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Dragon Diarys - Flo Daggers (British Tank-Top)

Theme:…  (Feint ft. Laura Brehm - Words)

Abilities, history, skill-set and idle sprite on main image description:…

Flo Daggers (DoB: Spring of 22XX (18-21) [Deceased]) British meta human who led the Freedom Fighters until a brutal death by the hands of the Red Ghost. Despite what had happen to the group as a history and of Flo, she lives on in the group known as The Faceless, who they themselves honor Flo by remaining anonymous and hidden and unseen, for their faces and names are known and they seek and will fight for the truth of what happened to Flo when lies and propaganda had been spread about her when she had died.

She wears the British Tank-Top to honor Blue Savior, the late  former leader of the Freedom Fighters. After her death, the white and showing of the British flag in some way, shape or form now represents both her and Blue Savior and all among those connecting to them who have died, a practice that is held by those who knew the Flo and the others, and such action taken very seriously by group known as The Faceless, one notable one being The Iranian Girl, who's nickname is Afef / عفاف.

Dragon Dairys - Flo Daggers

Theme:…  (Feint ft. Laura Brehm - Words)

Flo Daggers British meta human who led the Freedom Fighters until a brutal death by the hands of the Red Ghost. Despite what had happen to the group as a history and of Flo, she lives on in the group known as The Faceless, who they themselves honor Flo by remaining anonymous and hidden and unseen, for their faces and names are known and they seek and will fight for the truth of what happened to Flo when lies and propaganda had been spread about her when she had died.


Flo Daggers was just a girl from Liverpool who eventually went on to live in London. Because of her abilities, she joined The Freedom Fighters and her mentor was The Blue Savior, otherwise known as Garrison White, who was accompanied by Bella Frost, a former UK Military Police (Royal Military Police) who has the abilities to generate Ice-Constructs. Flo has joined Garrison and the others in dealing with criminals and eventually running into other meta-humans, mainly the group known as The Wolf Pack, lead by the siblings Edwin and Gina Fleece.

Over time, Garrison White went on a nightly patrol and ended up missing, eventually it was revealed that the Blue Savior must have been killed and a his suit, bloodied and torn, had been discovered in the city, leading people to mourn his passing, Flo, who also discovered this, was the one who recovered the suit before the police did. This also caused a member of their team, Lawrence Wagner, to retire.

As time passed, Bella, who was second to Garrison, made Flo leader instead, knowing that he student of Garrison would become a better leader, and Flo eventually led The Freedom Fighters. Flo was also the one to later recruit an American girl to the group, Tina Castle, as well as trying to build a bridge of friendship with the Wolf Pack and she had succeeded, however, this led her to run into Garrison’s old enemy known as Butch, but Flo defeated Butch and manage to have him arrested, prompting Butch to have a strong hatred for Flo, wishing one day he can take out her team and eventually Flo herself.

Butch eventually got the aid of The Establishment and his minions who were still at large attempted to steal back Butch’s resources from the Westminister Bank, Flo and friends got involved, but the fight was intense because Butch’s men were willing to kill, although victorious in the fight, it led to Copy-Kat’s brother, Lawrence to end up in critical condition, dying later on, and Copy-Kat (Leigh Wagner) pinned the blame on Tina and Flo who could have saved Lawrence even though they were at an obvious disadvantage.

As time progressed, Flo and Bella met with The Man in Black who prophesied a warning to them, which came true when Big Ben stopped working for a few days, and a murderous assassin began to attack both the good and bad, killing them in the process, as well as killing anyone or anything that gets in its way/ The figure became known as The Red Ghost, putting Flo and friends on high alert. Flo urges her team to remain safe and take refuse in another of their hideouts, keeping men, women and children safe in that location.

