness, the only way her powers seem to work and progressively gets stronger the more she is in this state. When she is not thinking about her father, she is somewhat of a silent introvert, does not speak or say much but when she does, she speaks of her life and experience in form of story or poem.

Appearance – Jasmine wears a tricked out motorcycle attire with a helmet, matching colors being blue. The visor of her helmet is tinted to the point whereas it is hard to tell how she looks like. She has blue eyes and dark blonde hair with a bit of white-grey due to her abilities developing over time whereas when her hair grew out, most of it became white, granted she has lost all her hair prior to her powers developing giving her cancer like symptoms. Jasmine's second return, her suit is upgraded, to appear more armoed-like when she begins to set her eyes on Diana Hart II.


Gravity manipulation – Jasmine is able to manipulate gravity of people and or objects either instantly and or briefly. She tends to use objects because they are inanimate and does not take up as much energy to move around. She can use objects as lethal projectiles and even stop objects coming in her direction by slowing them down, especially when her powers are active, this can be done passively.

Minor Telekinesis – Jasmine is able to lift and maintain focus on objects near or around her as if she has the ability of telekinesis, but it is only the effect of her primary powers.

Density manipulation – She is able to increase and or decrease the Density of her body. Allowing her to hit x3 times harder and or making herself so light that she can float, evade attacks and or even give herself somewhat of an ability of flight, or appear to jump higher.


Graviathan (Jasmine Graves) character is inspired by an enemy known as Regulus from Bomberman 64 and Bomberman Second attack.

Dragon Diarys - Sara Chun

Theme:… (이효리 (Lee Hyori) - Bad Girls)

Sara Chun (莎拉春) is a friend and ally to Bianca Airesus, as well as May-Li, to which she originally began as a spoiled bully towards May-Li.

Sara, after eventually being freed from Black Shadow Gang reunited and helped Bianca and friends put an end to Black Shadow for good.


Sara Chun was the mean girl who gave people a hard time, as well as one who loves to showboat time and time again and acts like a total smartass towards anyone. Because of her attend at the school, Tsinghua University Affiliated Middle School (T.H.I.S. 华大学附属中学国际部), she saw May-Li, the introvert shy girl as a target and tends to verbally torment her on a daily basis until Bianca came along, of whom Sara saw as a loner.

Sara was known to be the top archery in the school and was said to be undefeated, however when Bianca had challenged her, Bianca flawlessly defeated Sara at her own game, resulting in Sara slowly distancing herself from Bianca and May-Li in the process, however Bianca’s response in telling her she has to have a change of heart, made Sara feel some type of way and actually reflect on herself.

When Black Shadow plagued Beijing with a string of kidnappings, Sara was one of the teenagers who had been captured. Unlike the fate of some who have been kidnapped into various from of slavery and human sex trafficking, Sara became a living lure, a tactic used by Black Shadow to reel in unsuspecting victims to be kidnapped, and because of this, Sara was drugged with something to make her seem lost and delusional, confused even, and her being a lured caused both Bianca and May-Li to stumble upon her only for both girls to be taken by Black Shadow in the process.

Sara later recovered in the warehouse where everyone was held captive, and she too was scared, unknown of what will happened next, however she aided in Bianca escaping through a cell window in order for Bianca to get help, however Black Shadow sent guards after Bianca and gunfire was heard, but Sara and the others knew Bianca would not be taken down that easily and at this, Black Shadow relocated everyone.

Sara was never heard from again, but remains a motive for Bianca to continue to take down Black Shadow. Sara was later rescued by Bianca, being among the 117 girls saved, at the Sun Lee Yuk Estate on a remote location near Hong Kong.

After being saved, Sara was given a choice to return to her family, instead, she contacted her family letting them know she is safe, and she remains by Bianca’s side to help put an end to Black Shadow, and does so by acting as the archer of the team for this is where her skills contribute to the fight against Black Shadow, but later on she goes to visit her family briefly.

Sara also learns to use drones thanks to the scientist, Hanz, who is helping them. Eventually the fight against Black Shadow led them to Russia and in Russia is where the Black Shadow met its end and May-Li and others have been saved.

After this event, Sara remains in China to watch over and care for May-Li while Bianca had to distance herself in order to keep May-Li safe. Eventually, Sara began to train herself for she had been inspired every since that event wanting to protect others while Bianca is away in America.

Sara later becomes a big help to Bianca when Tarai Hong, also known as Black Steel had surfaced, seeking out Bianca.

