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TLH OC - Gisele Razor

After I created two OCs for SvTFOE i decided made one OC for The Loud House.

Here's Gisele Razor - local thug, which is a terror in the suburbs. From her childhood she was in trouble both in school and in everyday life. Many times she sat in a patchwork for theft, intimidation, beating and extortion. She was recently in jail for the mutilating of a woman who was mocking with her. She is much older than Lori, because she's 18 years old. She moved away from her family when she was 16. She's tough, cynical, malevolent, relentless, wrathful and dreadful.

She arouses fear of everyone, who know her. She easily gets into a fury when someone ignores her or mocks her. In jail she was a loser, but, she gouged with fork one eye out one of the prisoners, who bully her. Apparently she's tough against the weaker ones and when she has an advantage in the form of armament. She able scare any weak one by one "BOO!". Her favorite weapon (mainly for intimidation) is balisong (butterfly knife), which perfectly mastered. The characteristic feature is the X-like scar on the right side of the face. She often called "Scarface" (due her scar) or even "Scorpioness". Better for your own safety, don't go in her way.
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May I use this character for fan art?

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Okay, sure. Here the another one:

Gisele Razor (upgraded)
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Here is the comic

If Lysen Loud met Gisele Razor
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Is a Fucking Nazi of the Wolfenstein, cool.

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Gisele Razor is a Heroes or a Villains.

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She's an antagonistic character of The Loud House.
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Sounds like a good villain for the show.
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That's right, homie. :nod:
Wow, she's so badass, but she's cool. 
Wow, nice oc character. 
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A question for you eddybit87. Where'd you get the inspiration for her? She reminds me of a certain anime character?
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Let's say, that characters for her inspiration are:

Gilda (MLP Friendship is Magic)
Kołacina (Blok Ekipa) - here's image:…
Xever (Teenage mutant ninja turtles 2012)
Kenge (The Lion Guard)
Eva (Total Drama series)
Donna Ramon (Totally Spies)

That's all what I have.
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See reminds me of zorin blitz from hellsing ultimate. If you wanna know who that is just ask me.
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She's basically a nazi vampire that wields a giant scythe. In the show when she kills someone she likes to reopen emotional and mental wounds. Like with the main character seras Victoria zorin made her relive her parents being murdered and her dead mother being raped, and while she was emotionally scared zorin took her scythe, sliced of seras left arm, stabbed her, and then made her blind by slitting her eyes open. And I don't know if you're oc has ever killed anyone, but if she has I feel like she would make the person suffer before death.
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Mhm. Anyway as her bio say, Gisele is local thug, which not worth getting in her way because of her bad reputation.
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If she were to have a voice, I would prefer the last one.
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She would be a good villain for Loud House with her unique design, but that will never happen, still, a guy could dream can he?
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Will she be the antagonist of The Loud House movie? (If they’re making it)
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That evil girl deserve Death penalty for this.
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Michigan doesn’t have the Death Penalty 
Her main goal: Kidnap Lily Loud and kill anyone who dares to stop her. Why, so Lily can follow her footsteps and become EVIL.
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