The Red Ghost was persistent, it manage to kill the Maidstone group of the Freedom Fighters, all fights each member of the group, along with refugees ended up in them being slaughtered by the Red Ghost, even the gun-slinging leader of the Maidstone group, Priscilla Kane (The Gunslinger) was impaled with a fearful expression in her eyes, and her brother, Bruno, had his neck broken and snapped by The Red Ghost. Copy-Kat who remained with them, even witnessing the killings, vanished. For the murders put London at the edge and the Prime Minister, Fin Ferguson to blame the Freedom Fighters and those with meta-human abilities to be the cause of this ghostly hero killer, and later on, Tina Castle and the others also have been killed as well as The Wolf Pack, who were also killed, with the only survivor being Marisa Clou, who found out that Copy-Kat, now a villain was helping both Butch and The Red Ghost.

Soon information came out of Flo’s location and The Red Ghost, with Butch and the Man in Black appeared, killing the men, women and children, some who manage to survive, mainly the children who submitted out of fear were taken. Cage Changers, the meta-human guard of the hideout fought to defend the people as gun shots rang, but he was defeated, brutally by the Red Ghost and was nearly decapitated only for the Red Ghost to be called elsewhere.

Flo, Bella, and Alec were speaking with Mersia Clou, but it was already too late, Butch reveals himself after shooting threw the door, hitting Bella in the arm, and soon the Man in Black, revealed himself to be Fin Ferguson, but in reality, this was an alias, for the man in front of them was Jake Sheer, Alec’s son tried to protect his father but the young boy was smacked unconscious by Jake. Soon Jake Sheer commanded the Red Ghost to enter the room and fight Flo and friends.

Flo, Alec and Bella fought the Red Ghost while Marisa was traumatized in fear and hid. Soon Alec and Bella were knocked out, leaving Flo to fight the monster, but to push her over the edge, The Red Ghost made Flo watch Butch shoot the unconscious Bella and Alec in the back of the head, sending Flo into a shocking hysteria, only to be easily pushed by the Red Ghost, who was the one to lift up and impale Flo Daggers, thus ending the Freedom Fighters for good. The hideout was burned down and the bodies of all who died were piled up outside by Butch’s men, Marisa manage to escape, for the Red Ghost knew she could not do anything and taunts her before she escaped, however she survived, and she manage to take Alec’s second child with her on her way out.

Jake soon, as his Prime Minister allies, had the help of Copy-Kat to make false propaganda of Flo Daggers, painting her as the villain, who was the cause of why people near her ended up being killed. Some people in the United Kingdom knew this was a lie, and because of this, it resulted in the Faceless being born, and soon this group, dubbed as fanatics, spread throughout the UK and overseas.

It is unknown as to what happen to Flo’s body, for Butch himself wanted to destroy the body, Dr. Sarcosa wanted to use the body, as with others for samples and so forth, and since there is no body to be found, it resulted in Flo’s sister, Lisa Daggers,  to seek answers and what happened to her sister. Despite being dead, Flo’s A.I. still exist in the destroyed hideout and it was later recovered by members of the Faceless.

A ghostly version of Flo Daggers exists via hallucinations when Marisa, who later re-created the Freedom Fighters had to fight mind-manipulating meta-humans, even fighting these hallucinations. Flo’s abilities were later used by The Sarcosa weapon, revealing that Dr. Sarcosa was the one who had the body of Flo and others on ice this whole time in an unknown location.

Copy-Kat is able to transform into Flo Daggers, in normal form, in metallic form and to strike fear and anger in her opponents she makes herself to be a ghoulish looking version of Flo, mainly to shock Marisa Clou, for Copy-Kat was a witness to Flo’s death.

Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses

Real Name: Flo Daggers

Alias – Ms. Daggers


DoB: Spring of 22XX (18-21) [Deceased]

Place of Living/Birth/Current: United Kingdom, London (Formerly Liverpool)

Nationality:  British

Height 5.8 ft. (176.784 cm)

Weight 119 lbs.