May-Li and the others were taken into captivity in an unmarked warehouse and she was crying and panicking,

Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses

Real Name: Sara Chun (莎拉春)

Alias – None


DoB: 22XX (18-19)

Place of Living/Birth/Current: Beijing, China

Nationality:  Chinese

Height 5.7 ft. (173.736cm)

Weight 121 lbs.

Affiliated with: None

Friends/Enemies: Tala Tomack-Agbaje (Friend), Bianca Airesus (Rival turned friend), May-Li (Bully victim turned friend), The Black Shadow Gang (Enemy/Her kidnappers)

Personality – Sara Chun is rude and mean. She is a total smartass and tends to show off to others be it in front of them or catching them off guard. She is also a bully and had targeted those who do not have an advantage against her, specifically May-Li, however after being defeated by Bianca in a challenge, she began to have a change of heart only to be kidnapped afterwards.

During the events of Black Shadow and after, Sara had become serious, and driven to help others the best way she can. Although she cannot fight properly or have any powers, she used her archery skills and drone control skills to assist her friends.

Appearance – Sara sports a school girl uniform with blue and white colors however she sports a strap on her waist with suspenders to be different and stand out from others in the school with long socks and black slip on shoes. Instead of a tie, she has a ribbon and her skin tone is a bit tanned. She has long brunette hair and light brown eyes.


Archery –Sara Chun is the best Archer in the school and capable of firing arrows one after another quickly, having an accuracy of 83% to hit on target. She is capable of hitting far targets when she is highly focused.

Drone Skills – Sara learns to use drones when she helps out Hanz, another ally of and family friend to Bianca. After learning this new skill, she then learns how to use the drones to not just spy and scan, but to attack her opponents also.

Basic Fighting Skills – Sara is able to fight, however she is limited to the basic punching and kicking, however she learns a bit of fighting from some of Bianca’s allies, one of them being Tala, who teaches her some effective basics in African-Style combat.

Dragon Diarys - May-Li Yun

Theme:… (Lonely Town of Shadows)

May-Li Yun (
梅麗雲 [Méi lì yún]) is the childhood friend, who is like a sister to Bianca Airesus, in addition to that, May-Li over time became close to Bianca, since Bianca herself, didn’t have a close female relative, for she had no sisters and her mother had since passed away.

May-Li is also the very person who has indirectly driven Bianca to go on her warpath of vengeance against the Black Shadow Gang, as well as her becoming a well known hero in the process. Moreover, May-Li is among several characters who has a tragic history in the Dragon Diarys story, specifically in Bianca's Origins in becoming a Hero.


Bianca had went to live with her uncle (Shen Airesus) who resided in Beijing China as a Robotics Engineer turned Gardner due to her being very

Tsinghua University Affiliated Middle School (T.H.I.S. 华大学附属中学国际部), a non-profit, WASC-accredited international school in Beijing, that was founded in 2009 (a school that has been active for more than 200+ years). During her stay there, Bianca kept to herself, but noticed a girl who was both an introvert and very shy always eyeing her down, looking in her direction only to turn away and shutter when Bianca looks her in the eyes. This even continues when she participates in gymnastics, swimming, and various sports at the school.

Eventually a day came when this girl (May-Li) who was supposedly stalking Bianca, was met with a mean girl, a total bully by the name of Sara Chun (莎拉春) during an archery session in gym class. Sara Chun defeated anyone who challenged her and was not friendly to shy girl (May-Li) who wasn’t the athletic type, however Sara had been beaten by Bianca in an archery challenge, thus Sara not only saw Bianca as a threat to her, but someone not to be messed with and eventually Bianca stopped the tormenting of May-Li at the hands of Sara Chun, but at the same time had pity on Sara and encouraged her to have a change of heart to not just herself, but to others. Because of this, May-Li summed up the courage to introduce herself to Bianca, and the two became very close friends, close enough that when Bianca does something or goes somewhere, she follows. May-Li was also very supportive of Bianca, especially during her fight against Shaolin Monks in Defeng China, for even though Bianca lost to one of the young monks (Yecho Shuo Yuanjia) May-Li supported her. It is also later revealed that May-Li, although a Chinese Student in T.H.I.S. she is from a middle-class family who is the biggest bookworm in the school.

