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Less than 24 HOURS REMAIN!!!
Hey everyone! There's only a little under 24 HOURS left to enter the Big, Awesome Summer Contest 2012 and we have a total of FIFTEEN submissions so far!  Winners will be announced on Aug. 1st!  So send in your submissions today!!!

Did you enter yet? If not, submit your entry here: www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbi…

~ ♥ Linksliltri4ce
Winners will be featured in one of my youtube videos!

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Create a one-of-a-kind Linksliltri4ce fan-art!  That's it!  Create your own fan art based off of my previous works! ;)  
**EDIT**  Reminder - your fan-art must be an ORIGINAL PIECE MADE FOR THIS CONTEST!  Submitting a previously made piece that is vaguely similar to my work, like submitting a painting of Twilight Princess Link simply because I have a Twilight Princess Link cosplay WILL NOT COUNT!  You may create fan-art based on the games/movies/comics/etc that I have made pieces on before but your fan-art must be of my rendition of them.  (So you would need to create a piece of ME as Twilight Princess Link rather than of just Link.)

Prize Options:
Master Sword Replica (MUST BE 18 or OLDER), Goron Link Figurine, Skyward Sword Poster, a Large Fairy Prop, a $10 LoC Gift Certificate, a $25 LoC Gift Certificate, and a $50 LoC Gift Certificate!

1. You must be my Facebook Fan to participate!
2. You can only submit ONE fan-art on this facebook post ONLY! (All other submissions will NOT count.) Please provide a link to your work if featured elsewhere!
3. You have until AUGUST 1st, 2012 to submit your fan-art!
4. Any medium is acceptable: painting, video, song, sculpture, craft, Photoshop-manipulation, etc.
5. All entries must be related to yours truly, Linksliltri4ce! (No Legend of Zelda fan-art, please!)**EDIT** You are MORE THAN WELCOME to make a fan art that is Zelda-related, just make sure it has something to do with some of my work. Example: epic Epona portraits won't do because I've never made anything related to Epona!


Yay!!!   Here are the entries so far!!!  **REMEMBER the deadline is AUGUST 1st, 2012, winners will be announced in my youtube video shortly after!**
















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littlevampiremomo's avatar
Hehe you forgot to take off my first entry on the list there. I'm not using the one with the fairies any more XD
HylianWolfLink's avatar
Damn, I REALLY wanted to do this (I'm sure you're aware of my spazzy obsession with any Zelda merchandise, and this was probably my only opportunity to ever get my hands on that Goron figure :tantrum: ). Unfortunately, life got in the way...going through an incredibly hard time right now; I'm regretful I didn't get to submit an entry.
Good luck with the contest, I really hope you decide to do another one soon, that way I can actually try to enter :XD:
Linksliltri4ce's avatar
Awe =( That's too bad. I do plan on holding more contests, perhaps around Christmas or so, and then more mini-contests and a large contest like this one next summer.

There is still the rest of today to enter though... ;) ;) Just saying... =D
Diffractor's avatar
Super awesomeness to the max :P thanks
Diffractor's avatar
When's the very last day to submit? c:
Linksliltri4ce's avatar
July 31st- Winners will be announced Aug. 1st! =)
Diffractor's avatar
Kay cool thanks :P
m17barrett's avatar
hey, with the mastersword replica. im not 18 but i have a bunch of swords and other weaponry, am i still not allowed to get the sword? like if i were to win with a submission?
Linksliltri4ce's avatar
Hey fellow sword-fan!
It was the same way in our house, my brother, my fiance, and I all owned swords/weapons before we were allowed to purchase them. I would love to tell you that it would be fine, but legally I can't hand over a weapon to someone underaged, even if the item is free. If you'd like to participate and if you are lucky enough to win the sword, you have to have the package sent to someone who is over the age of 18. What they do with the sword once it arrives (**Cough, cough, gives it to yo, cough, cough..**) is 1) none of my business and 2) is granting permission of owner ship by a "responsible" adult. ;)
I hope that helps!
m17barrett's avatar
ok, well i think i know just the "responsible" adult to have it sent to (**cough,cough, 18 year old girlfriend, cough, cough**) and it did help, thank you. and would a concept of all the links be considered a good submission or something else?
Linksliltri4ce's avatar
Lol ;)
I'm a little unclear of what you mean by a concept of all the Links would be. As long as your fan art is based off of any of my works, then yes. If you simply draw/paint a picture with all of the different Link incarnations, then no, since I've only made Young OoT Link and TP Link.
m17barrett's avatar
oh ok well, then my idea wont work XD what about all the fairies from the loz series?

A link to the past (American comic) - Epheremelda
Link’s Awakening (manga) – Felicia
Ocarina of Time – Navi
Majora’s mask - Tatl & tael (possibly the stray fairies)
twilight princess - midna(even though she isnt a fairy

and any others that are between that i didnt post. beaceause you have all those fairies wouldnt that work? (minus midna maybe cuz i havent seen any of her in your gallery.)
Linksliltri4ce's avatar
I suppose that would fall into that category. You could possible base the Midna-esque fairy off of my Dark Navi perhaps? =)
m17barrett's avatar
i thought of something else but if i was allowed 2 submissions and 2 places i would do it as well ;p
Avon-Cosplay's avatar
^^ Not sure if i've asked this before, but does a reinterpretation of your Link cosplay (e.g. Link3) count as an entry?
For example, a edited/photoshoped image of me, in my upcoming cosplay striking a similiar pose like you did? :)
Linksliltri4ce's avatar
I suppose I'd let that count ;)
Avon-Cosplay's avatar
xD It will probably be a close call with my entry.
Still need to work on a few things such as the baldric and of course wait for a certain prop mabe by Aaron. :D
souffle-etc's avatar
I have a couple ideas for this, but I work in sculpture. Am I allowed to submit a couple entries, or just the one? Are there first/second/third place options or is it winner take all?
Linksliltri4ce's avatar
In the rules I have one submission only, but that doesn't mean you can't submit other fan art to my :facebook: page for the sake of it (and who knows, I tend to do nice things for people who do cool stuff! ;) )
I actually will have 1st-4th place, 1st place gets to take first pick of which prize they want, 2nd place then gets to pick from what's left, and so on. Remainder prizes may be used in future competitions and give-aways.
souffle-etc's avatar
Ahhhhh yeahhhh watch out now, I'm gonna get first place ;D Thanks for replying! I could've sworn I saw something about the one entry only, but I couldn't find it when I went back to look :/
Linksliltri4ce's avatar
lol No problem!
- Yeah, it's on the big green rules pic and in "Rule #2. You can only submit ONE fan-art on this facebook post ONLY! (All other submissions will NOT count.) Please provide a link to your work if featured elsewhere!" haha ;)
souffle-etc's avatar
Thanks again! Expect something from me in a few weeks :D
Linksliltri4ce's avatar
Awesome =) Can't wait to see it!
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