Friends/Enemies: The Freedom Fighters (Leader of, friends), Blue Savior (Friends/mentor), The Red Ghost (Enemy), Iron-Hand Butch (Enemies/Nemesis), Jake Sheer/The Man in Black (Enemies) The Wolf Pack (Rivals/Friends), The Establishment (Enemies, Hatred For), Lisa Daggers (sister)

Affiliation: The Freedom Fighters (Current until death; the group revived by Marisa Clou years later)

Death: Flo died in a final confrontation with The Red Ghost, alongside an injured Bella Frost (who was shot in the arm) and Alec. Both Bella and Alec were the first to fall to the hero killer and were eventually shot in the head while being unconscious, sending Flo into shock. The Red Ghost soon picked up Flo, who was saying under her breathe for Marisa to run and Flo was eventually impaled The Red Ghost, who didn’t stay his blade until the Flo’s life left her. The hideout was eventually destroyed by means of fire and bodies were piled up, Flo’s body included, of the residence of the hideout, those alive, mostly children, were forced into black trucks. The only thing left of Flo Daggers was an A.I., bring both encrypted and locked, that had been updated prior to her death. It is unknown as to what happen to her body, but years later, the Sarocsa weapon that was committing acts of terrorism in the EU revealed to be using Flo’s force abilities (in both current and bad future timeline).

Personality – From underdog to leader, Flo reflected that of the former Leader of the Freedom Fighters, Blue Savior, real name being Garrison White. Flo is one who fights until the very end and does whatever she can to become successful in anything she sets her mind to. Flo also has an extreme hatred for those who do evil and other vile acts and tends to be very harsh with such ones, one of them being Butch, who in turn, hates Flo to death.

Appearance – Flo Daggers is a British native from Liverpool, her family is of African descent and had lived in the United Kingdom for over 100+ years. Flo has green eyes and black hair. She usually sports mini-dreads or her classic pigtails with green bands. She has a black under-armor tank-top tee shirt and green shorts with a single black moxy-leg sock that covers her left leg. Flo also has green/white converse high tops and sports grip gloves with green bands on her wrist. Flo personally likes sporting her green jean jacket with her pigtails, for green is her favorite color.

Abilities / Skill

Force Generation/Projection– Flo Daggers is a meta-human. She is able to generate small increments of force from every attack she makes and or by the snap or clap of her hands. She is capable of pushing her abilities to the max to the point it can level a house. Her abilities is far more effective when used in conjunction with kinetic energy of which she is capable of absorbing.

Force Boost – Flo can push higher and gain a burst of speed while using her force-like abilities. She is able to leap higher and run a bit faster at will whenever she makes use of her abilities.

Kinetic Absorption – Flo is able to absorb some kinetic energy to give her abilities a boost if needed for a brief amount of time. This allows her force-like abilities to enable her to jump even higher and or go into a faster burst of speed.

Kinetic Shield – Flo has a bit of resistance and can take a beating before going down, resulting in her to take in more damage than the average normal human being and or other meta-humans who do not have such capabilities, thus making Flo Daggers somewhat of an opponent that is not to be underestimated.

Combat/Fighting – Flo is a Kickboxer, however, she is more of a bare knuckle boxer, and tends to fight very close to her opponents to box them in to prevent any chance of recovery and or counters. Among her move set, Flo has 2 primary fighting styles she tends to use the most in combination with her powers. The first being an African fighting style known as Capoeira, the second being a Soviet-Russian fighting style known as Sambo, which is used in conjunction with her bare knuckle and kickboxing skill set.


Flo Daggers despite having powers was still human, and like anyone, she herself was subjected to death, killed at the hands of The Red Ghost. Despite her death, she remains alive in legacy, by means of Marisa Clou and the fact the fanatical group known as The Faceless, came into existence because of Flo’s death.


Flo Daggers inspiration came from a mix of actresses Pippa Bennett-Warner and Jazz Raycole, her act of heroism and personality stems from the character of a Disney Series, Kim Possible.

The Faceless Group was inspired by the in real life group known as Anonymous.

Dragon Diarys - Brian Whall

Theme:…  (Ash – Daydream)

Brian Whall is a former CIA agent of Team ECHO, turned support and ally to Bianca Airesus as before and after she became The Steel Maiden, moreover, despite not being related to Bianca, Brian is pretty much the older brother figure to Bianca since her biological brother, who acted as a hero, only to be killed in the process.