As time went on, a string of kidnappings began to hit Beijing, the fact people, mainly young people, majority being females were whisked away without a trace, the kidnappers being unknown. Eventually several students became victim, including Sara Chun. Days later, Bianca and May-Li, didn’t know how dangerous it was when they tried to take shortcuts home which was the longer way. They manage to stumble upon a drugged out Sara Chun, who was near a butcher’s shop whereas the butcher (屠夫) himself had used Sara to lure any young passerbys, to add on to that, May-Li began to panic because the Butcher was harassing her and Bianca, and the situation escalated when Bianca fought the Butcher, only for members of the Black Shadow Gang to show up and take Sara, Bianca and May-Li, but despite this, Bianca fought back, in an attempt to save May-Li, it resulted in all of them being captured and introduced to Sun Lee Yuk ( ).

May-Li and the others were taken into captivity in an unmarked warehouse and she was crying and panicking, scared of what might become of them. Despite this, she helped Bianca, with the help of an African woman (Tala Tomack Agbaje) to get Bianca out of a small window, sending her off to get help. But the Black Shadow Guards noticed moments later and gave chase, and everyone even May-Li heard gunshots, as all thought Bianca had been killed, May-Li and Tala, as well as Sara helped on to hope that Bianca would seek help, however Black Shadow took precautions and moved everyone out of the warehouse, separating everyone, leaving May-Li to go with another group of captives resulting in her being sol and hauled off into sex human trafficking.

May-Li, who had been enduring abuse and all kinds of tragic horrors, became broken while Bianca, continue to seek her out. For days went on to feel like months, even years for May-Li, and at one time, Bianca was very close to finding May-Li, but she was not at Sun Lee Yuk’s estate, even after Yuk’s death, all of the captives totaling up to 117 girls, May-Li was not one of them.

Over time, she was mentioned, but nowhere to be found and unknown to Bianca, Tala, the freed Sara Chun and others, May-Li was not the same person and had lost all hope, thinking, even having nightmares that her friends had or is enduring the same horrors she had went through, even when she was being abused, the nightmares became like living hallucinations for her until eventually she became as though she had lost her memory, but despite this, she has heard the talk of a Steel Valkyre giving Black Shadow and their allies a hard time, not knowing the one they claim to be a robot was in fact Bianca.

When Bianca hit Shanghai to deal with Kane and eventually went to Krasnoyarsk (Красноярск) in Russia, around this time, May-Li was about to soon be sold off far away somewhere in the Middle East, but before this auction could take place, Bianca and company stormed Black Shadow HQ, and Bianca herself confronted Borojei Imai, the leader of the the Black Shadow Gang, with May-Li witnessing the fight in front of her, to which she began to regain her memory when she recognized Bianca’s face and the fact Bianca said her name.

During the fight, May-Li slowed Borojei down by grabbing his leg preventing Borojei from disabling Bianca in order to capture her.

He tries to shoot May-Li, who was still on the ground once she fell, and the fact that her memories were coming back to her and that hope in her heart ignited, she began was crying and screaming Bianca’s name. Borojei didn’t kill May-Li because Bianca took the bullet in May-Li’s place, although she survived, she took it in order to save May-Li’s life and once she stopped the bullet, she rushed at Borojei. Realizing May-Li was of importance to Bianca, he tries to kill May-Li several times with his gun, even taunting graphic forms of abuse that was committed on to May-Li in order to distract and slow Bianca as well as an attempt to breakdown May-Li’s hope. May-Li was able to escape from Borojei’s reach when drones stormed the room where the fights were taken place on the auction floor, however she was caught by Borojei who trying to escape via helicopter, knowing he is losing the fight tried to suicide himself with May-Li in hand, only for Bianca to save May-Li.

Borojei eventually dies and both Bianca and May-Li have been reunited, only for May-Li to reveal to Bianca that on occasion she had lost hope and her memories during the months of abuse, rape, beatings, and a list of other things, even going as far as to have suicide attempts on a number of occasions, at this, Bianca sadden by this, embraced her friend.

At the end, after the events of Black Shadow, May-Li had been returned to China and returned with her family, however, over time, the sight of Bianca now triggers a bit of trauma, resulting in Bianca keeping her distance, allowing Sara and others to visit May-Li in her place, and the only way Bianca tried to contact May-Li was through old fashion letter writing as well as watch over her at a distance, even buying her a blanket and putting it on her at one time when she was sleeping. Before Bianca had distanced herself a bit, May-Li had told Bianca she loves her very much, that she is like the protective sister she never had, in addition, May-Li made it known that at the many times she felt broken, during the times when she was alone in some instances she pointed out that all this time she knew Bianca would come back, saving even though she had lost hope, but it kept coming back like a small spark that causes a flame.