Brian Whall was among the many children (in his case, he has come from a country somewhere in the EU) who had been entered into a CIA project at a young age via invitation, and Brian’s skills enabled him to be seen as a child prodigy, along with several others, prior to joining, Brian had been to areas of both China, Thailand and some parts of the EU for additional training. Over time, Brian was placed in Team EHCO, with the leader of the group being Garret Marino. Brian was the more of a support role on his team and is very calculative on his actions and of others, and tends to offer alternative actions to be executed and or suggestions. Brian has been in many missions, one in particular being Operation Ice-Drive, who consist of US Navy Seals as well as EU and RU operatives to enter into the fray due to a Biological Terrorist known as Grandus Maximus of The Norse Guardian who had been using a Laboratory in Antarctica for his bio-weapons, as well as forcing Scientist and Engineers in the facility as his pawns, even making them his hosts ho are forced to do his bidding, since Russian Engineers were in the area, this is what caused the Russians to come and help out to begin with. During the final moments of the mission, Brian Whall was cut off with half of his team who had been dealing two elemental meta-humans, one, a woman who had been helping Brian’s team fight another ice-powered meta-human known as Winter-Spike.

Although the team was victorious, Team EHCO had been disbanded, resulting in several members being discharged while Brian and a few others from the now disbanded team were free agents in the CIA, and due to the team disbandment, Brian went on to a temporary leave from the CIA.

He went on to Bangkok, Thailand to meet with one of his favorite trainers, Wei Airesus, and this time he met with the young Bianca Airesus, and the two of them became friends, mainly due to Bianca only recently losing 2 brothers and her mother. Over time, Bianca moved to China, Beijing to live with her uncle and eventually she had been kidnapped, and escaped, resulting in Bianca wanting to seek revenge against her captors and a chance to save her those who had been kidnapped, mainly her friend. Brian, who sympathized with Bianca, helped her, and the first mission was dealing with drug dealers in Thailand, which nearly got Bianca killed, only for Brian to save Bianca last minute by bringing her to a Chinese Scientist who recommended the Tri-Serum procedure in order to save Bianca’s life. This serum enabled Bianca to become stronger and faster and with her new found abilities she went after the drug leaders of Thailand with the aid of Brian.

Eventually, Bianca became the Steel Maiden and Brian sided with her until the Black Shadow had been defeated once and for all.

With Black Shadow being gone for good and the drug leaders having been purged from China and Thailand, Bianca vanished and went on her own jounery, whil Brian remained in Thailand to help out. When Bianca surfaced some months later, for it was revealed she had been in the Middle East, Brian helped her out once again and even enabled her to go to The United States, and told Bianca he can cover for her in Thailand and China should anything happen, in addition, Bianca now has more allies in those areas who can take over for her.

During the Cybernetic Threat taking place in Japan, Brian appears once again alongside Tala to assist Bianca and friends, as well as Japanese SWAT and Law Enforcement deal with both the Neo-Yakuza and The White Dragon Gang, which eventually let to the reveal of Shouboku, for this Android only used the gang as a means to seek revenge.

After this, Brian returns to the CIA and recreated team EHCO after realizing that since Bianca was in Japan during that time, his former friend and leader, Garret along with Mia and others, defeated The Animal Pack in Chicago, revealing a CIA operative who had disbanded Team EHCO to begin with was a rogue agent, who disbanded the team because of the whole fight with Winter-Spike.

Since Garret resided in New York with James and the others, Brian, and the new Team EHCO, of which he now leads, acts as a primary ally to Garret, Brian and friends later on.

Brian is also not a fan of one of his former teammates, Lily, who is later revealed to be Lelia Sheer of the Establishment, who is way above that of the shadow government and the Illuminati. Although he discovered this information, it leads him to be in confrontation with Lelia herself and eventually informing Garret about the news, immediately after James, his brother Jason, and company dealt with Dictator AllFather in the Philippines.

Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses

Real Name: Brian Whall

Alias – The Wall, Euro


DoB: Spring of 22XX (24-26)

Place of Living/Birth/Current: Bangkok, Thailand (has no official location)

Nationality:  European American

Height 6.2 ft. (188.976cm)

Weight 210 lbs.

Friends/Enemies: Bianca Airesus (Friend, brotherly figure), Bianca’s allies (Friends), The Black Shadow (Enemy), The Triad (Friends), James and Friends (Friends), Garret/Team EHCO (Friends; not that cool with Lelia), The Establishment (Enemies, Hatred For)

Affiliation: The CIA (current), Team EHCO (Until disbandment), The Steel Maiden Team (Current, original), E.H.C.O. (Leader, Founder)

Personality – Brian is a cool and reserved individual, sometimes of a wise crack when it comes to joking and or saying things at the most random times, even while in combat. He is easy to talk to and good friends with everyone close to him. Brian considers himself a human calculator and is often good with calculating things such as distance and other things, moreover, he offers suggestions and advice that is crucial, hence why he is known to be someone of a supportive role in the team.

Appearance – He has short brown hair and green eyes. He sports a white shirt with black/white under armor, and has a blue bomber jacket that he wears quite often.

Abilities / Skill

Marksman– Brian is capable of using firearms of any kind, he is more use to small side firearms and far more efficient with them compared to his second best, assault rifles. Brian is able to tag targets from a great distance with just a side firearm be it the normal and or energy based firearms. He is able to even calculate his shots in terms of distance, speed and drop.

Close Quarter Combat – Brian may not be as peeked like Bianca and or that of meta-humans who have physical strength, but he is able to hold his own. Brian’s primary form of fighting is a mix of Russian and Chinese kickboxing, although he mixes other styles, he tends to use a form of kickboxing when dealing with an opponent. Brian fights to subdue his opponent by any means necessary, and is able to hold his own against meta-humans by using this style with his surroundings.

The Calculator – When it comes to fighting and or shooting by means of his own hands and or others, Brian is able to calculate and offer the best suggestion possible to deal with an obstacle and or opponent.


Brian can substance injury and or is capable of taking some hits before feeling them, but he is not an easy opponent to fight.

Dragon Diarys - Sombra Guvallie (No Moose Costume)
Sombra Guvallie without a Moose Costume. A Moose-obsessed, overly popular, rich mean-girl, wannabe know-it-all, who is the High School rival (sometimes frenemy) of Miranda M. Lymberis (Kitty) and later James Konta in Lower Manhattan.

Theme:…  (Tinashe - All Hands On Deck)

Older Art with Moose Costume:…

Dragon Diarys - Lola Costello Cortez (Shoky)

Theme:… (Faruk Sabanci - Nevada (Jordan Suckley Remix))

Shoky is an elemental meta-human recruited by the Black Shadow, alongside Rolon, who act as enforcers to protect Black Shadow and their operations, and they are just under Jallen, who is a higher rank compared to them. Shoky was stationed in Hong Kong to assist political allies of the Black Shadow Gang, for Hong Kong act as a bridge to Sun Lee Yuk, Borojei’s right hand man. Shoky herself does not really care about what is taking place regarding human-trafficking, but she cares about the money she is getting and as long as the money is good, she is happy.

Shoky is one of the enemies present in Bianca Airesus' Origin Story


Shoky (Lola Costello Cortez) is a Dominican born, but later raised in the Bronx. Her birth name is Sabrina García, however she takes up a name for herself, not wanting to be associate with her family name or her birth name. Her history is not as known, but what can be said of her is that she is not a nice girl to anyone. She was raised to be violent and dangerous and only discovered her powers to absorb electricity and use said electrical energy against people and or objects. When she got older, she played a minor role in helping the common thug and or higher ranking criminals only if she is paid. Shoky considers herself all powerful due to the powers that she has, but little does she realizes there are others like her among the human population.

Shoky eventually went to the EU and eventually Asia to live briefly in Japan with her cousin and eventually she went off to China, dwelling in the streets until one night she was discovered by Black Shadow when she strong armed a couple for their money and because of this, she was summoned by Black Shadow at the same time as a British speedster and a haunting looking woman who had already done some jobs for Black Shadow recently.

Shoky had been aiding Black Shadow for a majority amount of her time, even contributed into stealing electricity and using said electricity to power put some of the tech that is used to kidnap people as well as energy based weapons the gang has.