In the current Dragon Diary timeline, Bianca now resides in America whereas May-Li, who was still recovering and getting better is cared for by her family and Sara Chun, having the hope when she is feeling good again, she wants to meet with her friend, and reunite with Bianca for when they were younger, their lives were cut short by their captors.

Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses

Real Name: May-Li Yun (梅麗雲 [Méi lì yún]) 

Alias – None


DoB: 22XX (16-19)

Place of Living/Birth/Current: Beijing, China

Nationality:  Chinese

Height 5.5 ft. (167.64 cm)

Weight 115 lbs.

Affiliated with: None

Friends/Enemies: Tala Tomack-Agbaje (Friend), Bianca Airesus (Friends/Sister figure, very close friend whom she loves), Sara Chun (Bully turned Friend), The Black Shadow Gang (Enemy/Her kidnappers)

Personality – May-Li is an introvert and is very shy. She isn’t the type to make eye contact with people when she speaks and her voice is very low. However, she sort of became friends with Sara Chun who was a former bully, however with Bianca, she speaks to her normally, even makes clear eye contact and follows her as if Bianca was actually a blood relative older sister of hers. She cared deeply for Bianca and May-Li herself cared for Bianca as well.

Appearance – May-Li is dressed as a student of Tsinghua International School sporting a school girl uniform, a white dress shirt with the school’s logo along with a red tie, having a matching red skirt as well as having long socks. May-Li has short black hair and her eyes have a turquoise-like color. May-Li also wears large blue glasses. As a captive of Black Shadow, when she had been found she was wearing a long dress that appears to be of Arabic design, with no head covering, however this dress was partially worn as if it was not in the best, but decent condition, and during this time, May-Li’s hair was a tad bit shorter. After Black Shadow’s defeat and her return to China, she began wearing casual clothing like a shirt with jeans.


May-Li has no abilities

Dragon Dairys - Isabis Oladele

Theme:… - Alef Sol

Isabis Oladele is the daughter of an African Diplomat who travels to EU and Asian countries, as well as being a valued supporter of all things going on in Africa. Isabis herself is a very intelligent girl and wishes to do what her father does, but taking things a bit further granted with what took place when the terrorist group known as Frust Kongo Fighters rose up, but eventually was defeated by warrior huntress from Uganda (Tala Tomack-Agbaje).

Isabis Oladele's Father, Palpert, helped Africa deal with the terrorist group known as The Frust Kongo Fighters, who relied on technology and various resources to commit their crimes. The Terrorist group wanted to take over parts of Africa and targeted small unprotected areas by doing so, even going as far as to take control and send out large beasts to attack and oppress people. 2 robotic beasts were only completed out of the 4, The Gorilla beast was known as Kwrong, and had been fought by both Tala and the African Military in Kampala, with Tala giving the killing blow to the mechanical beast. The second beast, the giant snake called Shorge, had been taken down by that was by Tala in a very difficult fight in Lake Kyoga/Kojweri area.

Eventually Tala went after the head of the group, Kawazi, and put an end to his operation and his group. Because of Tala's actions, she had been recognized as the hero from Uganda, and is given a bodyguard position for she was in communication with Palpert during this whole ordeal, and it was then she met with Isabis.

Isabis Oladele looked up to Tala and often speaks to her, even referring to her as a sister of hers. Tala herself saw Isabis has her own and did everything in our power to care and protect her as if she is family, granted with what happen to her own when Kawazi attacked.

Eventually, Palpert went to China, being unknown of the current situation with The Black Shadow Gang kidnapping young Asian teens off the streets and public places. During an event, Black Shadow attacked, and Tala briefly fought them while defending Isabis, but she was defeated and Isabis was taken, and Tala was also taken.

Bianca herself eventually got kidnapped also, but it was due to Tala and several others that manage to help Bianca escape, which led to Bianca herself becoming a vengeful hero and through her actions, Isabis Oladele was able to escape since Black Shadow's focused had shifted, however the plan for Isabis and Tala had been revealed - Remnants of Frust Kongo offered a high price to Black Shadow to take Tala so they can take her, as well as taking Palpert's daughter in order to torment the African Diplomat, for this gang wanted revenge.

Although they were not able to get Isabis, they failed at getting Tala because both Tala, Bianca and several others fought back.
After the events of Black Shadow in China, thus ending in Russia.

Months after the defeat of the Black Shadow and those held under human traffickers had been released
Isabis Oladele, started up and funded an organization called New Light, which will help missing and exploited children and or victims of abuse in the European and Asian countries, as well as in her own country, adding she will expand it, worldwide when she receives more support. Using advanced technology to further the cause. Isabis also began aiding other activist and organizations with other projects in Africa, even after Tala officially defeated Frust Kongo Fighters for good this time by taking them into custody.

Later on, she proves to be a valuable asset to Tala, Bianca and several others when dealing with a global threat known as The Establishment.

Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses

Real Name: Isabis Oladele

Alias – Izzy, Princess


DoB: 22XX (possibly 16-17)

Place of Living/Birth/Current: Kampala-Uganda, Africa

Nationality:  American

Height 5.5 ft. (167.64 cm)

Weight 115-120 lbs.

Affiliated with New Light, African Politics, Bianca and company

Friends/Enemies: Tala Tomack-Agbaje (Friend, Guardian, sister-figure), Bianca and company (Friends/Partners), James and company (friends/partners, team), All bad guys (Enemy), The Establishment (Enemy)

Personality – Isabis is calm and collected. She is not much of a talker however when it comes to her people and what is right in terms of justice, her voice and her action is very loud and leaves quite the impact. Although she is 16-17 years of age, she is mature compared to most her age.

Appearance – Isabis sports a black suit vest with the Africa in gold/silver on the front of her vest. She wears a green dress shirt to sport with the red and gold pan-African colors on her suit vest, with the gold fist on the shoulders of her suit. Isabis has blue/hazel eyes that is as blue as the sea and has long hair with several braids, to which she has small red ribbons on her braids.


Political Power and Activism – Isabis is from a wealthy family who is in to politics and keeping the peace. Due to this, her upbringing was more of the same, but she is more connecting to the young ones than those before her. After the events in China and Russia, she used her presence and power to created New Light, that would spread to increase and fix up the mess left behind by human traffickers, for she herself became more inspired by both Tala and Bianca in order to do so.


Isabis is inspired by real life African women who has a role in politics, the justice system, activism, etc as well as young girls and women that are in Africa who grow up to make a change in the country.

Dragon Diarys - Yuna Momoko Hong (Portrait)
Left: How she appears in her Ninja Garb in Tokyo Japan during the Cybernetic Threat.
Right: As she appears in her classic green garb and her role in Beijing and Russia regarding Black Shadow.

Original and colored Art:…

Theme:…- Renegade - The Casa Brothers & Hype Turner

Yuna Momoko Hong is lived through an arson and is a human trafficker survivor who ends up teaming up with Bianca Airesus to defeat The Black Shadow Gang. She also aided the Iranian Girl save Bianca when who had been put on stasis by Black Shadow later on.

She is Bianca’s protégé and student. Momoko was at an orphan home until Black Shadow came in, killed the owners of the orphan home and burned it to the ground, kidnapping all the girls from the orphanage who tried to flee. Since the world believed Momoko and friends were killed in the massive fire,but really they survived, but forced into Human Trafficking. She was taken to Hong Kong, a country riddled with corruption during the time, to be sold as a slave to a wealthy man from India. She had been rescued by Bianca when she was about to be raped by a man who had bought them through Black Shadow’s human trafficking ring on a Super Yacht that was hosting a luxurious party to hide what was really going on, a human auction. Momoko learned everything from Tala, Brian and Bianca, becoming stronger by the day. She grew close to Bianca, seeing her as inspiring mentor, and shared her views on wanting to take-down Black Shadow and the rest of the Human Trafficking underworld.

Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses

Real Name: Yuna Momoko Hong

Alias – Momo, Yumi, Nana, Aoi, Green Ninja


DoB: 22XX (about 18 years of age)

Place of Living/Birth/Current: Hong Kong, China

Nationality:  Chinese

Height 5.4 ft. (164.592 cm)

Weight 122 lbs.

Affiliated with The Steel Maiden Society

Friends/Enemies: Bianca and company (Friends/Partners), James and company (friends/partners, team), All bad guys (Enemy), The Establishment (Enemy), Gardano Saimato Uzaki (Father figure, Guardian)

Personality – Momoko is a tough girl and tends to be very collective about what she says and does, but deep down she is humble and caring for those she cares about and has a great display of humility.