Over time, she was sent to Hong Kong to help out political allies of Black Shadow, however, she was met with the likes of the Hong Kong Triad who tried to stop operations there, and this lead her to confront Bianca Airesus, and eventually she was defeated by Bianca, who just happen to be in disguise that night. She had been jailed that same night, but later on, she manage to escape, killing several people before she took off, moreover, it was Shoky herself who seemingly discovered who Bianca really is, but was not sure, hence sending this information Jallen’s way.

While in Russia, Shoky appears another time, but this time to aid capture Bianca, despite wanting to kill her. She was there to distract Bianca and friends, giving Jallen the time to lure Bianca away from the others and to fight her, cheating a win against Bianca and when Bianca was defeated, Rolon and Shoky escaped.

After Bianca’s capture and the Human Trafficking Auction began her and Rolon remained in the area as watch dogs, but later on when Bianca escaped thanks to the Iranian girl and Momoko, a shootout took place inside the facility and Shoky once again confronts Bianca and friends, only to be met with the African warrior Tala Tomack-Agbaje. Shoky, losing the fight, tried to discharge all her energy to Tala, only for her to be tackled by the leader of the Triads, Tonz, into a group of Black Shadow members and Rolon, thus the discharged blast knocked her out and the others in her way.

After the fall of Black Shadow, Jallen is seemingly dead after an apparent suicide, both Rolon and Shoky were detained, but Rolon managed to escape, while Shoky herself was not so lucky. She was restrain in a way she could not absorb electricity to use and she was sent back to Dominican Republic for rehabilitation.

Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses

Real Name: Lola Costello Cortez

Alias – Shoky, Sabrina García (actual birth name of which she hates)


DoB: Spring of 22XX (18-21)

Place of Living/Birth/Current: The Bronx (Originally Dominican Republic, Barahona Province)

Nationality:  Dominican (Hispanic)

Height 5.4 ft. (164.592 cm)

Weight 118 lbs.

Friends/Enemies: Bianca and company (Enemies), The Black Shadow (Employer)The Triad (Enemies)

Personality – Shoky is cold hearted and has a twisted way of saying things mainly when it is said towards those she detests. She is always rude and angry and can easily be angered when things does not go her way, and often tries to discharge her powers at full force thinking she has the upper hand against her opponents.

Appearance – Shoky has dark brown hair and yellow-haze eyes. She has black gloves and wears a hoodie, mostly at times, blue, and has a red shirt. She has long white pants with black leggings and sports yellow boots.

Abilities / Skill

Discharge– This is a last restore ability that drains Shoky to 0%, but it can cause a lot of damage to a person, mainly if they are hit by this when not aware, but at the same time the recoil from this ability causes Shoky to either be heavily exhausted and or rendered unconscious. For if such an ability is used, she has to rest in order to recharge herself like a battery, and after sometime she is able to absorb electricity from other sources as a rapid rate.

Electrical Based Combat – with stored energy, Shoky is able to throw balls, spears, and or shield herself using electricity. Majority of her attacks involve punching with electrical fields around her hands and or arms or to hurl balls and or spear shaped electricity at her opponents. Anything metal she touches also become electrified and can cause major damage to an opponent.

Electrical Field – Shoky is able to generate a field around her body and clothing that would shock an opponent should they touch her, at times, it causes an opponent who grabs her to cause them unable to let go, giving Shoky the opportunity to shock her foe and or cause a deadly attack that can possibly kill her opponent.

Absorption – Shoky’s powers are not unlimited compared to other elementals who have similar abilities. She is like a battery that drains and often needs to recharge from any object that contains electricity.


Shoky has 2 major weaknesses. One of them is water, for if she is uses her abilities while in water, it would cause her to instantly discharge and weaken her and or cause her to knock herself out. As for discharging, this can render her exhausted and or unconscious, and she is pushed to use such a powerful attack when provoked and or angered.


Shoky is based off of Miss República Dominicana Clarissa Molina (2015) and Actress Michelle Rodriguez.



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