Appearance – Momoko as a light-tanned skin tone and brown eyes. She has black hair and sports a garb as if she is ready to fight, but in reality this is the type of clothing she sports on the daily. Her favorite color is green and her hairstyle is always pigtails, rarely she lets her hair down.


During the attacks and kidnappings done by Black Shadow, Momoko and others around her age were at an orphanage, unaware of the events unfolding, however, they were told of a robotic hero that is running around Beijing beating up bad guys.

One night, Black Shadow eventually attacked the orphanage which resulted in an arson fire in order to get everyone to go outside of the building and the children were being picked off one by one while the guardians of that orphanage had been killed off. Momoko was among the teens kidnapped by the group and moved around by the Black Shadow. The destruction of the orphanage had been committed by a man known as Cyberpunk.

Momoko was not heard of again until she had been eventually sold and bought by an Indian man by the name of Punjab Shikark, a wealthy Indian Philanthropist, who is a good friend of Sonny Wu, a corrupted and perverted man who is allied with Black Shadow.

Punjab also had other girls who were chained up together by their neck, hands and feet and only wore nightgowns, and he had Momoko locked up with them, but not in chains. At this point Momoko was trying to be the hero and wanting to save the girls, but Punjab was wanting to make an example of her, resulting in Momoko attempting to fight back against the large man but was unable to overpower him. Out of frustration, Punjab attempt to mentally break Momoko as Sunny watches, and Punjab ends up pinning Momoko down and tried to choke her conscious with the intent of trying to rape her in front of the other girls who were in fear, knowing nothing could be done, however, Bianca, Brian and the Triad, let by Tonz, had infiltrated the Yacht, stopped the human auction and Bianca manage to save Momoko before anything Punjab could do anything to her. Momoko, who was still barely conscious, witnessed Bianca easily deal with the large man, and Sunny and because of this, Momoko was happy, bu at the same time, sad for if it was not for Bianca bad things would have happen to her and she would have probably been killed.

After this event joined up with Bianca and friends wanting to put an end to Black Shadow. Over time, when Tala had been rescued, Bianca, Brian and Tala began training Momoko so she could better aid in the cause they are for, this also enables Momoko to help save others too, mainly one of the Black Shadow guards who was trying to escape the gang himself, this guard, Garnando, ends up teaming with Momoko and Bianca during the end game, thus becoming Momoko's guardian in the process.

Since Bianca had saved, Momoko, with the aid of the Iranian Girl, Afef, and Bianca's dog, Trex, saved Bianca out of stasis, and from there, together as a team and with allies, they put an end to Black Shadow and freed a great multitude of people held by the human traffickers.

After Black Shadow, Momoko and Garnado had moved to Japan and continued to work and train to stop crime in Japan, but over time they have between with the Neo Yakuza, an later on, The White Dragon, leading up to Cybernetic Threat in Japan.

Since Momoko knows Japan well than Bianca, James and friends, she offers to assist. She is also the very person who manage to get Bianca and her team to team up with James an friends in San'ya Japan, immediately before James and Bianca went at each other, not realizing the opponent is a friendly.

After Japan, Momoko continues to do what she does in Japan and live more in peace, becoming a hero on her own and continuing to better herself everyday as well as motivated.


Fighting Style - Momoko knows several fighting styles and mixes it up depending on the situation, Karate, Judo, Muay Thai, Marksman training, CIA training for close quarter combat.

Light-Weight Tech Suit - This suit is hidden under her Green Garb and Ninja suit. Worn for added protection and provides her with a great deal of mobility. The tech suit is also water resistant.

Steel Staves x 2
- She carries medium baton like weapons at her side and uses them in combat. These staves also can stun on contact as well.

Other Equipment - Tranquiler, Taser, Amateur Smoke Bombs. Carried in pouches and or a small bag she carries with her. Other times it is a backpack, where she carries twice as many resources, however in Japan, she relies on a smaller supply.

Tech Visor
- Used to to send/receive feeds and for communication.

Thick Scarf - Often used to block out thick smoke and or gas. The scarf also contains bits of metal, of which she can use as a whip.

Ghost Belt - Allows her to cloak and or blend in with her surroundings. This device was given to her by Bianca. It is able to generate a small force-field around the wearer’s body. The device also has panels to collect solar energy. When there is power in the belt it will render its wearer completely invisible, however if low or out of energy, the wearer will still be invisible, but will be slightly visible when moving, showing somewhat of a rippled bubble effect.



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